Tuesday, November 5, 2013

To my awesome, fabulous, amazing, wonderful, incredible readers!

Hey Guys,

I know--it's been forever since I've done a proper blog post. And I'm not sure if this really counts, since it's more of a rambling request than anything. But hey, it'll have an adorable kitten picture at the end, and really, what more do you need???

Anyway, I wanted to write this post today because I feel like I should warn you about how hectic things are around here right now. I've been traveling pretty much non-stop for the last month, and when you pair that with all the craziness that came with launching EXILE, it basically added up to: SHANNON IS NOW SUPER-BEHIND ON EVERYTHING.

Facebook messages.
Tumblr questions.
Blog Comments.
Instagram comments.
You name it--I'm behind on it

(also: wowza--no wonder the internet is such a time suck!)

I promise, I'm not telling you this because I want you to stop trying to reach me. I absolutely LOVE hearing from you guys--it seriously makes my day, and I read each and every one of the messages you send me. So please please please don't feel like you shouldn't email/message me.

BUT, if you do, please also keep in mind that there will be a delay before I reply. Probably a long one. I promise, I *WILL* respond as soon as I can. But I have this little book called KEEPER #3 that I really really really need to finish writing (well, okay, it's not really called that--but since we don't have a title, that's what I'm calling it for now). And that's going to pretty much take up all my time for the next few weeks. Maybe longer (though hopefully not *too* much longer)

So if you're waiting to hear from me, please keep waiting. And *please* don't send additional messages just to ask if I got your first message because you haven't gotten a reply. I promise, I am getting them, and sending more just to make sure I got yours will only make it take even longer when I finally get to work on replying.

Also, just as a refresher, here's a few things to keep in mind if you're reaching out to me:
  • I can't read anything you've written. I'm sure it's awesome, but I just don't have time. Plus there are all kinds of complicated legal reasons. So please don't ask--and *please* don't attach anything to your email. If you do, I'll have to delete it.  (note: this does not apply to fan art.)
  • I'm currently not accepting any interview requests, nor can I help you with your homework. I really really wish I had time to do that, but right now, I just don't. If that changes I'll let you know. 
  • I can't tell you anything about what's going to happen in KEEPER #3--not even if you guess. I love that you guys have theories, and feel free to keep sharing them with me. But please don't get frustrated when all I can tell you is: you'll find out when you read.
ALSO, also: please know that I am so grateful to each and every one of you. I may be a bit biased, but I personally feel like I have the most awesome fans EVER--and I can't thank you enough for all you do to support my books. Sometimes I'm not able to interact with you as quickly as I'd like. But I promise that's only because I'm working hard to make KEEPER #3 as epic as I possibly can.

I know some of you were also super bummed that you didn't win the sharpie-ed up books in my last contest--and I promise I will do another giveaway soon. But again, I have to get KEEPER #3 done first. Trust me, I'm just as eager to be done as you--and I'm working as fast as I can!

And now, I disappear into the deadline cave to get some serious writing done--but not without giving you an adorable kitten picture, of course (a promise is a promise, after all). Get ready for the cuteness! This is Melody, doing her Otter-impersonation:

Say it with me: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Okay, NOW I'm getting to work!


*opens draft*

*dives in*


  1. Can totally relate to being behind and too busy. If you figure out how to fix it, let me know. Good luck with the writing.

  2. Awwwwwwww! You have an adorable kitten. XD