Thursday, June 30, 2011

ALA Photos!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes--I'm back! BURIED from being gone for 5 days. But back! And OMG you guys--I had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun at ALA.

It was hot. And exhausting. And I almost missed my flight there thanks to some major traffic (had to sprint through the airport and everything). But it was SO worth it because LOOK AT ALL THE COOL PEOPLE I MET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and she is EVERY bit as awesome as I knew she would be!)

AND I got to hang with the fabulous Ms Sara McClung--CP Extraordinaire 

That's me with Kirsten Hubbard, Courtney Moulton, Carolina Valdez Miller and Veronica Roth on Bourbon Street, where a huge group of us met to hang out. 

 Did I mention it was a HUGE group?
Far, far too many cool peeps in this picture. How many do you recognize?

This is me with Jo Whittemore, Elana, and her lovely editor Anica Rissi at the S&S Party

With PJ Hoover and Jay Asher--two of my favorite members of my Laura Rennert family--at Cafe Beignet. Mmmmmmmm...beignets

With Tere Kirkland--who was a GODSEND for us, since she lives in NOLA and could tell us good places to eat. She is probably so sick of us texting her!

With PJ and Ellen at the S&S Party. Have I mentioned how cool my agent-in-laws are? 


Then here's a couple more:
Yep, that's me, with the Merry Sisters of Fate--two of which are my agent sisters.
(And btw, the MSF will be chatting with WriteOnCon next week. Did you SEE?)

The Bookanistas who were in town also met for breakfast. So here's me with Jessi Kirby, Carolina Valdez Miller, Elana Johnson, and Michelle Hodkin. EPIC!

With Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler at their signing of THE FUTURE OF US.

At Maureen Johnson's signing
(and she's just as hilarious in person as she is on Twitter!)

I have a LOT more pictures--but I don't want to make this an endless post, so if you want to see them all, they're up on my Facebook page. (And if we're not FB friends yet, send me a request!)

Oh, and, I know what you're probably thinking. I mean, sure--I met and hung with a ton of cool peeps. But what about THE BOOKS????
(that is, after all, what ALA is all about)

All I can say is: I shipped home THREE BOXES of ARCs.

And yeah, I plan on giving many of them away. Will organize a contest as soon as they arrive. Keep an eye out for that!


  1. Awesome. It's great to have you back!

  2. It sounds like such an awesome trip. I would have loved to meet you and everyone else.

  3. Looks like an AWESOME time!! Loved seeing the pics. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks like you had a blast! And, I love seeing all the pictures--It's great to be able to put a name to a face. Glad you're back!

  5. Love the pics! Love the peeps! Thanks so much for sharing :)

  6. You're too awesome for words! Thanks for letting us to be a part of this!!!!

  7. What a great experience! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. looks like you had such a great time!! Also, Veronica Roth looks really tall!


    Couldn't help but notice your Rainbow Brite-esque shirt in some of those pics. Were you by chance channeling your Costume of Win from last year? Me thinks this is your subconscious saying you need to dress like her at least once per conference.

  10. So nice to meet you there! Clearly I should have hung out with you more because you definitely know all the cool kids!!

    Good luck with your books! Looking forward to reading!


  12. My psychic abilities are telling me someday I am going to be in one of those pics.

    Ok, not really but if I believe it hard enough I'm sure it will come true.

    You look like you had a great time! Good for you! Now gives us those ARC'

  13. You`re so lucky :) I would like to meet everyone on my blogger list :)

    Happiness Notes

  14. Looks like so much funnnn!!! Great photos! So wish I could've been there!

  15. Welcome back!!! Three boxes of ARCS?! You're a rock star.

  16. fun stuff! and YAY for Cafe Beignet, which I've always found much tastier (and waaayyy less crowded than Cafe du Monde!) :)

  17. Me = jealous + very hungry for beignets. Thanks for sharing those great pix!

  18. That's so cool! I'm really uber jealous, I wish I'd been there. :)

  19. Great pics, Shannon! Elana is a great person. Maureen Johnson makes me giggle with her twitter posts. Fun to know she's like that in person, too.

  20. Obviously a fantastic time--thanks for letting us live vicariously through you!

  21. I just want everyone to know that I am as good looking in person as I am in photographs. :)

    Seriously, Shannon, it was so much fun to meet you! Can't wait to do it again sometime. And I treasured every text. Really, I did.

  22. Awesome! Thanks for the pics. Looks like you had a great time :)

  23. That's so cool! I'm glad you had so much fun and got SO MANY ARCS! Can't wait to hear more about those. ;)

    Are you planning on going to ALA next year?

  24. So jealous of all the awesome people you met and especially your three boxes of ARCs! Holy cow! I've got to get in on this action! Also, I'm off to find you on Facebook :)

  25. That's so crazy. It's like a blogger/writer party! Haha. Looks like it was so much fun! Thanks for sharing your pics (and your ARCs in the future)!

  26. I could have sworn you and Elana knew each other!
    Anyway, I'm happy you got to meet her!

  27. THREE BOXES!?!? You lucky duck!

    I wish, wish, wish we'd actually had a chance to TALK, girl! About our books and deals and STUFF! I guess I should had dumped the hubby and stayed another 3 days!

    (And you won't believe this: my word verification is "gaters"! How weird/cool is that?)

  28. Jealous! But also glad you had such a great time. :-)

  29. Wow - that looks like an absolutely amazing time!! 3 boxes of arcs? :) May I ask that you list a few of those good places to eat in NOLA?


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