Wednesday, December 27, 2017

MMGM: Time for a change

And not a bad change--I promise!

In fact, it's a change that's kind of already happened and the only thing that's really happening now is that it's becoming permanent.

The brilliant Greg Pattridge has already been hosting MMGM for the last couple of months (thank you Greg!!!). But now, I'm officially passing the torch over to him for good.

It's a bittersweet decision for me, because I've loved blogging. It's how I started my writing journey (way back in 2009). And I've met so many incredible people and discovered so many awesome books because of my blogging years.

But I'm staring down a deadline calendar that makes me want to curl up into a little ball. I've also had to admit that I desperately need a proper author website, instead of a blog held together by virtual duct tape.

In fact, I already have a new website being built and will hopefully be launching it in the next few weeks.  (Side note: I LOVE IT. It's so pretty. And it has my art for the headers. And it's so well organized. And it will have the things you keep asking me about, like the NIGHTFALL playlist and the downloadable coloring sheet I posted about on Instagram.)

But it won't have a blog.

And as soon as it's launched, I'll be shutting this blog down.

So alas, it's time to give MMGM over to better hands.

Fortunately, Greg is amazing--and is most likely a WAY better host than I've been, with my sleep deprived brain and 3am posting.

So from now on, if you want to participate in MMGM--or want to find all the other people participating--make sure you go HERE to find Greg's website. And make sure you send your links to*

And thank you for all the middle grade love you put into the blogosphere. I created MMGM because I'd noticed that pretty much no one was blogging about middle grade, and I'd hoped that if I set up a means to connect people, that eventually middle grade writers and readers would form their own community. So watching it grow--and now knowing that it will now carry on without me--makes me so incredibly happy. Thank you all for giving this category the attention it deserves.

And now ... back to deadlines.

Oh, and stay tuned for the launch of my new website. I can't WAIT until it's done and I can show you guys! (not sure when it will be--hopefully very soon!)

*waves a wistful goodbye*

*FYI: If you're trying to reach me with fan mail, please do not use Greg's email address. Use the contact info on this blog.


  1. Natalie EmoshanlessDecember 27, 2017 at 6:03 AM

    Thanks for holding up the fort with this website for so long Ms. Messenger! And I give thanks to the people that helped out as well during tough deadlines! I don't often comment on websites, so you've probably never/ or rarely seen my user name on your blog, but I've looked at every post of your blog since I became a fan of your book series in 2014. (Wow, time flies huh?) So it'll be sad to see it go. But: I also welcome change, especially an amazing one like this. And I have confidence that when your new website comes up, it'll be just as wonderful as you say. So once again, thanks for having this blog for so long, and I hope many good things come from your new website! I also hope you get plenty of rest, and time to relax as well with this new change. I love your books, and am a really huge fan of them and you, but I'd love for you to be healthy and well even more! Thanks again! And good luck!

  2. Thank you for starting and hosting MMGM so many years, Shannon! It's a great resource for MG bloggers and readers, and I know Greg will be a fantastic host going forward. I bet it's hard to pass the torch but also not so hard when you know it will be in good hands. Looking forward to your new site!

  3. So many memories on this website. Whenever I had a day, I'd always come here to look at how far KOTLC has come. This site has always been a symbol to me, of Sophie's adventures and how to brave EVERYTHING because the rewards will always be awesome. Bittersweet, like you said, but I can't wait to make more memories in the new site. (Wow that got deep fast huh?) Thanks Shannon!

  4. :( I'm going to miss this site, and all of my memories of scrolling through endless comments and old blog posts of yours. I am, however, super excited for the new website and I'm looking forward to seeing what it's like! <3

  5. I'll miss this site, and your sweet, funny and relatable voice in your blog. But I'm excited for the new one. I hope maybe you could do another blog when your deadlines settle down (far in the future it sounds like).
    Thank you so much for all you've done for us readers.
    Happy Writing!

  6. I will definitely miss this blog, but I'm so excited to see your new site when it comes out! I have enjoyed being a part of MMGM for nearly one-and-a-half years, and I am so thankful for all of the work you've put in to allow it to flourish!

  7. No! Why are tears coming to my eyes?! I'll definitely miss your blog, and hearing *you* in it, but I know that change is inevitable. I can't wait to visit your new site! God bless you in EVERYTHING.

  8. Thank you so much for hosting MMGM all these years! It truly has been an honor to be a part of it. I'm glad it continuing. Thank you so much for starting this, it really has been life changing. Good luck on your deadlines (you TOTALLY got this!!!!) and I can't wait for the new website! I'm sure it will be as beautiful as your work. <3

  9. I will miss your blog, but can't wait to see the new one!

  10. I will miss participating in MMGM posts on your blog, but agree that you have found a dedicated KidLit blogger in Greg Pattridge. His heart is firmly planted in spreading the word about MG books. He's great to work with. It has been joy linking posts to your site. I wish you the very best and look forward to your new website.

  11. So many hugs, as you go through this transition! Change is good, but almost always bittersweet. I'm sure Greg will do an awesome job hosting MMGM--that's his way--and I look forward to seeing your new website once it's up!

  12. Thank you so much for starting MMGM! It inspired me to begin my book review blog, What Shall We Read Next. Even as a middle schooler, I do understand a thing or two about deadlines so I completely understand!! I hope that you might check out my blog when you have time!!

  13. Thank you Mrs. Messenger so much for doing this blog site for as long as you could (even with the horrible thing known as deadlines nagging at you). As a young girl trying to make it in the Authoring biz, i completely understand the trouble of juggling too many things at once (i still can't get a break). I may have joined the party a bit late, but i can assure you once i read your books and your blogs i stayed (i also bought all of your books, i couldn't put them down!!! i need the 7th book!!!). So as a fan of your work and your blog posts, i send you warm regards in this new chapter of your career, you inspired me, so i thank you and hope you continue you journey of awesomeness. Thank you Mrs. Messenger and good luck!

  14. Shannon, thank you! You were one of the first blogs I encountered when I first started to think about blogging, and you are responsible for my taking the plunge and start reviewing Middle Grade books on Middle Grade Mafioso. Where have the years gone? Thanks for being such a support for middle grade, and for writing such wonderful middle grade.

    And Greg's a wonderful person to whom to pass the torch. Onward!

  15. Can't wait to see the new site, but I'll definitely miss when I used to come here whenever I was bored and/or really in a "Oh-my-gee-dang-it-I-love-KOTLC" week and scroll through the comments from before even Exile came out and how people were like "Oh my goodness i wonder what the next title will be and even better, whos going to be on the cover?!?!" and I could totally relate because gosh darn dang it, thats how I am with Book 7, and it seems so ironic that even after all of these years we still all feel the same and come together around just one teeny fandom in the great universes of fandoms, but anyway, I'm so excited to see where Greg will go with MMGM and whats going to happen next! Happy Writing!!

    ~Do you REALLY need to know?