Monday, December 31, 2012


Sorry guys--I promise I will try to be back on track next week. New year, new start--all that jazz. Plus, this draft is due like really, really soon. So soon I've set a kinda-feeling-impossible goal to type "the end" by tonight. Not sure if i'm going to make it. But I have to TRY.

So sadly, no MMGM. And I usually do an end of the year post looking back on all I've been through writing wise--and that is coming in a few days, too (I'm sure you're all holding your breath)

But for now I'm about 4 chapters away from DONE (well, done as in the draft is done. It will still be a mess and need lots of revision which I am trying very hard not to think about) so I have to keep working working working.

Hope everyone has an awesome week!


  1. Happy happy New Year Shannon!!!! Take care

  2. You got this, Shannon!!!! Have a great New Year!!! FINISH STRONG!!! :) <3

  3. You will finish whether tonight or the next day or the next day... You will finish the draft Shannon. *Pats you on the head* So get what you need to get done, have a great new year and blog when you're fit and ready.

  4. Happy New Year Shannon, you can do it! *pom poms!*

  5. I'm almost done with Keeper of the Lost's totally AMAZING!!! I love it! When will the next one be out?

    Happy New Year!

    1. Aw, thank you so much!!! Book 2 is scheduled for October 2013 (I know, so far away!). I'm hoping to reveal the title and cover soon!

  6. Can not wait for this book! I know you'll
    be amazing! You've got this! *cheers*

  7. Happy New Year and hope that you reached your goal. And read your book and loved it and especially your world creation and your treatment of myth. Nice going!!

  8. Happy New Year, hope your at the end of your goal, or at least this one!


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