Monday, October 31, 2011

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday Linky Love--the Redux!

Ugh-- I am woefully behind on my reading thanks to all my crazy deadlines and WFC and the CHAOS that is my life these days. (Alas. Alack.) So.... *mournful sigh* once again I don't have an MMGM this week. 


But I am insanely grateful to see the meme getting supported by so many awesome bloggers throughout the blogosphere! If you are looking for some middle grade recommendations--which CLEARLY you should be--check out these amazing links:

- The lovely Shannon O'Donnell always has an MMGM ready for you! Click HERE to see what she's featuring this week!

- Joanne Fritz has ALL KINDS of middle grade love going on, including a feature on LIESL AND POE, pictures of a Richard Peck event, and a GIVEAWAY of SECRETS AT SEA. Click HERE for all the awesome.

- Barbara Watson is spreading the love for THE SORTA SISTERS. Click HERE to learn all about it. 

- Pam Torres is highlighting THE PHANTOM LIMB! Click HERE for details.

- Natalie Aguirre is interviewing author Anna Staniszewski and giving away an ARC of MY VERY UNFAIRY TALE LIFE. Click HERE for all the fun.

- Akossiwa Ketoglo joins us again with a spotlight on SAVVY. Click HERE to read the review.

- Jennifer Rumberger is highlighting WHEN YOU REACH ME. Click HERE to see what she thinks.

- Michael Gettel-Gilmartin is gushing about Trauma Queen. Click HERE to read more.

- Deb Marshall is featuring GHOST HUNTERS. Click HERE to see why she loves it.

- Danika Dinsmore sings the praises of MOCKINGBIRD. Click HERE to learn more about it.

And if you are planning to participate and haven't had a chance to send me a link yet, no worries. I will be updating this post. Drop me an email and I'll make sure and add you.

Sorry again to miss another week. I'm finding it a bit of a struggle keeping up with deadlines AND reading AND everything else I have to do--but I promise I will figure out a system. And in the meantime, I will do my best to always link everyone else, to keep the MMGM love alive!


  1. Yes, sometimes it's hard to keep up with a reading schedule, especially every week. Hope you had a fun weekend.

  2. Don't apologize. We all understand. Thanks for the links and so happy for your success!! But please, remember to take care of yourself.

  3. Oh my no need to apologize. You're taking care of that awesome book for us to enjoy :D
    Besides I think there are more and more MG lovers out there to keep the flame going for you until you're back.
    Thanks for linking :)

  4. No biggie. You are forgiven, and your mighty MMGM minions will carry the load. :-)

  5. Gosh, Shannon. Don't even think about apologizing. Thanks for the linkage as always!

  6. Don't make me come down there and force feed you cupcakes (er...okay maybe not a bad thing, lol). In other words, no need to apologize!

    I am thrilled you even find the time to post our links. That is sooooo appreciated.

  7. My oh my. No apologies needed! See the MMGM love you've spread through the blogosphere??!!?


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