Tuesday, February 7, 2012

If you like Shannon Shame...

Boy do I have a heaping helping of it for you. But it's not here.

No, today I have put on my "I am a YA Author" hat (no really, I even have a whole other "YA Author" look--see?)

(It says ooo, I wear BLACK and am tilted at an ARTSY ANGLE with a FANCY NECKLACE--I am a SERIOUS author)

And I'm carrying out my first official dare over at the Friday the Thirteeners blog (which, if you guys aren't following that, you're missing out. YA authors humiliating themselves every week? Who doesn't love that???). Today I've been dared to vlog about my unrequited high school crush. And um... I even have illustrations. 


Which means you will probably love it. So I strongly suggest you head over THERE and check it out. It features Shannon Shame aplenty. And we all know how much you enjoy that. Le sigh... 



  1. Did you not also do something with your hair? Looks great.

  2. BEAUTIFUL pic, Shannon. I swear you resemble Rosalee:)
    Congrats on going YA too! That makes me such a happy camper!!!! Whoo hoo!!!

  3. Why didn't I get the note about the pretty necklace for author picture *facepalm*


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