Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Kepler's Event Update!

Attention Bay Area friends!

In case you haven't seen this on my social media, there's been a slight change to the Kepler's event for NIGHTFALL on 11/9/17.

The store has moved the event to a bigger location, because they'd sold out of tickets for the other. So if you're planning on coming to that event, make sure you go to the right place. The event is now being held here:

The Performing Arts Center
Hillview Middle School
1100 Elder Avenue, Menlo Park CA 94025

The event starts at 6:00pm
Doors will open at 5:00pm

And if you hadn't been able to get tickets, there's now a limited number of new tickets available. Go HERE to RSVP for them.

(And if that link doesn't work for some reason, copy and paste this into your browser: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3095033)

Hope to see you guys there!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Good News, Canadian KEEPER fans!

I just got word this morning that my Canadian publisher, the incredible Simon & Schuster, Canada, is extending the pre-order giveaway to you guys!

So if you pre-order NIGHTFALL by 11/8/17 and have a Canadian mailing address, click HERE to fill out the form and claim your swag pack.

And please note--that link goes to a different website than the US pre-order giveaway, so make sure you are filling out the right form based on where you live.

Less than two weeks until launch time--AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Another Option: The Changing Hands NIGHTFALL Pre-Order Deal!

Okay, yesterday I posted the regular NIGHTFALL pre-order giveaway (if you missed it, you can find it HERE).

But I also promised I'd let you guys know about a different option offered by the amazing team at Changing Hands Bookstore--and here it is!

It you pre-order NIGHTFALL from them (and only them) before 7pm MT on 11/6/17 : you'll get this:

In case you can't tell, that's

- a hand-signed hardcover of NIGHTFALL (which can be personalized if you wish)
- a limited edition family portrait art print postcard
- a limited edition Iggy art print postcard
- 8 character stickers
- an 8x10 art print of the Keeper characters
- 5 silicone character-name bracelets (one of each shown)

(Please note, you will get these same goodies if you come to the event at Changing Hands that night and buy NIGHTFALL)

(And since I know you guys tend to panic, I'll also add that the extra bracelets and postcard will also be at the Launch Party at the Grove in LA on 11/7/17)

To order, you can call Changing Hands at 480.730.0205, or go to their website HERE and note who you want the book personalized to in the 'order comments' field. And make sure you do it before 7pm MT on 11/6/17 or you'll miss your chance.

(in case that link doesn't work, go to changinghands.com and search for NIGHTFALL)

A few other things to keep in mind:

- Changing Hands will ship this offer internationally as long as you pay for shipping. Call them for an estimate.
- The edition of NIGHTFALL is the regular edition.

- If you have any questions, please call Changing Hands.

- Once again, this is a SEPARATE THING from the pre-order giveaway posted yesterday.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The NIGHTFALL Pre-Order Giveaway!


We're just a little less than three weeks away from the release of NIGHTFALL on 11/7/17. And that of course means it's time to launch the NIGHTFALL PRE-ORDER GIVEAWAY!!!

Note: if you're planning on coming to one of my NIGHTFALL tour stops, you don't need to take advantage of this giveaway, since I'll be giving out the same goodies at my events (minus the signed bookplate, since I'll be hand signing your book that night). Go HERE to see if I'll be doing a signing near you.

I created this giveaway years ago, to make up for the fact that it's impossible for me to tour to every city. I wanted the readers I wasn't going to meet to have a way to get the extra swag I give out at my events. And the response has been amazing--some of you have been taking advantage of this giveaway at every launch I've had (which is incredible!). Others of you might be new here. In either case, please make sure you read the rules and instructions EXTRA carefully because some things are having to change this year.

So here's what's up for grabs:

In case you can't tell from the picture, it's:
One limited edition "Iggy Goes Green" art print postcard 
One hand signed NIGHTFALL bookplate
One 8x10 poster of the Keeper characters 
One sheet of 8 character stickers

Amazing, right??? I'm totally keeping one of those posters for my office!!! And every person who meets the giveaway criteria and fills out the form will get that!!!!

So now you're probably thinking, HOW DO I KNOW IF I MEET THE GIVEAWAY CRITERIA??? Which is a very important question, because like I said above, some of the rules and restrictions have changed this year. You qualify for the giveaway if:

- you pre-order the US edition of NIGHTFALL (eBook or hardcover) before 11/8/17*
- you have a US mailing address for your swag pack to be mailed to

*Yes, the B&N Exclusive Edition qualifies. And yes, if you pre-ordered NIGHTFALL before this post went live it still counts, because it's still a pre-order.

If that's you--hooray!!! 

You only have one final step--and it's crucial, so don't forget: You must go fill out the giveaway form before 11/8/17. Go HERE to find it.

(and in case that link doesn't work, go to keeperofthelostcities.com and scroll down a little)

If that's not you... I am so, so sorry. 

I know in the past this giveaway was open internationally. But unfortunately that had to change this year, and the giveaway is now limited to US mailing addresses only. Sorry again. 

A few other questions you might have:

- In years past, I've arranged with Changing Hands Bookstore to do a slightly enhanced giveaway for those who ordered their book through them--and that IS happening again. I will post details on that tomorrow (didn't want to confuse things today). But just to be clear, it's a giveaway that only applies to books ordered specifically through Changing Hands.

- As I said at the beginning, if you're coming to one of my NIGHTFALL events, don't worry, I'll be giving out these same goodies at the stores (minus the bookplate, because your book will be hand-signed), so you won't be missing out by coming to a signing instead of pre-ordering. (Plus, you know, we'll get to meet!)

- Your swag will arrive separately from your copy of NIGHTFALL, since you'll be pre-ordering the book from your retail outlet of choice, and the swag will be mailed by my publisher to the qualifying address provided. And since they're the ones doing the mailing, I'm not 100% sure what day you'll get your swag. But I promise, it will happen as fast as it possibly can.

- I'm turning off comments, because in years past I got bombarded with questions about things that were already explained in the post. So if you're confused about something, please scroll back up and reread to make sure it isn't covered (also make sure you check the giveaway form at keeperofthelostcities.com, since it might be covered there). And if you still don't have the answer, feel free to email my assistant. Just use the email address listed for me on the contact page of this website and she'll get back to you as soon as she can.

So what are you waiting for??? GO SIGN UP TO GET YOUR SWAG!!!! And let's all jump around and squeal that we are less than three weeks away from NIGHTFALL!!!!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Event Questions--Answered!

Since we're a little less than a month away from NIGHTFALL (ahhhhhhh--it's so close) and the NIGHTFALL Tour, I'm getting a lot of questions about the events. So I'm going to do my best to answer them here--but before I do I just want to emphasize:
If you're planning to come to one of the events, the best thing you can do is call the store and ask any questions you're having, since they'll have the most current, correct information (the author is always the last to know those kinds of things). Also, if something they tell you differs from something I'm telling you, listen to them. They're the ones running the event so they definitely know better than I do. 
Okay, all of that being said, here are some answers to the questions I'm getting:

I called the B&N at the Grove about the Launch Party and was told I can't reserve a wristband until the day of the event--is that true?
Yes, I've verified with my publicist that this is true. SORRY for the confusion! (this is why I say always trust the store, not the author!) The Grove will be doing wristbands to control the flow of the signing line, but you can't reserve one until 9:00 am on the morning of the event (11/7/17). And in order to reserve one, you'll need to purchase a copy of NIGHTFALL from them. But don't worry--they've assured me that they will not run out of wristbands or copies of NIGHTFALL, so you won't have any problems attending the Launch Party that day, I promise! So no need to stress! If you have any other questions about the event, here's the number for the store: 323-525-0270.

Will the Launch Party be selling the B&N Special Edition?
YES! In fact, it's the only version they'll be selling. So if you come to the Launch and buy NIGHTFALL, you'll be getting the fancy version with the bonus art and the extra Keefe story! Not sure if the same applies to my other B&N events, so you might want to call those stores. But I can definitely say for a fact that the Launch will have them.

None of your events are near me--can you PLEASE come to my state too???
Alas, I wish it were possible to visit all of my readers on tour. But unfortunately I haven't learned how to teleport, so I'm limited to only being able to visit a select number of cities each year--and as I've said many times before, my publisher chooses the tour stops, not me. So if I'm not visiting a city near you, unfortunately all I can say is, "hopefully next year!" (But again, I don't have any control over where I'll be going when I tour for Book 7 so I can't guarantee it. Also: this is why I do the pre-order giveaway. Details on that will be posted SOON, I promise!)

Are you going to be adding any more events this year?
There are still a couple of things I'm waiting for confirmation on, and if they come through I will definitely let you guys know. But I can't say anything until then.

Will you be giving out swag at your events?
YES! Just like in years past, I'll have exclusive goodies I'll be giving away to everyone who buys a book. Swag is passed out on a first come, first served basis--and while I always have a LOT, and the chance I'll run out is fairly small, if you're worried, I would recommend getting to the event early. I'm still waiting to find out what the items will be--and I promise an update as soon as I know.  (And yes the Changing Hands Event and the Launch Party at the Grove will have extra goodies like I always have in the past as well.) Details on all of that coming up ASAP.  (And remember, if I'm not coming to a city near you, there is also the pre-order giveaway, so you can still get some fun swaggish goodies as well. I promise I will post all the details on that as soon as I have them!)

I already ordered a copy of NIGHTFALL--can I bring it to the event to have you sign it? 
This is one of those questions where you really do need to check with the store to find out their policies, because every store has different rules. I will say that in my experience, most stores will require you to buy NIGHTFALL from them in order to get in the signing line. But some just say, "buy any of Shannon Messenger's books." And some don't have rules about that at all (though I highly recommend you buy something from them to thank them for going to so much work to host my event. Bookstores need sales to continue existing, after all).

Can I bring my copies of your other books and have you sign them?
This depends on two things: 1) whatever rules the store has about bringing books from home (so you'll want to call them and ask). And 2) the size of the crowd. At events with large turnouts, I'll have to limit the number of books I can hand-sign per person (usually somewhere between 1 and 3) and that will be announced at the event. But I will also have a fancy signature stamp with me that we can use for any books you bring--that way we save my hand from becoming a claw, and save you guys from waiting hours and hours in line, and your books still look super pretty! Win-win-win!

Will you sign things besides books?
It depends on the thing, and also on the size of the crowd. In long signing-line situations, I might have to decline--or use the signature stamp. And I won't sign books that other people have written--or body parts. But I'm usually okay with most else, especially any of the art/items from my Society6 store. Click HERE to see what's available.

Will I be able to take a photo with you at the event?At events with large crowds, the store may decide to limit photos to "candids only" (meaning you could take pictures as I'm signing your book, but not a posed photo with me) in order to keep the line moving.  But we won't know that until the night of the event. And as a plea, if the event IS doing posed photos, please have your camera/phone ready to go. That makes the process go SO much faster/smoother.

What exactly happens at the event?It does vary from store to store, but generally I come out and speak for anywhere from 30-60 minutes (Q&A is always a part of that) and give away any raffle prizes. Then the store explains how the signing line will work and gets everyone organized and I sign until everyone has gotten their books signed, pass out swag, etc. I know that probably doesn't make it sound very exciting, but I promise it's super fun. Hope to see you guys there!