Friday, July 8, 2011

The Friday Five--Totally Random Exciting Things Edition

Really quick, really random post today (sorry guys--been a crazy, CRAZY week!). In fact, I wasn't planning to post at all, but I had a winner to announce and some random things to tell you and celebrate and...yeah, it had to be writtern. Okay--here we go!

1) HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to the fabulous Natalie Whipple for selling not one, but TWO books! I find it hard to believe that you guys haven't already congratulated her--but if SOMEHOW you missed it, go HERE to join the celebration (and hey--she has a contest!) Oh, and Natalie--if you see this: HUGS! So happy for you. And so happy I can celebrate publicly with you now!

2) One of the questions I get ALL THE TIME is: how do I find critique partners? Well--WriteOnCon is helping you with that. Go HERE and find special forums and a matchmaking system to pair you with the CP of your dreams. Don't be shy. The forums will be open for a while, so there will be plenty of time to make sure you find people who "get you"

3) Speaking of WriteOnCon--we haz news. And no, it's NOT what you're expecting. A vlog is in the works (yes--more Shannon Shame. *sigh*) and an announcement will be taking place next week and EPICNESS will surely follow. Be excited guys. And in the meantime--don't hate me for being such a tease! ( can hate me a little. I am rather enjoying leaving you in suspense)

4) I'm off to San Diego this weekend to celebrate my 7-year wedding anniversary (SEVEN years??? Where has the time gone????) and I will be *trying* to unplug as much as possible (though we all know I'm so going to hop on FB and Twitter occasionally. It's a sickness the hubs has learned to accept by now). So if you are waiting on an email from me--sorry, there will be a tiny bit more of a delay. But I WILL get back to you--I promise!

5) Last but not least--the FOREVER winner. Lots and lots of entries for this--and I seriously wish I could have given one to all of you. But I only have the one so...

*drumroll please*

The winner is...


*tosses sparkles*

If that's you--PLEASE email me with your mailing address at packratx (at) hotmail (dot) com and I promise I will ship out your prize first thing next week. 

For everyone else, have a wonderful, WONDERFUL weekend, and I promise I will have more awesome contests next week!


  1. Happy anniversary! Have an absolutely wonderful time, and pay lots of attention to Mr. Shannon!

  2. I was so thrilled to see Natalie's news!! As if she hasn't waited long enough ;) She so completely deserves this!

    Have a fabulous time in San Diego! I love that town - hey, I love a lot of SoCal! ;)

  3. Congratulations, Beverly!

    Hi Miles.

  4. Happy anniversary and have fun! I'm totally going to check out that forum when i have some free time because i am in the market for a new CP - especially after the WriteOnCon event this week.

  5. YAY, Beverly!

    And happy anniversary, Shannon! Have fun on your trip.

  6. Awww HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! Enjoy your celebrations! take care

  7. So many awesome things :)

    Happy Anniversary <3

  8. Have a great trip! Thanks for all the links.

  9. Happy Anniversary! Unplugging is hard for me. One of these days I'll experiment with leaving my BlackBerry at home (hahahaha, yeah right). Funny, I scanned "matchmaking" and thought maybe you'd moved on to starting a dating service :P

  10. Congrats on your anniversary!!! Have fun!

  11. Congrats, Natalie!

    Happy Anniversary, Shannon! Enjoy your trip.

    We're also celebrating Ricki getting her dream agent! Yay!

    Happy Friday! :)

  12. Congratulations, Natalie!

    Shannon, hope you have a romantic anniversary getaway in San Diego!

  13. Thanks, Shannon! Someday—you, me, and a mountain of cupcakes:)


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