Friday, July 6, 2012

When it starts to become real...

Wow. We're officially less than 3 months from KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES' release--and less than 8 months from LET THE SKY FALL's release!!!!

Excuse me while I go FREAK THE CRAP OUT for a few seconds!!!!




Okay. I feel better now. Sorta.

*twitches again*

But it's CRAZY, you guys. ARCs for both books are making their way into the world. Reviews and fan emails are trickling in. I'm being booked for launch parties and book fairs and other amazing things that I really don't feel cool enough for (probably because I'm not--shhhh, don't tell anyone!) and going to shows and conventions where my book(s) are being featured. I'm getting google alerts for people posting about wanting to read my books and stumbling across Twitter conversations where people are talking about how much they loved them (which always make me feel like I'm stalking myself when I read them).

And because of all of that, I've had a lot of people ask me some variation of the same question: How does it feel having your dream come true?

But honestly? I never know how to respond. Except maybe to blush and mumble: "surreal" and change the subject.

Which is probably a giant Shannonfail. I'm betting they're expecting something more like this:

And I do feel that way. (though whoa--is anyone else getting dizzy, watching that?)

It's amazing and incredible and fantastic that my books are going to be on shelves for people to buy and read in the VERY-not-too-distant-future. (*twitches again*) It's even more unbelievable that some of you have already read them (and even more astounding that you liked them!) And it's all starting to feel very very real and soon and OMG THIS IS HAPPENING!!!!

But the funny thing is ... nothing's really changed either.

I'm still the same nerdy, rambling, cupcake-obsessed girl I've always been. And other than those rare times when I have to go somewhere as "Author Shannon", no one knows who I am or what I do or cares that I write books for children (and even AT those "Author Shannon" places, the majority of the people are like, Shannon Who?). And I LOVE that. I didn't do this because I wanted fame or praise (not saying I'm OPPOSED to those or anything...) I did it because I love to write and I loved these stories and I wanted to get them "out there" because that's the thing about stories. They should be shared.

And that's HAPPENING. So it really is like this:

But it's also surreal and strange. Especially since most days I still live in my sweat pants and a frumpy Batman shirt, eating candy instead of foods with actual nutrition, wrestling with the imaginary people in my head WHO WON'T FREAKING COOPERATE FOR THIS REVISION. (ahem)

So basically... it's impossible to process. Which is probably why I keep reverting to my mumbled, "Surreal."

Someday I'm sure I'll make sense of it all (and also get better about taking compliments--I'm TERRIBLE about knowing what to say. Ask my husband if you don't believe me) and then when you ask me I'll be able to have the proper beaming/giddiness:

In the meantime I hope you'll bear with me as I continue fumble my way through all of this craziness. It's surreal. But nice.

(Hee--anyone catch the reference??? Love that movie!)


  1. This post is amazing, because I can totally relate on the "I'm still me but this is totally surreal" feeling, and also because it uses exclusively "Enchanted" gifs. This is why we're friends. ;)

  2. LOVE the Enchanted clips - and big congrats! freak out all you want as long as you are celebrating every minute! dreams don't come true every day so you need to pay attention when they do!!!

  3. Living vicariously through that you're so thrilled. I mean, of COURSE it is but your enthusiasm is fabulous. Oh, and I can totally see you twirling your way across a field in a lovely spinny dress (you know the kind), your hair whirling around you. Heh. YAYAYAY!

  4. Such a great movie! And you give me hope. I know, that probably makes you feel uncomfortable, but it's true: dreams do come true. It's beautiful to see it happening to someone. You've been so incredibly open. Thanks for the glimpse.

  5. Enchanted!!!! <3 Can't wait for LTSF!

  6. So excited for you! I hope you're managing to fit in some fun amidst all the stress and twitching! :)

  7. What an amazing time for you! So excited for all the blessings to just keep pouring out.

    I also LOVE Enchanted! :)

  8. Oh my gosh, the Enchanted clips made my day!!! And I can totally relate. Surreal. And exciting. Congrats!!!

  9. That's exactly how I think of you...surreal, but nice :)

  10. My 3-yo came over while I was reading this post and yelled "LOOK MOMMY IT'S GISELLE DID YOU SEE IT'S GISELLE I LOVE GISELLE!"

    Also, I love that you referenced Notting Hill. Not enough people manage to work that movie into everyday conversation.

    Congratulations on your dreams coming true! I'd imagine it WOULD be "surreal but nice"!

  11. Congratulations on everything. I can't wait to read Keepers!

  12. This is how I felt getting an agent, I can't imagine how it would feel to actually hold the book and send it out into the world. Such an amazing accomplishment! Congrats, and your covers are so awesome. I would read based on those alone:)

  13. So happy and excited for you! Just try to enjoy this time. You've worked hard for it, and while every release is exciting, the time before your first novel is extra special.

  14. The Enchanted gifs are PERFECT. :) And I totally get you on the not-knowing-what-to-say thing. That's me. I'm always like, "Uh, thanks! Yeah..."

    Congrats on both your books! I can't wait to read them!

  15. How does she know (she's a published author?) How does she know (her book is fantastic?)

  16. Was that a NOTTING HILL reference at the end there? Love that line. Surreal. But nice. Congratulations. I've got KEEPER pre-ordered on my Nook. Can't wait to read your stories. I've been following your blog since you got an agent and it's been cool to read about your experiences. CongratS!

  17. Your excitement is infectious! I'm so looking forward to both your books coming out and people knowing how cool you are :)

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    1. Sure. My blog is a blogspot blog, so it's powered by blogger. The reason it looks different is because I had a friend customize a template for me, so it's all an original design.

  19. I think Enchanted GIFs should be incorporated into everyday conversation. (I'm not sure how yet, unless we all have computer chips implanted in our brains like in Feed, and that's mostly just creepy. But whatever.)

    I've preordered both of your books, and I can't wait to read them :)

  20. Surreal but nice! I love that movie too. Sometimes you just need a cheesy romance, don't you!

  21. Is anyone lese here to "stalk" Shannon after reading Neverseen and finding out she had a website?


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