Monday, October 17, 2011

Wishes come true in the biggest blog contest I've ever organized!!!!

Whew--last week was officially one of the most surreal, crazy, amazing weeks of my life. I seriously can't thank you enough for all your comments, tweets, and emails congratulating me about my news. The response was so much more than I ever expected. THANK YOU!

But I don't think a simple thank you is enough for the many, many ways you guys have helped and supported me on this crazy journey toward publication, so I wanted to put together an extra-special contest to thank you all properly with some awesome prizes.

I went through a million and a half ideas, trying to figure out the PERFECT contest (I did have FIVE MONTHS to think about it, after all). And I gotta say, what I finally settled on is pretty freaking awesome. In fact, I dare say it’s frawesome.

The thing is, I love, love, LOVE that my publisher is Aladdin—not just because they’ve published SO MANY of my favorite books. But also, how cool is it that they have a magic lamp for a logo???? I just wasn't entirely sure what to do with that, until I turned to the brilliant team of Lisa and Laura Roecker, and they came up with the winning idea. Huge thanks also go to Simon & Schuster for donating a BUNCH of incredible books, and to the uber talented Christina Lee who made some awesome custom jewelry for me.

Okay, so... THE CONTEST.

I'm giving away six (yes, SIX!!!!) prize packages total (because I wanted to thank as many of you as I could). Three runners up, and three grand prize winners. EVERYONE will win awesome books and adorable necklaces (which I will explain in a second). But the three grand prize winners will win something EXTRA SPECIAL! (So special it might be a little bit crazy for me to give away--but I'm doing it anyway!!!)

Think about it. What does a magic lamp give you? 


So that’s what I’m giving away too! 

No really, I am.

For three lucky winners, consider me your own personal genie—minus the harem pants: 

and blue skin...
(hee. I had WAY too much fun with bad Photoshop--if you can't tell...)

So here's how this works.

The three runners up will each win one of these adorable "magic lamp" necklaces Christina designed for me (the picture seriously doesn't do them justice--they are SO CUTE!):

AND some awesome books from the following selections:

(Note: Not everyone will get the same books, and no--the winners will not all get THAT MANY books. I have different amounts of all of the above, so the winners will each get some of those.  It'll work out to be FIVE books for each winner, some of which will be signed, some of which won't be, and the actual titles will be given out at random)

And the three grand prize winners will each win a signed hardcover of two of my favorite books edited by Liesa:

(BEYONDERS: A World Without Heroes, by Brandon Mull, and MILO: Sticky Notes and Brainfreeze by Alan Silberberg)

and one of these awesome "Wish" necklaces (again, the picture so doesn't do them justice):

Which will also entitle them to ONE WISH, which they get to arrange with me via email, and I will do everything in my power to grant it for them.


(come on, with a crazy prize like that you HAD to know there was a “but” coming) 

Because—contrary to popular opinion—I do not have any actual magical powers, I do have to put a few … guidelines on the winner’s wishes:

- To quote Genie in Aladdin: “ix-nay on the wishing for more wishes.” (I’m onto you guys!) :) 

- Obviously I can’t grant any wish that will be damaging to my career or require breaking the law (I love you guys, but I draw the line at career suicide or jail time.) 

- This is MY contest/celebration, so I won’t be able to grant any wishes that require me to pull a favor from other people. Then THEY’RE the genie and I’m just … the Messenger (ooo—did you see what I did there?) 

- Since I do have actual like, real deadlines and stuff now, (*tries not to panic*) I won’t be able to grant any wishes that will require an unreasonable amount of time (and we can discuss "reasonable" if you're one of the winners)

- I may have sold my book, but I’m no J.K. Rowling (yet…), so the wish has to be reasonably priced. (again, we'll discuss "reasonable" if you're a winner)

- And—just to be safe—I do have to reserve the right ask the wisher to suggest alternatives until we can agree on something. 

All of which, I know, might make me seem like one of the crappy, fat-and-lazy genies: 

But really—there’s a LOT you can still ask me for, like: 

-ARCs from my sekrit ARC stashes 
(and I have some AWESOME ones you guys don't know about)

- An ARC of KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES, whenever I have one

-A mention in the acknowledgements of my book

-Naming a character



-Shannon Shame 
(you guys wouldn’t waste a wish on that though, would you? WOULD YOU?) 

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you live local and want me to take you to lunch/dinner--it can happen! Or something else you dream up. You guys are all writers—I have no doubt you’ll find plenty of super-creative ways to put those wishes to awesome use. (In fact, I’m a little afraid of what you’ll come up with.)

Pretty awesome, right?

You KNOW you want to win. Which means you're probably wondering how to enter.

I wanted to make this as simple as possible so I'm going to try and keep the rules simple. If you would like to enter, all you have to do is make sure you're a follower of my blog and leave a comment on this post by 11:59 pm PDT on Saturday, October 22. That will give you one entry in the contest. (International entries are--as always--more than welcome).

You don't have to do anything more than that. But if you would like extra entries, you can earn one additional entry for any of the following:

- blogging about this contest
- blogging about the awesomeness of any of the books being given away in this contest
(because I am ALL about spreading love for amazing books)
-tweeting about this contest
-posting on Facebook about this contest
-adding KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES to your shelf on Goodreads
(and if you've already added it, that totally counts)

If you do all of the above, that would give you 5 extra entries. Which means the maximum number of entries anyone can have is 6. Just let me know in your comment what you'll be doing so I can count your entries accordingly.

I'll then draw 3 grand prize winners and 3 runners up and post their names on Sunday, October 23rd. It'll be up to them to contact me about their prizes, and if I don't hear from them within a week I'll be forced to draw a replacement winner.

And... that pretty much covers it. But if you have any questions feel free to ask away in the comments.



  1. Awesome contest Shannon and I love the Photoshop efforts. Good luck to all who enter.

  2. Oh my God, you are so creative here. Love the pictures.

    I had already added your book on Goodreads-Yay! And I just posted to Facebook. Thanks for the contest.

  3. My head hurts. But you as the blue genie helps.

  4. Christina's necklaces are adorable. She made me a heart one that's extra special. Can I say she's the best CP ever. (Though I'm sure yours are rocking too, Shannon). :D

  5. PS I'm tweating and adding the book to GR (I've already decided to buy it for my daughter).

  6. Dare I say Best Contest EVAR?! Yes, please!

  7. So sixteen comments won't equal sixteen entries then? Dash and darn it.

    Still I have placed it on my writers group fb page.

    Good luck to all.

  8. Blogged about the contest, blogged about the book, tweeted, and commented. Sooo 4 :)

    I'm so excited for you, and this is an awesome contest!

  9. Fabulous contest! I've done the last three and will blog the other two this week! Again, congrats!!

  10. Oh, now I remember what those necklaces look like (tee hee)!!! GREAT (and crazy) contest idea. Off to tweet it!

  11. I love this contest! Your photoshops had me smiling (it is way to fun to play with photoshop). Thank you :)


  12. Please have some more pics of you as your many genie re-incarnations!!!! LOL!! They're brilliant!!! GOOD LUCK everyone entering your fabulous giveaways!! Take care

  13. Great contest, and love the silly pictures. :).


  14. WOW! that is impressive in the realm of contests! Love it.
    Rhiannon Ryder

  15. Congrats again! And, what a cool concept for a contest! Christina makes the coolest stuff--I've seen her work first hand and it is awesome. Count me in...maybe I'll get my wish this time around and win something ;-)

  16. This is such an amazing contest! Thank you so much :D
    I also posted to FB for an extra entry.

  17. LOVE THIS! YEAH! I want to win!!

  18. mighty fine contest and thanks for the opportunity. you can't grant my first wish so I'll have to think up an alternative.

  19. This is so exciting. I really am just so excited that you get to publish your book. It's amazing.


    Even if we don't win, may we still purchase those necklaces somewhere? Please?

  21. Yay! I tweeted and mentioned on Facebook. So that's, um, 3?

    Thanks, Shannon. Great contest. And hilarious pics.

  22. Great contest!! I will be doing all of the above except blogging about the awesomeness of the books you mentioned because, well, I haven't read them yet. I will be rectifying that situation immediately, though!

    So that would be what? Five altogether? I think.

    Congratulations, again!!! Squeee!!!

  23. My mind is already running away with that prize! How awesome are you?

    I am adding you to my blogpost for Thursday. (though man, I may want to keep this to myself!) ;)

    So 2 entries.

  24. Congrats!

    I've added your book to my TBR list on Goodreads.


  25. You are too amazing for words, #1! This contest is phenomenal!
    I have:

    * Tweeted
    * sidebar posted (mwa-ha-ha...)
    * already added Keepers to my Goodreads
    * previously reviewed 3 of the books (Beyonders, Dork Diaries 1 & 2, and It's Raining Cupcakes)
    * will FB from home tonight

    And now, *crosses fingers and commences wishing* :-)

  26. Wow! Awesome contest !! Thank you so much !
    I shared it on facebook,added your book to my GR to-read list and tweeted :)



  27. Love it! Love the photoshopped Shannon-genies. (great abs in that first version!)
    I love the necklaces Christina made for you. <3

    Okay, to help you with your math, I'll be all organized here:

    adding your book on GR-1
    = 3

    I will put this on my contest sidebar for you too.

    Again, CONGRATS.

  28. Sounds like a fabulous contest! I'll put you up on my sidebar. YEAH!

  29. Thanks for your upbeat blog and contest. I'll share your contest on Facebook. Have a great day!

  30. You are awesome! I promise that if I win I won't make you do any Shannon-Shame themed prizing =). I posted on Facebook, Tweeted and added your book to my Goodreads page!

    Thanks for the contest!

  31. This contest is made of awesome, especially your blue genie pic. :o)

    I've already added your book on Goodreads,
    and I've recommended "It's Raining Cupcakes."
    I will blog and post on Facebook, so that's four extras.

    Thanks, Shannon!

  32. Eeeh :) I'm so freaking excited over here! I've also tweeted, facebooked and goodreadsed, so I think that's 3 extra. Thanks!!!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  33. Shannon, you are fabulous. I tweeted and added your book to Goodreads, but honestly I don't even care if I won (although your prizes are awesome and I SO want that jewelry cause Christina is amazing!). No, your prizes may be the most fabulous EVER, but the real prize is knowing your book is going to be published. I am just so happy for you and seeing all your hard work pay off. :)

    Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

  34. Congrats!!! And WOW!!!! Such an awesome giveaway!! Thanks!!! And those pics are fab!!!

    I tweeted, facebooked, and blogged! :)

  35. This contest is the cutest, most clever contest I've ever seen. Completely crazy and full of... frawesome? Hehe! I'm so happy for you, Shannon!

  36. yay,thank you for the awesome contest!!
    i added to GR and FB
    dookiepookiebear @ yahoo .com

  37. This contest is filled with awesomeness!

    I tweeted:!/yanpocky/status/125966186214203394

    And I added your book on Goodreads! (Name it's under is Yan).

  38. Wow! Thank you for the opportunity! Hearing your joy flow in each word is so fun.

  39. Congrats! This is an amazing giveaway. Thanks for this chance to win something.

    GFC Follower!
    Email Subscriber.


  40. Thanks for the giveaway. Please enter me in contest.

  41. The winner gets a wish - one of the best contest prizes I've ever seen. :) Thanks!

  42. Wow, Shannon, you know how to hold a contest like nobody else!

    Please enter me. I tweeted, posted on FB, blogged, and added Keeper of the Lost Cities on Goodreads. Which should be five entries, I believe. :)

  43. OMG, you are awesome. Thanks so much for the chance.
    I tweeted!/natcleary/status/125974714664493056
    Added the book to goodreads.


  44. Yay! Thanks for sharing your joy and excitement with us! I shared on Facebook and marked to-read on Goodreads. It won't be my turn to blog post until later this month, but your giveaway will be over then. Thanks again!

  45. Oh. Wow. You are amazing! Thank you for having such an great giveaway :D And so much congrats on your book deal. <33 :D PS: the necklaces are gorgeous. <3

    Love, Carina ~

  46. Hi! This sounds like an amazing contest, I am so in! Is there any way I can get those necklaces besides winning them from you? I would so love one, they look amazing! (:

    Extra Entries:


    Goodreads: I just added Keeper of the Lost Cities on my shelf, it sounds like an awesome book, can't wait to read it! (: My goodreads name is Ellen Trieu.

    Thank you so much for this give away! :D


  47. Thanks for the awesome contest!I LOVE the necklaces!!They're gorgeous!:)

    i tweeted-!/justjanhvi/status/125978248390770688

    I'm a GFC follower and email subscriber.

    justjanhvi at gmail dot com

  48. Shannon, you're awesome!!

    This is too much fun!! I've plastered this contest and your adorable genie all over the web (the sexy pink one hee hee hee)! =D

    I added your book to my Goodreads shelf:

    I blogged about the contest on each of my blogs (LJ, both Blogger accounts, and WordPress). Here's a link to one of the Blogger accounts:

    I also Tweeted it (@justJoanS)

    And put it on Facebook:

    And even put it on Google Plus+:

    I hope I win something, but even if I don't this was lots of fun!

  49. Oh, and in my blog post, I also mentioned THE BEYONDERS. In a previous blog post, I posted pictures of my SPRINKLES AND SECRETS books because I LOVE MG (even though I mostly write YA). =D

  50. This is awesome. I tweeted, and I already added you on goodreads last week. The necklaces are SO cute.

  51. Cute necklaces. And I love the idea of the contest.

  52. Yay for you! And yay for middle grade!! AND yay for wishes!!!

    I tweeted, posted on FB, and added Keeper of the Lost Cities to goodreads.

  53. If you can believe it, I don't even care what I win, just as long as it's sumpin' :) I totally Tweeted it and I have you all tucked away in my Goodreads "to read" list.

  54. hi miss shannon! im still just feeling way happy for you!! :) and now youre doing a contest!! wow!! how cool is that!! i love contests so for sure im joining in on this. you got any boy necklaces? (just n case i could win one) :) im gonna put you on my side bar. im not allowed on twitter or facebook so i cant do that. i got my fingers and toes and eyes crossed that i could win a prize.
    ...big happy hugs from lenny

  55. This is a splendid contest. :) And I think you should dress as a genie for the next ComicCon, just a thought. :)

    Count me in! Those necklaces are beautiful! I'll be thinking of a wish...

  56. what a fantastic contest! Shannon, I am SO HAPPY for you and can't wait for the other milestones- the first glimpses of the cover and the countdown to your release date, etc to when I can finally hold your book in my hands! HUGE Congrats again!

  57. Wonderful contest and congrats again! Just tweeted, Facebook, added you to goodreads, posted on my blog and put a plug in for a few of the authors I'm familiar with. I'm also a follower so that would make +6 Thanks!

  58. What an amazing contest! I had already added your book to my Goodreads shelf, I posted to FB and I will blog about your contest tomorrow. I haven't read any of the books yet, but I hope to soon. Thanks and congrats again!

  59. I LOVE those necklaces! I'm in! Also, I shared the link on Facebook.

  60. Those necklaces are GORGEOUS!
    GFC follower

    +1 tweeted:!/deadtossedwaves/status/126004461004001282
    +1 added to TBR


    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  61. HA! Best Contest Ever! Already got you on Goodreads. You're awesome Shannon!

  62. Super duper congrats! And definitely a FRAWESOME contest. Thanks so much! Those necklaces are so gorgeous. :)

  63. Okay,I also added your book on goodreads and put you on facebook.

  64. So so creative! Absolutely LOVE IT!

    I posted on Goodreads-Twitter-Facebook. Count me in:)

    Congrats again! So very awesome!!!!!!

  65. Congrats again! Those are wonderful prizes. =)

  66. Finally, world peace is within our grasp, if I just win a wish and last-minute switch to a selfish wish ...

  67. Congrats on the amazing news, Shannon!!! I would LOVE to enter this awesome contest. ; ) Thanks for spreading the love to celebrate your wish come true. 3 extra entries for me please!

    Marked KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES as to-read on Goodreads, shared the link to the contest on Facebook and tweeted about the contest.

    Thank you!

  68. Your post made me laugh (frawesome!) and it looks like you had way too much fun with photoshop. Your excitement is contagious - I can feel it through the blog-o-sphere.

    I'm a follower and I added your book to my goodreads list. If I do any more I'll let you know!

    Congrats again!

  69. Ok, you looked scary comfortable in that genie

    I'm not even sure I want to enter now that I know robbing a bank is out. But...ok.

    I get 3 entries, because I am a follower, I'm gonna tweet this, and I already put KOLC on my goodreads list. I would say 4 because I plan to blog it too but then what if I forget? I'll feel all guilty and uncomfortable...

    Great contest, Shannon!!! Thank you!!!

  70. congratulations! it's super awesome of you to share the love!

    at some point this week, i'll make sure i've blogged, tweeted and FB'd this frawesome contest :)

  71. OK, you are seriously awesome! What an incredible and unique contest! I'll be tweeting and posting on Facebook about this contest, and I already added your book (!) on Goodreads. Thanks for the contest

  72. Super contest, Shannon! I've already got your book on my Goodreads list, and I've posted about the contest on Facebook, too. =)

  73. Awesome contest! Those necklaces are totes adorbs xD

    I added the book on my Goodreads :D

  74. OMG, this contest is so AWESOME I want to scream! Well, I guess I'm actually doing so!

    First of all, congrats again for the great news that you were finally able to share with us (and thanks for the Shannon Shame we were finally given!!!)

    The prices are fabolous so I'll keep my finger crossed and pray Aladdin and the genie to let me win!

    And OF COURSE I added your book to my goodreads!

    GFC follower :)

  75. Blog follower: check. Added on Goodreads: check.

    You're such a sweetheart with the awesome contests and prizes.

    I'm already looking forward to when your books come out and I can point to it when I see it and say "I know her and follow her blog" and then tell random strangers to buy your book. :D

  76. Congrats on the book deal! So happy for you.

    I'm a silent follower, but couldn't resist entering this contest! :)

  77. What an awesome idea for a contest! I sooo want one of them necklaces! A wish would be nice too!

    Have Tweeted and FB-ed this, and added Keepr of the Lost Cities to my Goodreads TBR list. I believe that gives me 4 entries. Will try and post this as well on my blog, but will let you know when I do.


    Join me in the Trick or Treat Spooktacular! Could you help make the Grand Prize a brand new Kindle Touch?

    Congrats once more on your awesome publishing deal! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  78. Very awesome contest! I would be happy just to win an ARC of your upcoming book!

    which, by the way, I have added to my Goodreads "to read" list!

  79. Oh, and I'm also posting on facebook and tweeting . . .


    So--that should give me 4 entries total! (fingers crossed)

  80. That was a great post. I love the photoshopped pics, they sure made my afternoon at work worth a snicker!
    That is the awesomesauce pack prize set up.

    +added goodreads, totally!

    Thank you!
    Teri C

  81. I can't remember if I mentioned:

    LOVE the pics!

  82. I am a follower and will blog about "Milo, Sticky notes and Brainfreeze soon" maybe next week if I learn how to let you know. Will also tweet about this contest.

  83. The only problem is, I have no idea what I would wish for. The necklaces are darling, though! Thanks for your awesome giveaway. :] Gabi: teddycavygal at yahoo dot com

  84. Congrats on your publishing news, Shannon! As a middle school teacher myself, I'm super excited to read your book :) which also means the wheels are already spinning on ideas for wishes involving connecting you with my students. Hmmm...

    This is my official entry (and of course I'm a follower) and I have added to my goodreads to read list (in fact I did so before I read your post!)

    heisereads [at] gmail[dot]com

  85. LOVE the pics! What a great laugh for a Monday :D Will tweet and fb and throw a blog your way if I can wade through PDD - post dineyland depression. Thanks, Shannon! As always, you are awesomeness!

  86. The pics are great, the contest is definitely frawesome! I've already added you on goodreads last week sometime. :)
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  87. That's quite the topless picture.

    Congratulations! And what a contest.

    I've added your book to Goodreads and I've shared this on Facebook.

  88. Fun stuff!

    I tweeted and FBed and tagged you in both.

    I will be posting a blog post about you and Leisa and Beyonders (the next one is coming out soon...well, kinda soon)

  89. Oh my gosh - I am SO GLAD I found your book! And not just for the contest, but because you are OBVIOUSLY awesome!

    Ok - I tweeted the contest...
    FB-ed the contest...
    Added the book on Goodreads (which I would have done anyway.)
    And I will do my blog post on Wednesday!

    Thanks so much! This is super fun.

  90. You, my dear, are completely frawsome!!! :)

    I'll tweet and I've already added you on Goodreads (of course!). You really are a doll, Shannon!

  91. So much fun! I'm a follower. Congratulations again!

  92. Dear Shannon
    You are made of AWESOME!


    The Book Babe


  93. So happy for you! I love your creativity and daring in allowing the winners to choose their wish. That is frawesome indeed. :)


  94. Thanks for the great contest! I shared on twitter. Congratulations on your huge news! So exciting!

  95. Photo shop can be such a riot. I'm totally down to enter this crazy cool contest. So...on Thursday I will be including your blog and spreading the word about your contest. Tweeting and Facebook posts. Now I'm heading to Goodreads to make sure I've added your book to my shelf.

  96. what a contest. Thanks so much!!
    Blog follower

    Added Kepper of the lost cities on goodread



  97. I'm so late to the party! HUGE congratulations on the book news. I don't know how you kept it a secret for that long!

  98. Wow! This is an incredible contest!

    I added your book to my GoodReads shelf :-)

    <3 Congrats again!

  99. I'm a sucker for free reads ;D, can't have too many books so, of course although I'm a new follower to this blog, I just had to enter the contest.. and I'll be posting this to my Facebook profile too

  100. Aaladin happens to be one of my favorite disney movies. Cool contest, good luck everyone:)

  101. Yay! Awesome contest!

    I blogged about the contest at the end of this post:

    I tweeted:!/NicoleZoltack/status/126284429650964480

    I already added KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES on goodreads.

    I posted on Facebook and tagged you in the post.

    So that gives me 5.

  102. Shannon, I have enjoyed participating in WOC and am thrilled by the announcement of your deal. I wish you abundant success and happiness! Enjoy!

  103. Those pics are fantastic! So glad I found your blog. This giveaway is da bomb! Put me down for one entry please :)

  104. I'm so happy for you, Shannon!

    I'm a long time follower, I FB'd and G+'d.

    Congrats again!

  105. Congrats, so happy for you!!
    (Also shared via Twitter, FB, and G+).

  106. Oh my gosh! Talk about an AWESOME contest. This one is totally awesome! Those necklaces are pretty.

    Of course I'm a follower, so that is 1 entry.
    : )

  107. Congratulations and thanks for the great contest. I tweeted and added your book to goodreads.

  108. OMG!!!!!!!! So excited for you!!!!

    Book has been added to goodreads and I will be tweeting about the contest.


  109. Awesome contest, Shannon. You rock. Bit late seeing this so I'll tweet and FB for three. :)

  110. no love for posting to google+ ?

  111. Blogged.
    Goodreads shelved. (So, +3)

    If I win, I want my prize to be the honor of Middle Grade Mafioso being the first stop on your blog book tour. (The Don, on the other hand, wants his name in one of your books. There's gonna be a dustup...)

  112. This is the AWESOMEST contest EVER! A wish - like I could buy you coffee and listen to your story at Starbucks kind of wish since I'm in the Valley? That one wouldn't even cost you money! ;-)

  113. You are the BEST genie ever!!! Congrats again, girl. And thanks for all the awesome wishes... er... prizes.

  114. You have outdone yourself. What incredible gifts. And those genie lamps are just beautiful...maybe they need new logos that look like those. I listed you as a versatile blogger on my blog so hopefully that will pull some more readers your way. I've enjoyed reading about your journey to publication. Can't wait to read the finished product. Thank you for the giveaway!

  115. What an incredible contest!! I had to get in on it! :)

    I have posted here, blogged about it, tweeted about it and added Keeper to Goodreads!

  116. Pick me, pick me!!

    I'm tweeting about the contest now.

    And congrats!

  117. Photoshop is so much fun!!! Brilliant giveaway thank you.

    I follow.

    KEEPER OF THE LOST CITIES added shelf on Goodreads


  118. Congratulations! I just saw your name in PW with the three book deal. Yay!

  119. Sounds like you are going to be busy soon. So I added a link to the contest in my blog which also gets tweeted and facebooked.

    Look forward to seeing many more success in your career.

  120. Sounds like you are going to be busy soon. So I added a link to the contest in my blog which also gets tweeted and facebooked.

    Look forward to seeing many more success in your career.

  121. This comment has been removed by the author.

  122. This is an amazing contest, thanks so much! I have tweeted about it, posted about it on Facebook, and added Keeper to my "to-read" shelf on Goodreads.

    I wish you all the best!
    Sylvie :)

  123. Congratulations on your new book. Will look forward to reading it as it sounds very intriguing. My wish is for you -- that you have a successful and fulfilling book launch. I can see that the fun has already begun. Will publicize on my FB.


  124. One wish... I'm almost more excited to see what people come up with than actually winning. :D

    Congrats again, Shannon!

  125. WOW! Awesomesauce contest!
    I'm twitting
    adding keeper of lost cities to Goodreads
    THANKS for the fun!
    And good luck in your publishing adventures!

  126. This comment has been removed by the author.

  127. Congratulations!! And you just won the coolest contest award! :)
    So excited!
    -I added your book to Goodreads :D
    -Tweeted -!/stuck_in_a_book/status/126801860735680513
    -Facebooked -
    -Blogged about the contest-

    Sadly, I am another one of those people who hasn't yet read ANY of the books in the contest, otherwise I would definitely blog about that too. But I look forward to reading them in the near future! So, I guess 5?

    Btw, You're on my list of super awesome people! :)


  128. WOOT WOOT!!

    Wow you're in SoCal? Hmm...that dinner sounds good lol

    Posted on Facebook
    Added to Goodreads


  129. So excited for you Shannon! What a fun contest. :) Ummm, can you make me lose ten pounds if I win???

    I'm tweeting, facebooking and adding you to my goodreads list. :)


  130. Congrats!!!! And thanks for the giveaway. Looooove the necklace.

    Ok I tweeted:!/justkeepreading/status/127015075742613504

    I added to Goodreads (I'm Jill F on there) but here's the tweet that happened when I added it!!/justkeepreading/status/127014404381347841

    thanks again!!!!!

    themgowl at gmail dot com

  131. Hi!
    I added the book to my shelf!
    (You'll find it in the To-Read shelf :D)
    Hope I win, today's my birthday!

  132. What an amazing contest! I love it - and I love your photoshopped graphics. :)

    So I blogged about the contest here:

    Tweeted here:!/beyeager/status/127073559100145664

    And facebook here:

    And it's on my Goodreads shelf:

    So that's five entries. Great contest! :)

  133. I'm a follower.

    I tweeted about your giveaway.!/akossket/status/127090479853617153

    Blogged about it.

    Congratulations on this enormous milestone.

  134. So, so thrilled for you! I am off to Goodreads to add your book.

  135. Wow, what a crazy awesome giveaway! I've Keeper of the Lost Cities to my Goodreads shelf (of course!) and have the contest in my sidebar. *crosses fingers for the win*

  136. Great Contest. I've added Keeper of the Lost Cities on Goodreads.

  137. Congrats Shannon...thrilled for you. I just love this gorgeous new genie. Am I allowed to kidnap the genie?

  138. Shannon. You ROCK. You know that? 'Sides my comment I:

    -tweeted (er, excuse me...oh wait, that is tooted...never mind. har har)

  139. Awesome contest! You look adorable as a genie!!!

    tweeted too!

  140. This is the best contest EVER. Holy cow! I tweeted, added to Goodreads, and I was already a follower.

    Happy copy edits!

  141. Let's see what my solitary entry can do for me...

  142. Great contest! So I went ahead and mentioned it on my blog and I mentioned one of the authors of the books you're giving away. So I guess that's three entries for me. Crossing my fingers!

  143. Best. contest. ever!
    I love the photoshop magic. :)
    And your book is on my goodreads list!

  144. those neckaces are so cute! thanks for the chance to win. oh and i added your book to my goodreads shelf.

  145. Um, this is pretty much T best contest EVER.


    Goodreads: Under the name of "Julianna Helms"


    So, that's a total of 4 entries. THANK YOU SO MUCH. Also? Love the Photoshop stuff. :)

  146. LOL - those photoshopped genies are excellent! And what an awesome contest! I like what you're doing with the wish-granting thing. Very cool.

    I've tweeted your giveaway, and added Keeper of the Lost Cities to my Goodreads shelf - hurry up and finish those copy edits already so we can all read it!

  147. Congrats! So looking forward to your book and your success. Love, love the necklaces. I added your book to my goodreads list.

    Can't wait to follow the rest of your journey.

  148. Your post is amazing and thank you for the great giveaway!


    Goodreads as Diana

  149. You're insane. In a good way!

    I'm a follower, already had KotLC on Goodreads, and I tweeted!

  150. Congratulations and good luck with your book, I'm definitely looking forward to it.
    Added on Goodreads, so 2 entries.

    You must be so happy and rightly so:)


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