Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Other Secret News!!!

No--it's not another book deal, I promise. :)

And speaking of which--thank you all SO MUCH for all the comments, tweets, FB sharing, and general well-wishing and congratulating yesterday. You made what started out as ... kind of a stressful day (PW was 12 hours late posting the deal and I was like AHHHH WHAT'S GOING ON--DID I MESS UP THE ANNOUNCEMENT??????) into seriously one of the most overwhelmingly awesome days ever. Even more so than when I announced KEEPER, because I know a lot of you probably never expected me to write YA (me either, honestly) so to have such a warm welcome and enthusiasm for my secret series ... well ... it means a LOT.

(and for those of you going, "Huh? Did I miss something?" Yes, yes you did. Go HERE) :)

Also, a couple of quick housekeeping things you may want to know about:

LET THE SKY FALL is on already on Goodreads. If you want, you can add it HERE
I've also added a longer description for the plot to my BOOKS PAGE
And book bloggers/reviewers can request an ARC HERE

But right--the secret news!

Another thing I did on the DL these last few months was join a group blog I'm VERY excited about, not just because it's a group of incredibly sweet and talented 2013 YA Authors, but because it is SUCH a fun idea.

(Yep--I was  the "Mystery Author to be revealed"--though we have more to come!)

Not sure if you've seen me tweet about it--or if you've already discovered its awesomeness--but the basic concept of the blog is this: every Friday one of us tackles a Truth or Dare submitted by our followers. Natalie Whipple and April Tucholke have already gone--along with a hilarious guest post by Kiersten White--and we have many more crazy-awesome things to come.

And since I'm *technically* the newbie, they've decided I get to take an EXTRA TURN RIGHT AWAY. So that means next week I will be tackling a likely terrifying and humiliating TRUTH or DARE. And the best part for you guys is that there's still time for one of you to be the one to dare me!

Any Truths or Dares submitted go into a pool and can be selected by anyone any time (and there are some evil and awesome ones already in there). But I haven't picked one yet, so if you go submit one there's a good chance I might pick yours--which means YAY YOU GET TO TORTURE SHANNON!
(And if that's not enough incentive for you, I'll also be offering a special prize to whoever I select. Trust me when I say its one you WANT to win)

So yeah, if you're smart--and slightly evil--go HERE and fill out the form with as many Truths or Dares as you want (there's no limit to how many you can submit). I'll be picking by Friday so I have a few days to tackle my assignment before it goes live next week. (*MEEP*) Maybe it will be one of you!

*is afraid to see what you guys come up with*


  1. You're full of surprises this week. I'll head over and check it out.

  2. There is so much good karma over here, I'm overwhelmed!! So happy for you!

  3. Awesome! I added your book to my Goodreads list.

  4. Congrats on your YA deal! I'm happy for you and can't wait to read that book. :)

  5. I'd hate to have to settle for an e-galley, but I marked it as yes, because I'd hate even worse to have to settle for nothing.

  6. Just added it to my goodreads to read list. :) Can't wait to read it!

  7. I'll let your more evil followers have a crack at this--but do save me a front row seat to savor the mayhem.

    (What a great week you're having!)

  8. I can't believe how long you kept that quiet for. That is amazing, congratulations!

  9. So exciting, Shannon, congrats! I've already added it to goodreads and I'll pray tonight that it is already on my bookshelf in the morning. XD

    Keep having a awesome week!!

  10. You are having the most AMAZING WEEK. I'm so happy for you. CONGRATS!

  11. That is quite a great week :D
    I added it to my TBR...Friday The Thirteeners is such a fun site and I had been wondering who the Mystery Author was...I added a few truth or dare :-)

  12. You are such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing all your GREAT news. The awesome couldn't have happened to a nicer person. And yes, I realize how hard you worked for it. So ENJOY EVERY MOMENT! YOU EARNED IT!

  13. I love all your good news!!! Congratulations. I'm almost as excited about it as you are.


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