Thursday, February 12, 2015

KOTLC Fandom Day (psst--there's a giveaway)

Hey guys!

Just wanted to give a quick heads up to let you know about something fun happening on Instagram today.

Some of the awesome KEEPER fans over there declared today KOTLC Fandom Day and are encouraging everyone to write their team  name on their hand and post a pic. And I thought--wow, what a fun idea. (also I HAVE THE BEST FANS EVER). So I decided to sweeten the deal and add a giveaway.

You can only enter on Instagram (sorry if you're not on that platform--that's where the fun started, so I had to keep it there because I'll be drawing the winners from the hashtag). But you can definitely enter through a parents' account (or sibling or friend) if you don't have your own.

Here's a handy graphic I posted so you know how this works:

And here's the rules I posted with it:

WOO--as declared by @lostkeeper, today is KOTLC Day!! So I thought I'd reward anyone who participates with a GIVEAWAY. 
Up for grabs are 3 doodled on hardcovers of KEEPER book 1, which will go to 3 random winners.  
To enter:
Write your Team Name on your hand (can be any team you want, so long as it has to do with the KEEPER series) 
Post a pic of your doodled-on hand on Instagram by 11:59pm ET on 2/12/15--and MAKE SURE you use the hashtag: #KOTLCFANDOMDAY 
The three winners will be tagged on THIS PHOTO to let them know they've won.  
As for questions you probably have:  Only one entry per person. You can only enter on Instagram. Contest is only for today (2/12/15). International entries welcome. 

So if you're on Instagram, head over there for all the fun. And if you're not, never fear, I'll have other giveaways over the next few months.

Happy KOTLC Fandom Day everyone! (Have I mentioned my fans are THE BEST???)



  1. WAHOO!!!! Yay KOTLC Fandom Day!

    Unfortunately I don't have an Instagram, but here are my team names, (yes, plural, I can never pick favorites:

    TEAM SOPHIE!!!! (Yes all caps is necessary)
    Team Prentice!!
    Team Tiergan!!
    Team Mr. Forkle!!

    Speaking of which, this would be the perfect day to try that recipe for Mallowmelt...

    1. I don't have Instagram either! But my favorite singer/songwriter Sabrina Carpenter does..........

      #Sabrinator forever!

      If I can't get her to do it I can ask a friend but getting Sabrina to do it would be incredible!!!!!!!!!

  2. WOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I could participate, but I don't have Instagram. I'll say something about it on my blog, though. THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER.

    TEAM BLACK SWAN!!!!!!!!!