Wednesday, April 18, 2012

In which I decide to be positive...

I'm having one of those weeks. You know the kind--where everything takes 10 times longer than its supposed to in a week that was already packed with too much until it all piles on top of you and you just feel like:

But instead of using this post to whine and stress and panic (I know, I'm sure you're all very disappointed about that) I thought I'd try positivity for a change. Because the thing is, I have a lot of freakishly amazing things to be grateful for.

So really, what I want to do is focus on a few things I'm especially grateful for this week--in no particular order:

The Elixir of Life!
I know you Coke fans will probably disagree with me on this--but I'm sorry, Pepsi is basically the nectar of the gods. (though in a pinch I will settle for "the other") And for those of you who want to discuss calories and chemicals and teeth staining and whatnot I gladly plug my ears and say LALALALALALA I can't hear you!

The Hubs!
(Yes, I listed Pepsi before my husband--I said this was random order!!!)
He may have questionable taste in clothing, but the  part of him that is far happier in a Shredder sweatshirt than anything else is the same part that allows him to just laugh at me when I'm freaking out  and then somehow get me to laugh too. Like yesterday, when he bought me new squinkies. Bless his immature heart.

The Cuteness!
Totally giving away my crazy cat lady-ness here, but on a stressful day there are few things better than stopping to rub a kitty tummy. Or three. (okay, five--but two live outside DON'T JUDGE ME THEY WERE ALL RESCUES!) I'm also fairly certain the sound of a purr is healing to the soul. So yes, they shed and they have hairballs and they insist on being pet at the most inopportune times and they have the worst breath EVER. But thank goodness for those fluffy cute things who cuddle with me when I'm having a bad day. I almost want to get another.

Team Shannon!
Um... they don't know I call them that (and if they did they'd probably ask to resign) but they are the people who calm the crazy. Whether it be fielding all my panicky emails/chats or wading through my messy pages or sending me hilariously awesome care packages like this one, they are the ones who give me that boost I need to keep going.

Without all of that I would probably be curled up in the fetal position waiting for the Crazy Wagon to come take me away today. But I'm not! (though that would probably be safer for the world...) 

And some of you may be noticing that there is a decided lack of cupcake gratitude in this post--to which I say: YOU'RE RIGHT!!!!!!!! That is the secret survival key I've supremely overlooked. So clearly I need to correct that right now.

*races for the bakery for Emergency Relief Cupcakes*


  1. Those kinds of weeks are hard. *hugs* Maybe you need to move somewhere with one of those 24hr cupcake ATMs?

    1. 24hr cupcake ATMs--excellent. Can I get a Google map of those?

  2. Yes there's always things to be grateful for. I'd replace coffee for the Pepsi though. Since I didn't sleep much last night and have a long day at work, I'll be glad I have a coffee pot in my office.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you ever need moral support.

  3. My elixir of choice would have to be hot chocolate, or if it's 100 degrees outside, then lemonade! I hope your week gets better, Shannon. Keep petting those kitty tummies and soaking up their sweet purrs!! And then have a cupcake or two. :)

  4. The first two look like me yesterday while cleaning the house! ;)

  5. I'm having one of those weeks right now, so thank you for this!

  6. Pepsi totally kicks Coke's butt! Still more proof of your brilliance! :-)

    Hang in there, Shan. I love it that you focused on GOOD things today--positive thoughts go a long way. Just keep swimming... :)

  7. I needed this today Shannon. I feel totally overwhelmed. I can't remember a time when I had quite so much going on in one weeks time. Ugh. But I need to go ahead and count my blessings... thanks to you!!! :) Thanks for the boost and I hope everything smooths out and the cupcakes do their job! :)

  8. Is that seriously your hubby?!?! Awwwww!!! LOL!!

    Oh and the kitties - their purrs totally heal! Take care

    1. Oh, you are so cute, Shannon! I agree that husbands are really so fabulous. And the Shredder sweatshirt is Adorable! Happiness beaming your way from Arkansas! :)

  9. I'm not going to lie--your husband just earned major cool points in my book for that sweatshirt. HOLY CRAP! That's so amazing! And I love the pose... :)

    Alas, I'm a Diet Coke girl myself.

  10. So sorry you are having a hard week. We're here if you need anything, Shannon! Don't hesitate. Seriously.

    Love the grateful pics. I'm a Pepsi fan too and love the pic of your Hubby!! And awww what a great care package you got from TEAM SHANNON enthusiast! So awesome.

    Hugs to you. This too shall pass.....
    Ah, the life of a writer.

  11. Hilarious! Although I would argue that beagles are better for tummy rubbing therapy because they don't scratch you at random times! :)


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