Friday, February 24, 2012

This is my life right now...

I could write a post trying to explain the insanity of what I'm currently juggling--but I think this picture pretty much sums it up. This is my desk at the moment ...

And yes--the cat is typically there. It's why I'm not often able to WORK at my desk, and instead use it simply as The Place To Keep All The Important Things!

So basically, what you're seeing (in addition to my P&P desktop--hee) is three things with three very tight deadlines.

That pile on the left? Yeah, that's KEEPER 1st pass, which is due VERY soon.

That pile in the middle? Copyedits for LET THE SKY FALL. Due EVEN SOONER.

Oh, and that chaos to the right? That's all my brainstorming notes for KEEPER book 2, which is ALSO due very SCARILY SOON.

(There's also some other *fun* stuff on there you might be noticing...)

So... yeah. That is my life right now. Deadline upon deadline upon deadline. Now I know why my agent had a very serious conversation with me about "can I really handle this?" when we sold the second series. It is INTENSE.

But I am not complaining--AT ALL. I could not be happier or prouder to get to work on my books every day. It is truly an honor and I would not change it for a second. BUT, if I'm not blogging or tweeting or commenting on FB or replying to your emails (FYI guys, I'm about 2 months behind on email. My inbox has 464 unread messages. So if you are waiting to hear from me--that is why, and it's probably gonna be a while. SORRY!)

One of these days I WILL catch up. One stack of papers at a time. One day at a time. Until it's all finally done. In the meantime--you know where to find me!

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I... will be working. (Well, mostly. I have an AWESOME author event on Sat night I will try to post pics from. But yeah... my deadlines demand the rest of my time)


  1. Your desk looks fun, Shannon! I really like Aladdin's wonderful lamp in front of your keyboard. Do you have a genie to help you with all the work you must do?? :)

    Have a great time on Saturday!!

  2. Your keyboard is so cute. I think I could put it in my pocket.

  3. Love the organized photo despite the chaos beneath. lol

  4. You didn't scare me off - I still envy you! ;-)

    Good luck! One stack of papers at a time... And don't forget to breathe.

  5. Awwww Kitty makes everything all better!! Yay! :-)

    Take care

  6. Super busy and exciting too! Love your screensaver too BTW. :O)

  7. You can do it! The kitty is so cute!

  8. Love the kitty and the organized 'mess'. And where did you get Aladdin's lamp? I so want one.

    Good luck with all the deadlines. I'm sure you'll make them. I still love looking a the cover of your book. So pretty.

  9. Ok, despite all the papers and books my first thought on seeing this picture was OMG MATHEW MACFAYDEN!!!! *sigh. I may just have to change my background. I wish they'd picked a better Elizabeth for that movie (Not a big Knightly fan unfortunately), but he was (freaking oh my heck dripping rain big blue eyes curly hair) fabulous.

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  10. I use purple legal pads too!!!! LOL!

  11. And, YET, your house/ desk look SO CLEAN. The piles are so nice and organized. If you can manage all that, AND still stay tidy, you can handle anything ;)

  12. LOVE seeing other writer's workplace! Thank you for sharing. Awesome workspace. And your kitty is so cute just chilling in your chair.

    Okay, I need to find me a purple legal pad!

    Hang in there. It'll all be worth it!!

  13. PERFECT photo! Love the cat on the chair, P&P on the desktop background. Looks like a happenin' writing place. :D

  14. I'm still madly in love with the color of your walls. Someday, we have to figure out which paint that is so I can go buy a dozen gallons of it!

    Good luck, #1. I believe in you. *sprinkles fairy dust*

  15. actually, i happened to notice the tinkerbell keychains hanging on the wall! LOL! good luck with your deadlines :)

  16. Matthew, I think the keyboard is for the smurfs that live in the village next to the computer.

    1. Ha--but I LOVE my small keyboard, because I have freakishly small hands, so it makes it so my fingers don't get tired.

  17. It sounds like madness, but for all that, your desk looks not too bad! Anyway, good luck with it all!

  18. I spy with my little eyes GET GLUE STICKERS!!! lol I'm hooked on those too =) the hubby and I have been competing on who has the most and the bestestest hahaha and I also love the post-its because they'll end up everywhere with your notes =D Keep up the hard work! We fan/book lovers really appreciate it ^_^

    wishing you a hopefully relaxing weekend!

  19. Love the Tinkerbell stuff! And, um, WHAT is that gorgeous thing hiding under those piles? Could it be the final jacket for KEEPER, perhaps?! :)

  20. 464???? Yikes! I think I'd be tempted to delete the entire lot.... Although I know you can't do that. Good luck with it all!!!


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