Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Where's Shannon: The Comic-Con Edition

Yep--I'm traveling AGAIN.

Not far this time, just to downtown San Diego for that tiny little comics show--maybe you guys have heard if it? COMIC CON!

(And no, I'm not Cosplaying this year. I've survived two years of Rainbow Brite madness and I need a break from posing for pictures with skeevy guys)

I'm there to play, not work, so if you're going I can't tell you exactly where to find me. But I will be AROUND. And there's an extra good chance you'll spot me at any of the awesome author panels, sitting in the audience and heckling--erm, cheering on--my friends.

I do know S&S will be doing some KEEPER promo at the booth (and possibly at their panel on Thursday night) but unfortunately I don't have the details on when/if they'll be doing ARC giveaways (you know how it is, the author is always the last to know. Which is kinda cool 'cause it means THEY'RE doing the work--not me. YAY FOR THAT). So definitely stop by the booth and ask. You may even get to meet my amazing editor, who will be there (well... when she's not off fangirling Batman related things!)

Anyway, sorry for such a short and uninspired post. I promise I will try to be a better blogger next week, once I recover from the Comic Con insanity. (Assuming I SURVIVE the Comic Con insanity) And if you're there and you spot me, PLEASE feel free to come up and say Hi! I'd love to meet you!

Hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Aww I love your Rainbow Brite costume. I hope you have fun this year.

  2. You'll have a whole new perspective on it without the guys leering at your costume! Have a ton of fun! :)

  3. Ooohhh, have fun!

    I have yet to go to a Comic-Con (I know..the SHAME), but I really, really want to. They look so fun.

  4. I was wondering if Rainbow Brite was going to make a third appearance. Have fun. Wish I could be there.

  5. You're in my neck of the woods, but alas I don't have any Comic Con tickets this year. Hope you're having a great time! :)

  6. i totally spotted you at comic con and was lucky enough to get an autograph. i hope you had a good time!


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