Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Ups and Downs of Drafting

For those of you who haven't had the privilege of getting one of my MANY book 2 related emails and/or IMs, I thought I'd put together this visual representation--via lolcat (yes, really!)--of some of the roller coaster highs and lows I've been riding as I battle through this bad boy. 

Most days start out like this:

I love my job--and I'm VERY lucky to have it. But yeah... it's also WORK. And no matter how much I may wish I could leave cupcakes out and the magic writing elves would finish the book for me:

So I grab some caffeine....

(and for the record, no, I am NOT taking caffeine pills. Those would make me bounce off the walls)

And then I get to work. 

(Um... I couldn't find a work related lolcat, so...BATMAN!)

And I work. And work some more. Until the plot takes yet another unexpected turn and I realize:

So I track down one of my CPs:

And say:

Or sometimes...

and they SOMEHOW talk me through
(and then probably email each other making fun of me)

And then...all of a sudden the pieces come together (usually right before bed and/or in the shower) and...

All of which leads to those moments where even though...

Threads and plotlines and ideas come together and I reread my words at the end of the day and it's just...

So I'm powering through. It's hard and I can't WAIT to be done. But bring it on Book 2!


  1. Some times pictures of cute animals really do help. I have to give a presentation in March and included pictures of dogs reading books-- they really do make everything better! Good luck with today!

  2. Love the pictures. I need one of those caffeine pills sometime. Can definitely relate to the head on the computer. Good luck today.

  3. HA.*still laughing*

    Thanks for a peek into your day as told through the feline community.

  4. If only I looked as cute and lovable as these kitties when I'm drafting! I can assure you I look scary, yeesh!

    Good luck, Shannon!! Keep it up!

  5. This was adorable!!!!! Nothing like lolcats to save the day (and make a point).

    Good luck, Shannon!

    (And I'm with Laura. I don't look anything like these cats when I'm drafting--okay maybe I look a little like the grumpy one when my kids disturb "my flow".)

  6. That totally sounds like my day, including the state of the cats fur on my head. This post is sooooo cute and funny! Just what I needed.

  7. Ha ha ha! That was way too much fun, #1!! :-)

  8. LOL. For the record, I never email Sarah behind your back to make fun of you :)

    1. Ha--maybe you should. It would make the "putting up with Shannon's neediness" so much easier! ((hugs her awesome CP)) :)

  9. I have a feeling if Sara were to make fun of you in an email, she'd also distribute it on Twitter. She seems like the kind of girl that shares :).

    Great post, Shannon :) Happy book 2ing.

  10. LOL, I love the lolcats! Good luck with your drafting! You can do it!

  11. Ha-ha! Yup, this pretty much sums it up. Fun post.

  12. I'm right there with you Shannon. I'm drafting the sequel to City of a Thousand Dolls and sometimes I think I may be losing my mind. I don't have a writer group right now so I tend to talk things through with my husband, poor thing.

    *looks at remaining words to write* *sighs*

    Back to work...

  13. What a fun post! Glad you got to do the waves with Mittens! Good luck finishing your draft!

  14. I'm firmly convinced that drafting is one of the major reasons most classically awesome writers were alcoholics and/or bat-crap insane. The other reasons are rewrites and edits.


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