Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tell The Truth Tuesday: The Rusty Blogger Edition

Whew--it has been a CRAZY summer (and it's only July--eep!). Thanks to deadlines and travel and WriteOnCon planning and other general chaos, I feel like I've written more posts about how I WON'T be blogging than actual, useful posts (which is delightfully ironic, if you think about it). So I promised myself that this week I would get back on track and write five real, legitimate posts. Which brings me to my truths:

1. I ... don't really know what to blog about.

2. I have like, dozens of partial post ideas, but my brain is still a little frazzled and AHHHHH!!!! from everything I have going on behind the scenes here in Shannon-land, so I'm having a hard time turning it into a coherent post.

3. Which of course led to the great OMG-I've-Forgotten-How-To-Blog! FreakOut of 2011, complete with lots of dramatic sighs and pouting and whimpering and the like.

4. I'll let you decide if I'm kidding. ;)

5. After I recovered, I realized I could cheat by blogging about how hard it is to blog. (Genius, no?) So that covered today. Tomorrow though...

6. While I'm confessing things, I should also admit I'm tempted to simply upload a ton of hunky celebrity photos and call it a blog post. I never mind an excuse to google Jared Leto...

7. Ohhh... or maybe I should google Ian Sommerhalder while I'm at it....

8. Sorry...what was I saying?

9. I've completely forgotten. Something about sucking at blogging.

10. Which, clearly I don't need to tell you, if you've made it this far. Anyone still there? *taps screen*

So yeah--not my most compelling post. But I promise I will TRY to regroup. Or ... find more smexy celebrities. (Ooo--or maybe some LOLcats! *races off to icanhazcheeseburger!*)

*Phew*--those were some pretty shameful confessions. What about you guys, anything you want to confess today? Share away in the comments!


  1. That's okay that you've been too busy Shannon. What I like is that you tell us instead of disappear. Perhaps until WriteOnCon or later if you need to cut down to a 3 day blogging schedule.

    My confession is that blogging once a week is enough for me. I can't handle more with working and trying to write.

  2. You could always share a tater-tot hot-dish recipe. Or give something away. But I suppose you have to read them first.

  3. I've been in a blogging funk too. This month has been crazy and I'm barely finding time to write, let alone blog.

  4. The only post I have made in days/weeks is about needing to plan. Not planning, just needing to plan.

  5. I think it's the time of year...I've been in a writing/blogging funk since school got out. I'm overthinking everything and it is making me crazy!

  6. I've been an awful blogger lately. Just awful. I blame it on being tired all the time. The first trimester always wipes me out.

  7. You know I likes smexy pics...

    But I could go for Matt's tator tot recipe too.lol

  8. Ok, I totally just scrolled down to see the pixs. Sorry.

    But then I went back and read. :)

    And that would be my confession for the day.

  9. It could be worse than posting pictures of cute boys. They can provide inspiration!

  10. You could have done much worse, Shannon. Srsly.

    I'll be back tomorrow to see what you've come up with. Why does that sound more like a threat than a promise? ;)

  11. I confess to being away from the blogging world for too long and falling way behind on comments and visits and so now I am overwhelmed and nobody wants to visit me anymore. MUST. CATCH. UP. :-)

  12. My confession? I'm going to be zoned out and distracted all week because of Harry Potter. I have all these work deadlines, but I'm having trouble focusing because I'm just like OMG-IT'S-ALMOST-THURSDAY!!!

    I even scheduled a guest blog on Friday so I don't have to think about anything after HP. So, uh, don't feel bad. :P


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