Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Keepsake for your KEEPER! (and yes, there's a giveaway!)

Now that my launch parties/pre-order campaigns are over, I've been getting emails from some of you wondering if there's still a way to get your hands on signed copies of KEEPER. And the good news is, there is!

Mrs. Nelsons Toys and Books, one of my favorite Indie Bookstores, had me sign a BUNCH of books when I stopped by last week, and you can order them online by clicking HERE. (Just make sure you specify that you want a SIGNED COPY in the notes. I'm pretty sure I've signed every copy in their store, but just in case, it's good to be clear.)

BUT, I also know that some of you lovely souls already bought my book from your favorite place. Or maybe you haven't yet, but you're going to! Either way, I know some of you might wish there were a way to have that copy signed.

Sadly, I can't teleport to you to personally sign it. But I actually have something better, since you get my signature AND I keep my shenanigans safely in California: SHINY SIGNED BOOKPLATES--which I can personalize and everything!!!!

Aren't they pretty? (and this picture really doesn't do them justice)

And of course I'm giving some away!!!

I haven't decided how many, since it depends on how many people enter. But I will try to pick as many as I can. And because I want to make this as easy as possible for you, I've created a handy dandy form. That way if you win I'll already have your address and can ship it off straight away without the additional: waiting-for-you-to-email-me-your-address step. I'm also not going to require that you send me a receipt or any sort of proof of purchase or anything, since I can't really imagine why you'd want a signed KEEPER bookplate if you have no copy of KEEPER to put it in. So I think we can just go on the honor system here.

To enter, fill out the form below by 11:59 pm pacific on Sunday, October 14th. I'll choose as many winners as I can and send off their bookplates the following week. International entries welcome!

And thank you guys so much for all the love and support for KEEPER. I can't tell me how much it means to know you're reading something I wrote. I just... I can't even... *sniff*

Also, I promise I will have launch party pictures and updates as soon as I get my act together!!



  1. Yes, they are beautiful. Fingers crossed for a win.

    (I like this idea, because I want to support my local indie, Annie Bloom's, and was wondering how on earth I was going to get you to come here to Portland and sign my copy!)

  2. Thanks for doing this! And you are right....they are made of beautiful!

  3. Oh so pretty!!! It would look lovely in my copy of Keeper :)

  4. Waiting for my wonderful signed copy of KEEPER ordered through Changing Hands! Can't wait.

  5. The book is super shiny, not going to lie!

  6. You come up with the best ideas, Shannon, and we all love you for it!

    *fingers crossed*

  7. My copy is making it's way to my house as we speak! :) Can't wait!!!

  8. Thank you! Maybe you could come to Portland, Oregon on your next tour. I would love to meet you! I've been following YOUR story for years.

  9. I just ordered my copy a few hours ago (and am soooo excited!) Those bookplates are beautiful! So sweet that you're doing this.

  10. Lol, even your signature is so pretty, Shannon!

  11. I'm excited to get my own copy of Keeper. Went to the bookstore but they didn't have it in stock so I'll have to order it online. Now I want your book even more.....
    Hope you had fun with your tour:)

  12. Definitely need to get myself to the bookstore and pick up a finished copy ASAP!

  13. Aww, thank you for the giveaway, Shannon! <3 I will definitely get myself a copy ASAP! Can't wait to read Keeper of the Lost Cities! <3 :)