Friday, July 1, 2011

The Friday Five--The Catching Up Edition

Still struggling to catch up after being gone from ALA, so this post will probably be pretty random. But hey, it's a Friday Five--it's supposed to be random, right?

1) In case you missed it last week, the lovely Michelle Merrill was sweet enough to interview me on her blog. You can find my slightly rambly answers HERE if you want to check it out. 

2) I'm SOOOOOOOO excited about WriteOnCon's live event next week, with none other than the Merry Sisters of Fate. (Yes, that's right--we're hosting Maggie Stiefvater, Tessa Gratton and Brenna Yovanoff. Can you believe it???) Details on time and date can be found HERE.

3) I didn't have internet the entire time I was in NOLA, so I am SUPER behind on email. If you are waiting for a reply from me hang in there, I am getting to it--I promise!

4) My boxes of ARCs from ALA have started to arrive--and mans, I have an even better selection than I realized. Stay tuned for some EPIC contests as soon as I get organized.

5) And lastly, yesterday I discovered the power of Facebook to grant wishes. I posted about craving cupcakes and within hours THESE showed up at my front door:

Thank you Dustin Hansen
You seriously made my day.

(and for the record, next time I wish for something on Facebook, I'm going for cash) 


How was everyone else's week? Did I miss anything exciting while I was gone?


  1. ERCs! FTW.

    That was awesome of Dust, he's so cool. We're all glad to have you back, but don't worry about taking your time to get organized again.

    Oh and I have something for you on the blog today, just stop by eventually, it's no big deal.

  2. That's so awesome of Dustin. He's so nice.

    Can't wait to see the awesome contests. Sounds like you have lots of good books to read.

  3. I remember the year I attended Book Expo - it was frightening how many ARCs my husband and I brought home. I think we added it up to $900 worth of books!

  4. Hah...whenever I read these, I always have to go back to comment on each.

    - Awesome about your interview!
    - The Merry Sisters of Fate - seriously!? I didn't know. Not sure I can make it. *shivers*
    - Email avalanche?
    - Ooh, I'd love a new ARC!!


  5. For some reason the title THE CUPCAKE STALKER just popped into my mind.
    Can't wait to here more about your trip and the ARC's!

  6. That's, like, the sweetest Facebook story I've ever heard.

    I cannot wait for WOC next week!

  7. I am dying for a cupcake now, those look delish!

  8. Oh my dad, those cupcakes look ah-mazing!

  9. Those cupcakes look SO yummy! And boxes of ARC's...that is awesome. Thanks for the shout out. It was a fun interview :)

  10. Those cupcakes look delicious! :) And nothing really happened this week up in WA, but if something epic comes up, I'll let you know. :)

  11. I want those cupcakes. I'm not even joking.

    Nothing big happened...same old same old at least in hot little corner of the world. But whew hoo on the 3 day weekend! Major writing to be done!

  12. Facebook for cupcakes, huh? Well, that's one I've got to try out! :)

    I can't wait to see your boxes of ARCs because that sounds EPIC.

  13. Wow. And I thought Facebook was pointless. ;) I'm excited for the live WriteOnCon event! It sounds like it'll be awesome.

  14. Next time *I* wish for something on FB, I'm wishing for one of those handsome young men you feature on your blog from time to time.

    Sounds like you had a fantastic time--can't wait to hear more about it, which books you grabbed, and why!

    (And I have some news myself over on my blog. Good times!)

  15. Mmm, now I want cupcakes. And ARCs yay!! Glad you had a good time in New Orleans, was it as beautiful as movies and such make it out to be? I've always wanted to go...

  16. Those cupcakes look yummy!!

    Hey Shannon, I'm doing Christmas in July at my blog all month. There are daily posts, daily giveaways, there will be a grand prize giveaway! Stop by and check out the fun!

  17. Now *I* want cupcakes! How super-nice.

  18. Wow! That was really nice of Dustin. And it shows how much you're appreciated in the interwebz. ;-)

    Glad you're back, and take your time catching up.

  19. Ok, now I have a craving for cupcakes!! *runs off to post this on FB* Hopefully I have a friend out there as cool as yours! :)

  20. Those are GORGEOUS cupcakes! Too pretty to eat, almost (okay, not THAT pretty, hahaha). Hope you enjoyed them. :)


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