Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bookanista Feature: Holy Amazing Covers, Batman!

Since there have been SO many amazing cover reveals going on lately, I thought I would use this week's Bookanista Feature to showcase a few of my favorites--in case you missed them! (and their titles are all goodreads links, in case you would like more info about the book, which you SHOULD)

THE ARCHIVED, by Victoria Schwab
I love how abstract and eye catching this is. It's just the kind of image that makes you DYING to know more--especially what that key unlocks!

DUALED, by Elsie Chapman
Kick-butt heroine AND a creepy shadow that looks like its hunting her? Um--YES PLEASE! And don't even get me started on the tagline!

LEVEL 2, by Lenore Appelhans
The photo itself is really eye-catcing--but what makes it are the details. The white dots. The maze-like font. Such coolness!

THE MADMAN'S DAUGHTER, by Megan Shepherd
There's something both romantic AND creepy about this cover--and I have NO idea how they pulled that off, but I am SOLD.

MIND GAMES, by Kiersten White
WHERE DO I START???? The colors? The eyes? EVERYTHING IS PERFECT! And I've read this one, so I know just how perfect it really is.

PROPHECY, by Ellen Oh
I'm a sucker for books that look like ancient, supercool books anyway--but then they have that smoky dragon swirling around the ruby? Brilliant!!!

Everything about this makes me desperate to know what's going on. And those creepy trees? WIN. Not to mention I LOVE how the "K" looks like the tree is taking it.

This cover feels like a treasure hunt. So many intricate details subtly woven into the design. 

I think what I love most about all of these is how DIFFERENT they all are. Finally we're getting some variety in YA covers! And this is in NO way an exhaustive list. Just some of my current faves.

Have I missed some you love? Tell me in the comments so I can check them out!

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  1. Those really are awesome! I love the colour choices and contrasts in them!

  2. Those are some gorgeous covers! Thanks for the shout-out, Shannon!! <33

  3. Is that Bjork on the Level 2 cover?

  4. *adds all these books to goodreads*

    Glad to see some diversity in YA covers!

  5. I am in love! There are so many fabulous covers right now!

  6. Absolutely amazing covers! And seeing them all together like that?? WOW. Thanks so much for the shout-out Shannon!!

  7. Some great covers; Level 2 is an interesting one. I'm glad to see a move away from the girls in pretty dresses covers; The Madman's Daughter kind of gets a pass because of the creepy factor and the fact that she looks a bit disheveled. I love pretty ball gowns but there are so many of those covers that don't relate to the story; for Luxe it does, it makes sense. Maybe for this one too if the time period correlates.

    What is it about cover reveals that is so interesting?! I love these posts.

  8. Luuurve THE ARCHIVED and THE 13TH SIGN! So many great reads coming soon. Thanks for the gorgeous cover wrap-up!

  9. Shannon, THANK YOU for including THE 13th SIGN in with all these other cover lovelies! They all look fantastic! Smashing, even. I appreciate being in this company! xo!

  10. Wow! So lovely and SO different. It's very cool to see them all next to each other and how they each reflect so beautifully what is inside. Can't wait to read!!

  11. Ah, these covers are all so great.

  12. I've been seeing these covers around too. Can't wait for Dualed, Mind Games and Prophecy. Taken has me intrigued too.

  13. So many new covers cropping up, and yes, I love how different they all are! Love these!

  14. I've seen almost all of these and they are BEAUTIFUL! I just love covers.

  15. Thanks Shannon for giving me some cover love! You are the bestest! And wow all these covers are so very stunning!! Man I just adore books!!!

  16. Thanks Shannon for giving me some cover love! You are the bestest! And wow all these covers are so very stunning!! Man I just adore books!!!

  17. Shannon, thanks for including THE 13th SIGN. One of my faves (but I'm biased). So great to meet you this weekend at ALA. I'll now visit regularly on your blog....Liz S., Feiwel and Friends


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