Thursday, November 1, 2012


Sorry for the cheesy title guys--I *couldn't* resist. :)

But since it's Nov 1, and everyone has NaNo on the brain, I figured it was time to weigh in on whether I will be joining all the NaNoWriMo fun. And the answer is....


I will be doing some SERIOUS writing in November.  (In fact, I'm trying not to think about just how much writing I have to do, because it is a LOT.) I owe the sequel to LET THE SKY FALL rather soon, and with all the chaos of KEEPER's release I'm a *little* behind on my writing schedule.

But, that doesn't really count as NaNo-ing, because I'll be working on a book that I've already started (and thank goodness for that. *hugs the words that already exist, wishing there were more of them*). Plus, I'll be sending pages to CPs and revising as I go because well... I'd rather not send my lovely editor too hot of a mess.

So I will definitely be in the writing trenches, drafting like a madwoman all month, (and probably stressing and panicking on twitter). But I'm not *officially* NaNo-ing because I'm breaking a few too many rules (who knew I was a rebel?).

But I am happy to cheer you all on.




(and send cupcakes and caffeine--I'm going to need them!!!)

(those are cheerleaders, in case you can't tell)


  1. Hey! What's up?? I just wanted to tell you that I'm a huge fan of your book "Keeper of the Lost Cities". I was truly amazing. I swear I read it more than twice. I also kept me out of trouble. I just love that book so much that I recommended all my friends to read it on facebook. Thank you soo much for writing this amazing book. You could have written it sooner sothat I couldn't have got into trouble. Plez!! Hurry up with ur next book. I can't wait to read it. Thanx anagin!!!
    - Beatrice

    1. Awwww, thank you so much for this amazing comment--you just made my day!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed KEEPER--and woo hoo for keeping you out of trouble!! But you might have to reread a few times so you don't get in *too* much trouble before book 2 comes out, because KEEPER 2 won't be releasing until Fall 2013. I know, so far away. But it's all written! We're just waiting on publishing now!

  2. Shannon, I'm doing Sorta Nano too. I plan on working as hard as I have time for on my writing this month. But because of the craziness in my life, I didn't sign up or commit to writing an entire novel. But I'm keeping track of what I get done in the hope of keeping the momentum going. Good luck with your writing projects!!

  3. I like sorta NaNos. Good luck with yours and thanks for the cupcakes n caffeine. Sending some back your way...cheers!

  4. You love the Keeper madness. You know you do! Also I will send you all the cupcakes. But not caffeine. We learned what happens with those pills.

  5. Anything that motivates you to get some serious writing and editing! I am working with an existing story idea for Nano. I wrote maybe 5k already but I may not use any of it. I'm brainstorming today and came up with better stakes and conflict which might change the whole thing!

    Looking forward to reading Let the Sky Fall!

  6. LOVE the cheerleaders!!!!
    GOOOOOOO ShaNoWriMo!!!!!!!!
    Here are my pom poms **\ (Insert smiley face) /**

  7. Best of luck with writing. I'm doing a fantasy story for my Nano.

  8. I'm doing nano - about to start in a bit!!! I bet your shanowrimo will be awesome! :)

  9. Hi, Shannon! I'm doing NaNo. Best wishes with your sequel writing.
    **\Rah Rah/**


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