Tuesday, August 14, 2012

WriteOnCon 2012 is HERE!!!

Okay, so I've been TOTALLY remiss in telling you all about the amazing things we have in store for WriteOnCon this year. Major, epic Shannonfail.


The conference starts today, and there's still PLENTY of time to check out all the awesomeness we have going on. Here's the schedule:

Write On Con 2012 Schedule of Events:
*all times EDT

Tuesday, August 14:
6:00 AM: Welcome Keynote by literary agent Joanna Stampfel-Volpe and the cast and crew at New Leaf Literary
7:00 AM: How to Get Started With Social Media: DON’T Do All The Things! by Soho Teen publicist Meredith Barnes
8:00 AM: Choosing the Right Critique Partners by bestselling author Leigh Bardugo
8:30 AM: Picture Book Query Critiques by bestselling author Emma Walton-Hamilton – FORUM EVENT
9:00 AM: Interview with literary agent Daniel Lazar
10:00 AM: Live pitching event with literary agent Peter Knapp – FORUM EVENT
11:00 AM: Revision Toolbox by the YA Muses
–Call for social media questions for Pam van Hylckama Vlieg’s FORUM EVENT on Wed.
12:00 PM: Corey Rosen-Schwartz and Tiffany Strelitz-Haber discuss picture book writing
–12:15 PM: LIVE FORUM EVENT: Corey and Tiffany critique PB stanzas
12:30 PM: Middle Grade Rules by author Shelley Moore Thomas
1:00 PM: Hooks and Killer First Lines by international bestselling author Lissa Price
2:00 PM: Author Denise Jaden and literary agent Michelle Humphrey talk about the agent/author relationship. LIVE EVENT
3:00 PM: Tips for Starting a New Project by bestselling author Marissa Meyer
3:30 PM: What is Voice, and How do I Get it? by author Jennifer A. Nielsen
4:00 PM: LIVE EVENT with editor Liesa Abrams and literary agent Jen Rofe
–Call for questions/twitter-style pitches for the Entangled editors in FORUM
5:00 PM: World-building in Science Fiction and Fantasy by author Mindee Arnett
5:30 PM: The Importance of Craft by editor Molly O’Neill
9:00 PM: Live Panel of Professionals – literary agents Mollie Glick, Cheryl Pientka, and Emily Keyes, and editor Sarah Barley

Wednesday, August 15:
6:00 AM: Plotting with 3×5 cards by author Kimberley Griffiths Little
7:00 AM: Knowing When Your MS is Ready to Query by literary agent Lara Perkins
8:00 AM: Authors Lenore Appelhans and Phoebe North discuss Reading like a Book Blogger
9:00 AM: Being Orphaned by author Joy Preble
9:30 AM: Building Characters into Real People by author Frank Cole
10:00 AM: All Your Publishing Questions… Answered! by editors Molly O’Neill and Martha Mihalick, and literary agent Holly Root
11:00 AM: Blogging Basics by literary agent Pam van Hylckama Vlieg
–11:15 AM LIVE FORUM EVENT: Q&A about social media/blogging
12:00 PM: He Said, She Said, Creating sexual tension through dialog by author Jessica Martinez
12:30 PM: Rhoda Belleza of Paper Lantern Lit talks Elements of Writing
1:00 PM: Gennifer Albin LIVE FORUM EVENT – critiquing previously submitted material in a Building Better Sentences Workshop
2:00 PM: Live event with literary agent Sarah Davies and author Megan Miranda
3:00 PM: Differences between YA and MG (for the Writer Who Does Both) by Claire Legrand
3:30 PM: The Inside Scoop: Get Your Query Noticed by editor Leah Hultenschmidt
4:00 PM: Stacy Abrams, Heather Howland, and Alycia Tornetta of Entangled Publishing answer questions and take twitter-style pitches - FORUM EVENT
5:00 PM: The Lucky 13s “Back to Basic” Writing Tips by various PB, MG, and YA authors debuting in 2013
9:00 PM: Live Panel of Professionals — literary agents Katie Grimm and Sarah LaPolla, and editors Sara Sargent and Alison Weiss

AMAZING, right?  Not to mention our forums will be hopping the entire conference. Post writing for critique, maybe find yourself some critique partners, and who knows? Maybe a ninja pro will comment on your work. We've had some amazing success stories in the past. You could be the next!

Hope to see you there!


  1. Yay and yay...I am so there. Even took a couple of days off this year. I am EVEN...sitting at my desk!!

  2. Yay!!! So awesome!!! Trying to keep up here. Thank you, Shannon!

  3. Day one was pretty cool. Still have lots more to check out from the 1st day, plus all the day two stuff that is going on!


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