Monday, October 24, 2011

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday Linky Love!

Still a bit buried over here thanks to The Copyedits Of Doom and whatnot, so I unfortunately did not have time to put together an MMGM this week. (Sorry! Will try to be back on track soon!)

But fortunately there is no shortage of awesome middle-grade love going on in the blogosphere today (LOVE to see so many of you participating--thank you!) so you will not be without fabulous reading suggestions. Check out these links:

- The lovely Shannon O'Donnell always has an MMGM ready for you! Click HERE to see what she's featuring this week!

- Joanne Fritz is giving some love to seven Richard Peck books. Click HERE to see what they are.

- Barbara Watson is highlighting THE PENDERWICK SERIES. Click HERE to learn all about it. 

- Pam Torres is featuring TOONOPOLIS! Click HERE for details.

- Jennifer Rumberger is highlighting HOW OLIVER OLSON CHANGED THE WORLD. Click HERE to see what she thinks.

- Michael Gettel-Gilmartin is gushing about CALVIN COCONUT: HERO OF HAWAII. Click HERE to read more.

- Ishta Mercerio Wentworth gives some much deserved love to JUSTIN CASE: SCHOOL, DROOL, AND OTHER DAILY DISASTERS. Click HERE to learn more about it.

- Myrna Foster sings the praises of THE MAGIC THIEF series. Click HERE to see why she loves it.

- Deb Marshall is featuring TUESDAYS AT THE CASTLE--and giving away an ARC!!!! Click HERE for details.

- Karen Yingling has a fabulous non-fiction middle-grade recommendation for you guys this week. Click HERE to see what it is.

- Danika Dinsmore is spreading some love for HOW TO DISAPPEAR COMPLETELY AND NEVER BE FOUND. Click HERE to learn more about it.

- Akossiwa Ketoglo makes an awesome MMGM debut with a feature on THE REMARQUABLE AND VERY TRUE STORY OF LUCY AND SNOWCAP. Click HERE to read the review.

And if you are planning to participate and haven't had a chance to send me a link yet, no worries. I will be updating this post. Drop me an email and I'll make sure and add you.

Also, if you missed it yesterday, I've posted the winners to my EPIC Wish-Granting blog contest HERE. Make sure you check to see if you're one of the lucky ones!

Happy Monday!


  1. Thanks for the fabulous links. Hopping over...

  2. So many great titles. Good timing, because my daughter's teacher asked me for some recommendations.

  3. Both of you above have already visited mine. You get an A+.

  4. Thanks for the links Shannon.

    The Hero of Hawaii sounds like a great story.

  5. Thanks for the linkage, as always, Shannon! Off to check out the others...

  6. Holy Motherload of Marvelous Links! It's so great to see so many people doing MMGM. Thanks for getting us all going, Shannon! And thanks for the links.

  7. Hey you...thanks for the MMGM roundup. Happy Monday (and copy edits!)

  8. Yay for copyedits...You've been waiting for them for a while. Enjoy the ride, Shannon. :D

  9. These are great!! Thanks, Shannon. I also have a MMGM post over at my blog, That's Another Story.


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