Thursday, March 27, 2014

Skip A Starbucks Day--Part Two (awesome prizes to be had!)

If you've been following this blog for a while, you probably know how much I adore the incredible  C.J. Redwine. She's both a friend and a mentor, and an uber-talented author to boot.

And you might also remember a few years back when I took part in a special fund raiser to help her raise enough money to bring her beautiful baby girl home from China.

Thanks to everyone's support, the fundraiser was a huge success, and the adorable Johanna is now happily settled with C.J. and her husband Clint. I've even had the chance to meet her, and she is one huggable, amazing kid.

And today, we need to make that magic happen again.

Meet Isabella Grace:


C.J. and her husband are in the process of adopting this beautiful little girl from China. And because Isabella has multiple medical needs, the process has gone much quicker than they were anticipating. They're excited and overjoyed that they'll get to bring their daughter home that much sooner. But it's also left them scrambling to come up with the $15,000* they need to adopt her.

That's where Skipping a Starbucks comes in.

The basic idea? Give up one tiny indulgence today (like a $5.00 coffee) and use it to help bring this beautiful little girl home. It's AMAZING how huge of a difference those small donations can make.

And as an extra-huge thank you, many of her friends in publishing (including me!) are offering up a MULTITUDE of prizes that CJ is giving away on her blog--including signed books, a diamond-and-tanzanite necklace set, and a full manuscript critique from a literary agent.

Details on what's up for grabs, and how to donate (also a progress bar to show how close they're coming to meeting their goal) can all be found HERE

* Any funds raised beyond the $15k will be given to The Moses Basket, a non-profit organization that supports adoptive families through grants, resources, and support.

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  1. I donated $10. It was so quick and easy, seriously I just did it after looking at your blog and visiting theirs.


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