Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The EVERBLAZE paperback release giveaway!

They're here! They're here!


And I know a lot of you already bought the shiny hardcovers. (if you did--THANK YOU SO MUCH! *tacklehugs*)

But I still get crazy excited when my books finally release in paperback, because they're so much more affordable, and I know for so many families (including mine, when I was a kid) that makes a HUGE difference. I've heard from so many readers who've been waiting for the paperback before they can read (it's why I try to be so vigilant about spoilers) so I'm super excited they'll finally be able to.

Plus, even if you DO own a hardcover--there's something extra special in the paperbacks you might be excited to see:

Why yes, yes that IS the first chapter of NEVERSEEN!!!! 

So I think this calls for a giveaway. After all, the hardcover readers shouldn't be the only ones who get some fun extra goodies.  So here's how this works:

If you pre-ordered the paperback version of EVERBLAZE any time before August 4, 2015--OR if you purchase a paperback copy between now and August 11, 2015--fill out the form at the bottom of this post by 11:59pm pacific time on August 11, 2015, and I will send you these:

(in case you can't tell, that's a signed bookplate and a character art print postcard--which has all four covers on the back)

In addition to that, five random winners will also get one of these exclusive Black Swan mirrors:

If you buy more than one copy of the paperback, you can definitely get more than one set of swag. Just make sure you mark the appropriate number of books on the form, so I know how many to send you. 

And please note, this giveaway is only available for people who buy the paperback during the designated time period. (If you've bought the hardcover or ebook, I've already done giveaways for those--sorry if you missed them!) Also: no proof of purchase is required. I like to keep my contests on the honor system, so if you say you bought it, I trust you. But remember: every time you lie, Iggy has to miss a meal, and do you really want an angry imp coming after you????

International entries also totally count. I will mail swag anywhere you live. But this is only for a very limited time, so don't miss your chance.  And don't forget to fill out the form* (you must fill out the form in order to get your swag).

And... I think that pretty much covers everything. But if I missed something, ask in the comments. Otherwise here's the form you need to fill out:




*You must be 13 or older in order to fill out this form. If you're not, please have your parent or guardian fill it out for you.

Form has been removed--this giveaway is now closed. 
Thank you to all who took part!