Friday, August 26, 2011

Evil Possums, talking cupcakes, and guys with side ponytails

And, it's that time again, where I borrow, (oh all right, COPY) a post idea from Karsten Knight and share with you more of the crazy things people have googled and somehow found my blog with. 

But first, I have to say, it is AMAZING how many people can't spell Messenger. I mean... I know it's a last name, and last names often get misspelled. BUT IT'S ALSO A WORD!!! Do people really think you spell it Messinger? Or Messanger? Or Mesanger? Or Mesager?

I've also seen Sharon Messenger. Shanon. Shannin. And Shannen. So very bizarre. 

But not as bizarre as THESE:

mouse fear measuring
(I have no idea what this means, or why this leads them to my blog)
(but I kind of love that it does)

celebs with enormous heads
(this pleases me to no end)
(my dream is for google to list me as the #1 authority on this subject) 

What does the term "She was a betty " from clueless mean?
(OMG I'm an authority on Clueless!!!!!)
(my life is complete now!)

what happens to the messenger
(Yeah... what does happen?)
(and let's hope the answer ISNT: someone shoots them...)
(see what I did there?)

shannon messenger llama blog
(Uh... have I blogged about llamas?)
(I don't think I have)
(but clearly someone thinks I have)
(Is that a request?)

justin hartley feet
(Of all the things you could google for Justin Hartley--you wanna see his FEET?)
(Side note: "Justin Hartley abs" triggers a lot of searches too. But those are my kind of people)

pictures of drooling
(For the record--I've never posted a picture of myself drooling)
(I'm far too glamorous and ladylike for such things)

fighting platypus
(I want one!)

they made me choose between abs and a neck
(I ... don't even know where to start with this)
(Why does this lead to my blog???)
(What does this even mean????)
(What kind of crazy person googles this??????)

guys with side ponytail
(I am sooooooo tempted to image search this and see what comes up)
(but I'm a little afraid, too)
(okay, more than a little. guys + side ponytail = *shudder*)

hot 11 year old guys
(oh mans)
(I guess this is what happens when you blog about middle grade AND occasionally about hunky celebrities)
(why do I have a feeling the FBI is monitoring things like this?)
(*glances over shoulder*)

north american opossum evil
(hee--I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was my husband googling this)
(he is CONVINCED possums are minions of evil)
(especially the one that sneaks into our garage every night)
(I think it's cute)
(in that ugly-oversized-rat kind of way)

shannon messenger deadline
(yes--people have actually googled this)
(SEVERAL of them)
(which is awesome!)
(Anonymous strangers are more concerned with my deadlines than I am!)

messenger shirtless
(I ... have no words)
(*crosses fingers that they're referring to a different messenger*)

shannon messenger rainbow
(oh good... people are searching for my humiliating Comic Con costume)

talking cupcakes
(I don't know what these are)

shannon leto
(My 15-yr-old fantasy of marrying Jared Leto has finally come true!!!!)
(according to google, at least)
(and what more reliable source is there?)
(don't tell my husband)

abnormally hairy
(Okay, I totally brought this one on myself with my shenanigans the last time I did this)

Which brings me to this:

shannon messenger hairy feet (hi shannon!)
(*dies laughing*)

I don't know which one of you is responsible for that search--but you are officially my hero. 

And on that note, I think that's enough for today. Unless you have some crazy google searches of your own. If so--share away! :)

Happy Friday!


  1. celebs with enormous heads! hahaha! I had no idea that you were an authority on llamas, though. Good to know!


  2. Hahaha, too funny! Love the last one, such a great idea! Now I'm going to start google searching funny phrases about my blog buddies, heeheehee.

  3. This is hilarious. My favorite is "mouse fear measuring," and the fact that the top hit is a scholarly article concerning the "fear motivated behaviors among inbred mice." I think you have created a new blogger game.

    I haven't seen any funny search hits on my blog yet, but I did get a couple of hits from a Russian search engine this week--that must have been a disappointment to someone...

  4. Ok, I had to search 'guys with side ponytails'.

    It's just a bunch of girls and one lonely pic of David Beckham before he cut his hair.

    I'm scared to search for the others.ha

  5. WTF? Now I'm afraid to check my own keywords...

    Have a great weekend, Shanin! ;)

  6. Those are hilarious!

    Really, who does Google these things? :P

  7. HA! This is awesome. The weird things people Google. So hilarious.

  8. That last one is TOO funny! You know that was someone who reads this blog. OKAY PERSON WHO READS THIS BLOG AND GOOGLED "SHANNON MESSENGER HAIRY FEET," SPEAK UP! I want to shake your hand.

    Talking cupcakes? Who Googles such things? And more importantly, what would one do with a talking cupcake? Maybe it would be a Fairy Chef cupcake, and grant you free food-related wishes. Yum.

    Thanks for sharing!

  9. Wahahaha! Those are hilarious!

  10. My favourites for this week are 'koalas at beach' and 'literary agent beer'. I... just don't even know.

  11. This was a fun post. The searches for my blog are never as interesting as yours. Have a great week!


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