Friday, December 2, 2011

Platypus butts, nerdy girls and ridiculous haircuts

Yes--it's that time again! Time to see the crazy things people google and somehow end up at my blog. And I gotta say, clearly you guys have been having a lot of fun with this because there were QUITE a few of these kind of searches going on:

shannon is the messenger
shannon i am the messenger
shannon messenger fuzzy feet (hi shannon!)
why are shannon's feet so hairy?
I wonder if Shannon Messenger will read this ...?

Have I mentioned that you guys are awesome? Cause clearly you are.

I wonder what random things you'll come up with this time...

*checks statcounter*

*is afraid*

In the meantime, here are some of the other crazy things people actually search for (seriously, WHY DO PEOPLE GOOGLE THESE CRAZY THINGS????) and by some weird twist of the internets end up at my blog

ridiculous haircuts white people
(okay, I have no idea what this lead them to--but it better not have been a pic of me!)
(though... I did post those "bangs of doom" pics...)

cut baby
(this one comes up a LOT)
(like, daily)
(and it really scares me)
(and I REALLY hope they mean CUTE baby and just don't know how to spell)
(which ALSO scares me--but less)

platypus butt
(Doesn't everyone have something in their blog archive about platypus bottoms?)
(Just me?)

panicking messenger
(this is such an insanely accurate description of me it's almost eerie)

Cutest picture in the universe
(aw, I'm so glad you guys like my new author photo so much)
(*is delusional*)

hopefully that will keep those creepers away now
(Um... if you're actually worried about this GOOGLE IS NOT THE WAY TO SOLVE THIS PROBLEM)

short people with hairy feet
(I'm guessing this led them to either a hobbit picture I posted...or a pic of Kiersten White)
(And you can decide if I'm teasing her about being short or having hairy toes)
(Oh mans, she's going to pummel me with cupcakes next time we go to lunch...)

Humiliating game show story
(Oh good, I'm SO glad people are finding this story)
(that's not embarrassing at all)

gigantic heads
(I LOVE that this leads people to my blog)
(and I love it even more that it leads to posts where I ponder the disproportionate enormity of Robert Pattinson's head)
(but I mean seriously guys, it's HUGE)

nerd girl
(I'm guessing I should feel insulted by this...)
(but... it's pretty spot on)

And my two personal favorites of the batch:

Shannon Messenger's Query Letter
(aw, it's SO CUTE you guys think I know what I'm doing!)
(and btw, I actually don't have my query letter posted anywhere)

(Okay, I'll confess... this was kind of "a moment")
(I mean... someone found my blog by searching for MY BOOK)
(That... might be the coolest thing ever)
(And I know that's what's SUPPOSED to happen)
(But yeah, it's SO SURREAL to see!)

And... I think that's enough for today. But I can't wait to see what insanity this spurs. Never a dull moment on the internets!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Haha...these are funny. I've yet to try the Google search like this. Must check. Have a fab weekend!!

  2. Can't complain when they're searching for your book! Awesome!

  3. I totally do a post like this from time to time. I'm honestly disturbed by some things people search for. Due for another must post it soon.

  4. Platypus butt?!?!?! Awwwww - that's actually so cute cos a playtpus is so adorable!! :-) LOL!

    Yay! Take care

  5. I occasionally go to my stats and look at what people use to find my blog..sometimes I just think huh? and then you have to wonder why your blog is actually listed under that. Its a fun thing to do..and I loved a few of yours!

  6. Maybe the person looking up 'creepers' was talking about a plant or something. At least I hope they were.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions. Look like I have some creative Googling to do that includes Shannon.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. LOL. Platypus butt??!! I love it! And you're right--panicking messenger does suit you these days. though rightfully so. :-)

  9. Cue Buffy reference:

    "Cuz her toes are kinda hairy, but it's all very well, cuz God knows I'll never tell."

  10. That's fantastic! I love the weird things that bring people to blogs. :)

  11. Wow, "cut baby" definitely scares me. But that's so cool that someone found your blog by searching for your book! Definitely a reason to celebrate. Preferably with a cupcake. :) Happy Friday!

  12. What do you know ... Shannon Messenger DID read it.

    Um, yes. It was me. *waves* Hi, Shannon!

    (Wow, that was easier than Google, wasn't it?)

  13. I love these posts from you. It makes you wonder about search engine algorithms...and people. People in general.

    Have a fab weekend yourself!

  14. Hmm. Maybe "cut baby" is missing a comma, as in "Cut, Baby, cut. Revising. It's the least disturbing and most likely explanation I could come up with.

  15. LOL - oh my goodness, some of those are HILARIOUS! I have no idea how they turn up at your blog - but still... so funny!

  16. Platypus butt? I'd like to know WHY they were searching for that and what they hoped to find.

  17. Hilarious! Some of them made me laugh out loud!

  18. Awesome list! I never look at my stats (seriously), but I think I want to go look at my searches now :)

  19. Ooh, AWESOME! Someone was searching for your book! That totally rocks.

    Here's to lots more of that going on!


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