Monday, March 19, 2012

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: A Winner, News, and all the awesome links!

I ... have no MMGM for you this week. 
(as I'm sure you can tell)

I TOTALLY forgot to announce the winner of last week's MMGM giveaway 
(I will so so in a second--I promise)

My email got a tad cray cray on me this week, so it's possible I've messed up the links below
(I TRIED to straighten it out, but...)

And, the reason for all of that is...



Not sure how many of you know what those are, but basically, 1st pass is the reason all ARCs say "uncorrected proof" on them. Your publisher sends you a print-out of the pages exactly as they are in the ARC, and it's your (very tedious) job to read them very carefully and mark any last changes. And when I say last, I mean last. This is pretty much it before text lock. Which means KEEPER is now officially DONE!!!!!! (And the OCD side of me is now wishing I could track down every last ARC and mark all my changes in the margins *sigh*)

Gotta admit, Fed-Exing the pages off to my editor was kind of a "moment." I mean... I've spent four years of my life working on that book. And now, it's done. Very exciting/scary/surreal/I-don't-know-how-to-wrap-my-head-around-that.

So... it made me a tad forgetful. And way behind on everything. Especially since I also spent the weekend reading until my eyes went blurry. BUT, it also means one. more. deadline has been crossed off my "To Do" list! Still a couple of big ones to go--but I am slowly making progress! And then hopefully things will get back to normal around here. Thank you SO much for bearing with me in the meantime!

Oh, and to commemorate KEEPER being DONE, I went ahead and made it official by making it a shiny new Facebook page. So if you haven't already--and you feel like making me incredibly giddy--feel free to go HERE and click "like." (We all know that every time someone clicks "like" a unicorn sneezes cupcakes and all the woodland creatures sing about sparkly boogers!) (Um... it's a good thing I don't write fairy tales, isn't it?)

And... that's enough about that. 

Before I get to the links, I owe you a winner! So the winner of SILVERWING, by Kenneth Oppel is: 


*confetti toss*

If that's you, please email me at SWMessenger (at) hotmail (dot) com with your mailing address, so I can send you your prize.

Phew--I think that covers everything. So now for the awesome MMGM links. Look at these amazing features going on today:
- The Mundie Moms are now part of the MMGM fun (eee!). Click HERE to see their newest recommendations. And if you aren't also following their Mundie Kids site, get thee over THERE and check out all the awesome! 
- The lovely Shannon O'Donnell always has an MMGM ready for you! Click HERE to see what she's featuring this week! 
- Natalie Aguirre is interviewing Jenny Lundquist and GIVING AWAY an ARC of SEEING CINDERELLA!  Click HERE for all the details. 
- Andrea Mack gets historical with CROSSING TO FREEDOM. Click HERE to see why 
- Gabrielle Prendergast discusses reading vs re-reading. Click HERE to what that's all about.  
- Michael Gettel Gilmarten is raving about PROJECT JACKALOPE. Click HERE for more details. 
- Sheila Calderon Blankemeier is wondering over WONDER. Click HERE to see why she thinks you should be too.   
- Brennan and Meyrick Murphy--two actual middle grade bloggers (how awesome is that???) are featuring THE SECRET JOURNEYS OF JACK LONDON: THE SEA WOLVES. Click HERE to see why they love it so much.  
- Deb Marshall is spreading her love for THE EMERALD CASKET (sequel to THE BILLIONAIRE'S CURSE). Click HERE to see why you need to continue with the series. 
- Akossiwa Ketoglo is championing INKHEART Click HERE to see why she thinks you'll be swept away by it!   
- Karen Yingling is featuring VIKRAM AND THE ENCHANTED SEALS--with kindle version GIVEAWAYS! Click HERE for all the details
- Joanne Fritz is telling you WHAT THE DOG SAID. Click HERE to read her review.  
- Susan Olson has two recommendations for you this week: THE INDIAN IN THE CUPBOARD, and DINOSAUR HABITAT.  Click HERE to see more. 
- Julie from "That's Swell" joins the MMGM fun with her first feature on THE STORM MAKERS. Click HERE to welcome her to the group!  
- Laurisa Reyes is back with another MMGM, this time on ABOVE WORLD, along with an author interview! Click HERE for all the fun.  
- Clarike Bowman-Jahn joins the MMGM fun with a feature on TACONI AND CLAUDE (DOUBLE TROUBLE). Click HERE to learn more about it. 

If you would like to join in the MMGM fun, all you have to do is blog about a middle grade book you love (contests, author interviews and whatnot also count--but are most definitely not required) and email me the title of the book you're featuring and a link to your blog. (Make sure you put MMGM or Marvelous Middle Grade Monday in the subject line so I see it)

I used to not have a cut-off time for adding links to the post, but with how insane my schedule is right now, if you don't email me by Sunday evening (usually around 11pm PST is when I put the links together) I can't guarantee I'll have a chance to add you. I'll TRY, but it might not happen. I know that  makes it less convenient for everyone, but the constant updating of the post is a big time suck and I just can't keep up with it right now. SORRY!

**Also: Thanks to a boatload of spam--and my missing a bunch of important emails because of it--I'm now using a new email address. So make sure you update your records because I'm slowly phasing the other address out. New email is: SWMessenger (at) hotmail (dot) com. Hopefully now I won't miss some of your MMGMs, like I have been.**


  1. Awesome that you finished Keeper. What an accomplishment.

  2. Congrats on really, actually, finally, totally being DONE.

  3. I totally echo Matt MacNish. Well done, you!

  4. That's awesome, Shannon! Yay for you!

    And here, everybody, is the link to my got-it-to-Shannon-late MMGM post:
    This week I featured The Black Cauldron, by the incredible Lloyd Alexander.

  5. Woot! Woot! *tosses confetti and throws cupcakes at you*

    Big, huge, positively GINORMOUS CONGRATULATIONS, #1!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you for adding my link to the group! That's interesting about the 1st pass. Never knew that! Congrats on finishing KEEPER :)

  7. Perfectly pass pages!! Hoorah!! :-)

    Take care

  8. Amazing day for you!! I can't imagine how it feels. Enjoy!

  9. Yay about Keeper! And congrats to Nicole! And thank you so much for the beautiful bookmarks for Keeper. I got them on Friday and gave one to my 17-year old sister. She's so excited too. :)

  10. hi miss shannon! YIPPEEEEE!!!! HOOOORAY!!! YOU DID IT!!!! now im tossing confetti all over you and your blog and your book! (sorry - youre gonna need to do a lot of sweeping up...ack!) hooray for miss nicole winning silverwing!
    ...big happy hugs from lenny

  11. I imagine finishing those first pass pages is a happy-but-sad sort of thing. A bittersweet moment knowing you won't actually work on the book itself any longer.

  12. Woohoooooooo!!!!! Congrats on finishing - and I do mean finishing! What an incredible feeling it must be. Hard to imagine there is really a finish line with a story. It means you're just that much closer to having that fabulous story out in the world! Congrats! :)

  13. Congratulations on your accomplishment! That's awesome!

  14. Right ON, on finishing those pages Shannon!!! Way. to. GO!

  15. Congratulations on finishing Keeper! How exciting!

  16. Hi Shannon, I have been a follower of your blog since 2009-ish but recently got a blog of my own (um, like, today). So I can finally comment with my face. LOL! Or even comment at all (not being scared,etc.). Congratulations on finishing 1st pass pages. I hear those are super difficult and wow...this means KEEPERS is going to be the Real Deal soon. I am so excited to read it. :-)

  17. CONGRATS! HOORAY! Yea on finishing up the first pass pages for Keeper.


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