Monday, November 6, 2017

Looking for MMGM?

In case you didn't see this last week:

Since I'm touring all of November and part of December, and then immediately return home to a huge deadline, I won't be able to host MMGM for the next couple of months.  

But NEVER FEAR--the wonderful Greg Pattridge is taking over for me!!! 

So from now through the end of 2017, do not email your MMGM links to me. Email them to: 
And don't come here for the list of links, go to  

I promise, Greg will take great care of all of you. (In fact, he'll probably even do a better job than me, because he won't be as sleep deprived as I've been these last couple of years. 

I did forward Greg the links I saw--and I'll try to continue to do that. But I have a lot of travel, so your best bet is sending them directly to him.

Glad to know you're all out there spreading all the awesome middle grade love!