Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All in this together

WOW. I am overwhelmed by all the love and enthusiasm you guys showed for my post yesterday.

Other than my book deal announcement, it was--by far--my highest trafficked post, and I was stunned and amazed by all of you who posted links in forums, or on Facebook or Twitter to share it with other writers. I really had no idea it would garner that strong of a reaction.

(if you missed it and you're curious, you can find it HERE.)

I think that's the best thing about being a part of the writing community--it's a COMMUNITY. We support each other, root for each other, share each other's highs and lows. That's the reason I decided to write the post in the first place. I knew there had to be many of you who were going through some version of what I went through and feeling discouraged/frustrated/heartbroken. And I wanted you to know that you are not alone.

You really aren't, I promise.

Aside from a VERY small handful of flukey exceptions, every author has their own war story of what they had to push through in order to get where they are. And it never really stops. Writing isn't easy. Publishing is even harder. You have to WANT it, and be willing to put the work in and to keep going even when you have a million reasons to give up.

But the bright side to that is, I firmly, FIRMLY believe that the only difference between a published author and an unpublished writer is time. Keep going. Keep writing. Sooner or later you will get it RIGHT. And then you will get where you want to be.

In the meantime, we all have each other. To lean on. To learn from. To share battle scars. And to celebrate. Thank you all for always celebrating with me. I very much hope to do the same for each of you someday.

((group hug))


  1. I couldn't have said it better. Thanks for all the support this week.

  2. :hug: I did read your post yesterday, but I didn't comment. Too much to say and not enough. Thank you for writing the post, though, for letting the world know how difficult this journey can be, and for reminding those of us still unpublished, that there is still hope.

  3. I just sent your blog post from yesterday to my critique partners.

    I know I am at the point in my 3rd draft where I feel overwhelmed as I think of all the things I need to fix. It's good to know there is light at the end of the tunnel...even if the tunnel is very, very long and twisted and littered with dozens of drafts.

  4. This makes me realize I haven't emailed you in a while.

  5. After reading the title of your post I immediately started singing, "We're all in this together!" from High School Musical...haha. * secretly loves that movie* *not so secret anymore* Anyway, thanks again for being so encouraging and honest. Sometimes when I read an author's story and it seems like it was so easy, I think I must be doing something wrong. It's SO nice to see a story that I can relate to. *Hugs!*

  6. Exactly! Where else are we going to find this kind of support from peeps who don't think we are crazy? Well...dangerously crazy anyway.

    We have to stick together!

  7. "I firmly, FIRMLY believe that the only difference between a published author and an unpublished writer is time."

    LOVE this. And I believe it too. I may be published through a small epublisher, but I want to move on to bigger fish.

  8. thanks for this post too shannon. i go back and forth between feeling totally passionate over my projects to thinking it's a big fat whopping waste of time! so nice to know i'm not alone and that hopefully *in time* all of this hard work will pay off.

  9. Not just time, effort as well. Some people give up too early.

  10. Shannon, you sure do have staying power, which paid off for you.


  11. *group hugs Shannon back*

    You're awesome.


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