Thursday, February 1, 2018


I'm still waiting for a few final things to get done on my new website, so in the meantime I'm still posting important updates over here. And in case you missed this on my social media, here it is--the title of KEEPER #7! (I think I saw a *few* of you guess it):

(in case that graphic doesn't load--the title is FLASHBACK)

I know some of you might be surprised, since this isn’t a word I’ve used much in the series. But trust me, it fits the story perfectly.

And the book is scheduled to release 11.6.18 in the US!!!!!
(no, it can't come out sooner--I'm still writing it!)
What the title DOES mean: Memory plays a BIG role in book 7 (which you can probably guess from certain things that happened in NIGHTFALL--please don't spoil)

What the title does NOT mean: The entire book is one long flashback. Mind you, it'd be fun to mess with you guys that way, but even I'm not *that* evil. 🤣
And for those of you in France, I know you're wondering what the French title will be. Alas, at the moment, I don't know. The French titles are chosen by my publisher--not me. Same goes for the French release day. I promise I'll share as soon as I know.

(And now I know you're all thinking: WHEN WILL YOU SHOW US THE COVER. All I can say is, "as soon as its done." Right now, the art is still in progress. But it's going to be AMAZING--and no, I can't tell you anything about it)