Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Memos and MMGM

Dear Weekend,

I know you claim that you were the exact same amount of minutes as every other weekend, but I'm not sure I believe your lies. How else could you be over already? And don't give me that: you-wasted-a-lot-of-time-laying-with-an-ice-pack-on-your-head excuse. I think you should've frozen time for me, to make up for my pain and suffering.

Un-Satisfiedly Yours,
The now very behind on EVERYTHING Shannon

Dear Hubs,

I know it was a fluke, one-in-a-million accident. But I have to state for the record that your elbow + my eye = OWWWWW! Then again, having you wait on me hand and foot to appease your guilt is super fun. I may or may not be asking for things I don't even need, just because it's awesome to mess with you.

Obnoxiously Yours,
Your swollen-eyed wife who's at least grateful it's not a shiner

Dear Deadline,

You're back. Already. I mean, I know you have a lot of fun stressing me out--but I really thought you'd gotten tired of my whining and were going to avoid me for at least another couple of weeks. Apparently not. But that's okay--you don't scare me. Even with one slightly blurry eye, I shall defeat you. Count on it.

Somewhat Confidently Yours,
The Writer who's plotting to own you

Dear Readers,

If you haven't already guessed, thanks to The Great Puffy Eye Disaster of 2011 and Deadline of Doom--The Revenge, I'm...a little behind on blogging. So I don't have a MMGM for you guys today--and I may not be posting every day this week. Thankfully, I can always count on some of you guys to carry the torch for me. I hope you'll check out the amazing links below. Thank you for bearing with me!

Apologetically Yours,
The Blogger who's hoping you aren't getting sick of her recently unreliable schedule

MMGM Links:

Joanne Fritz is featuring A TALE OF TWO CASTLES, by Gail Carson Levine. Click HERE to read her review.

Shannon O'Donnell always has an awesome MMGM recommendation. Click HERE to see what she's featuring this week.

Brooke Favero is featuring A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS, by Lemony Snicket. Click HERE to see her thoughts.

Deb Marshall highlights middle-grade mysteries. Click HERE to see which ones she loves.

And if you've done an MMGM, let me know. I'll update this post with a link.


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon!! Thanks for the links! :)

  2. Hope your eye is better. But enjoy being waited on as long as you can.

    It's okay if you can't blog every day. We'll be here.

  3. Hope your eye feels better. And I agree this weekend was way too short.

  4. Ouch on the elbow in the eye. I bet that gets you questioning looks. ;)

  5. You have a great view on life and all it's surprising 'elbows'. Hah...I hear you on being behind.

  6. Hope you feel better--eyeball pain is the worst (possibly even worse than getting smacked in the nose, which is a big stinkeroo), so hang in there :)

  7. Dear Smexy Shannon!

    Please have a calm and restful day!! Hug a kitty or three!! That always helps!

    Take care

  8. My problem with the weekend was too many basketball games on. With the NBA playoffs going strong there are too many games, and not enough time for naps.

  9. What do you tell a wife with two black eyes?

    Nothing her hubby hasn't told her twice.


    Usually I wouldn't make spousal abuse jokes, but I just couldn't resist. Happy Monday!

  10. LOL. This was so cute. Don't worry about keeping up with the blog, Shannon--we're not going anywhere. Focus on your Deadline of Doom! :-)

  11. Oooh, sorry about the eye! That does NOT sound fun. Good luck with that deadline.

  12. deadlines are a beast. Commiserations.

    My MMGM: The Series of Unfortunate Events

  13. It wasn't just you. I think there was a conspiracy in some dark cavern somewhere to shorten the hours of this weekend. Seriously.

    Also, this was the best 'apology for sporadic posting' ever.

  14. Aw, dang it! Sorry you're hurt. Did I ever tell you my husband elbowed me in the face, and actually chipped my skull? That's right, I have a bone chip above my right eye, from my eyebrow socket thingy. No lie.

  15. Dear Shannon,

    I know I haven't been around much lately. I've been a bad bloggie friend. Or possibly I've been drunk in a gutter somewhere, with no internet access. You choose.

    Please accept this sarcastic comment as recompense for my recent failings.

    Yours snarkily,


  16. Oh, OUCH. I hope your eye gets better soon! My tip of the day is to try arnica. You can get little pills that you take, or find it in liquid form, or get an ointment that you apply to the skin. It's great for reducing swelling, reducing bruising, and promoting healing.

    And good luck with the new deadline!

  17. Don't worry, we understand. I hope your eye feels better, I'm sure some ice cream would help, lol

  18. Funny, funny memos! Despite your pain, of course. :) Hope your eye feels better soon!

  19. What a clever way to write a post, with the letters! Love it. Hope your eye gets better, and that you get back on your schedule soon. Happy Easter!


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