Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In which I really have nothing useful to say...

If you opened this post hoping the title was sarcastic and that really I have a post filled with all kinds of useful things, boy are you about to be disappointed.

Really...  I have stared and stared and stared at this empty post and ...

(Yes, there is officially a lolcat for EVERYTHING!)

The problem is, I have an AWESOME review and ARC giveaway for you tomorrow and an EPIC roadtrip/author weekend I'll be telling you about on Friday and some HUGE EXCITING THINGS happening next week. 

But alas, all that leaves me with right now is a post that feels woefully inadequate compared to all that awesome. So... I've decided to say nothing! 

(though it's rather fascinating how long I can ramble about nothing, isn't it?) 

I know I'm being boring and lame and useless today--but I will be back tomorrow with a VENGEANCE and bring the awesome all the way through next week. Just... bear with me in the meantime.

And if you have any interesting tidbits or anecdotes feel free to fill my comments section with them. (hey, just because I didn't entertain you doesn't mean you can't entertain me!) :) Or maybe we should see what other boring, pointless statements there are lolcats for...


  1. Posting appealing cat and dog photos for blog posts is always good in my book.

  2. Thanks for the warning!!

    I shall now prepare myself for mega awesomeness tomorrow!! Yay! Take care

  3. You could leave your post totally blank and I'd still come visit you! :-)

  4. Not everyone can be awesome everyday. I know, because people get shocked that I am.

  5. Can't wait for tomorrow!

    @Matthew MacNish: Totally lqtm-ing at that one. =D

  6. You are quite the committed blogger to even post about nothing ;-)

  7. I have nothing to add cause you say nothing brilliantly!!

  8. Hi, Shannon! You make blogging about nothing fun to read. : ) Have a wonderful day!


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