Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The STORM is coming!

You may have already noticed that there's been a *slight* change to the title of LtSB, but in case you missed it (or were wondering if you were going crazy) I thought I'd post about it over here.

Sadly, no, the title is NOT changing to LET THE HABOOBS BREAK--BIGGER, FASTER, HABOOBIER!! (though that would be awesome...) It's actually only a single letter different, just to make it match better with the title of LET THE SKY FALL.

So here's the final official title with the final official cover:

And now we'll enter the especially hilarious time period where we get to see just how long it takes my deadline-broken brain to remember to say "Storm" instead of "Storms." Plan on a LOT of Shannonfails. ;)

If you haven't already, you can add it to your goodreads shelves HERE

It's also available for pre-order! (Crazy, right?) So if you're desperate to find out what happens to Vane and Audra--and to finally understand why I keep making haboob jokes--I made you some handy links:

And now... back to the deadline cave!


  1. It's such a pretty cover *-*
    I haven't read let the sky fall yet, I really hope I can get a copy soon. But now I don't have much money. I'm so excited! *O*

    Good job & greets from Spain.

  2. I remember when I made this book my WOW pick. It still amazes me.

  3. Yay! So excited to read this one. Must find out what happens with Vane and Audra. :)


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