Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To shame--or not to shame?

I don't know WHY I'm asking you guys this--when it comes to Shannon Shame the answer ALWAYS seems to be: YES YOU MUST HUMILIATE YOURSELF AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

But...on the OFF chance you'll let me off the hook--I'm letting you guys weigh in.


Comic Con is about 2 months away. Which brings me to the question of: TO COSTUME, OR NOT TO COSTUME???

(Yes, I realize costume is not a verb)
( sounded better that way)

Last year, thanks to you guys (and the Hubs) I spent one of the longest days of my life like this:

I hugged a lot of nerds and old guys. I posed for a LOT of pictures. And I spent quite a lot of time making sure that rather short skirt did not hike up too high. (*SIGH*)

Now, assuming your answer is, YES, SHANNON MUST DRESS UP!!!!!!!!!! (because, come on--we all KNOW that's what it's going to be) (though feel FREE to be nice and vote for Shannon-wears-comfy-T-shirts-and-jeans-the-whole-time), the bigger question is:

What costume do I wear this time?

Do I rock The Brite again? Or try a new look?

I'm not giving you guys full discretion or anything. But...I'll CONSIDER your suggestions.

And btw, your suggestions have a MUCH better chance of being taken if they:

-cover all the essential body parts 
(sorry, I don't do skanktastic)
-do not involve skin-tight vinyl 
(related to the skanktastic rule, but also--no one wants to see that)
-do not involve wigs
(I think if I have to deal with 100,000 comic book geeks AND bobby pin headache + an itchy scalp I will go postal and end up in jail and on the news)

I...think that pretty much covers it. Lay your thoughts on me in the comments.

(oh mans, why am I SO scared to read these comments)


  1. I, for one, think that because you did such an amazing job last year, you can forego the costume this year, be comfortable and have fun.

    (Who wants to hug old guys again? They're the only ones getting a thrill out of it, right????) :)

  2. If everyone doesn't do costumes, I don't think you do either. And unless you really want to, I would say no, don't do it.

    And I don't think you do SHAME yourself or need to. You're a great person and we all love you for who you are.

  3. I have absolutely no suggestions whatsoever but I think your Brite look is PURRRRRRFECT!!! Yay! Take care

  4. Let you off the hook? I don't think so.

    I would like to see: Tolkienesque Elf (see what I did there). No wig required, just ears, and possibly colored contacts, plus a lot of green, a bow and quiver, and possibly a small blade. Also very tall boots.

    You asked.

  5. You look adorable as The Brite.

    Sorry, no suggestions here. I have enough trouble figuring out my kids' Halloween costumes (as do they).

  6. I think that if dressing up is a done thing, you should join the party and go for it. As for what you should go as... I got nothin'. Sorry.

    But I will say that even though you totally rocked the Brite costume, you should do something different. Just for variety.

  7. I say no. You rocked the Brite last year so well. And I'm just not the type who dresses up. I've got to Dragon*Con (which is Atlanta's version of ComicCon) many years and would never, ever dress up. Especially since I always meet a celebrity I admire. :)

  8. Whatever you do will be awesome I'm sure. I have no suggestions because I'm boring like that but you must dress up because anything done last year and at Comic Con no less must be topped. It's a standard requirement of life and Comic Con.

  9. For comfort, easy to create - traditional Asian clothing is awesome and ties back to lots of characters - Shrine wear, martial arts clothing, kimonos...

    I've learned two important things from my time in costuming though - cloaks and trench coats are a bad idea for all day, and never dress as a Clamp character (google images will explain :-))

    It'll be a blast no matter what, though ^_^

  10. Rock.the.Brite.

    That is all.


  11. Personally, I'd give you a pass for rocking the place last year. On the other hand, the minions are probably registering this very minute, hoping to capture a glimpse (or get a hug) from you. They are Expecting it.

    I say (having just seen Wicked) go as Elphaba, if your tastes turn to green. You can always poke an overzealous old hugger with your wand.

  12. Wow, you're a brave one!

    The better question is how did I NOT see you last year?! I won't be going this year due to a 3 week old newborn and all so I'll miss seeing you again!?!

    Looking forward to seeing what you go as this year. Sorry I'll miss it IRL.

  13. Definitely costume-vote! You rocked the Rainbow Brite look last year! I mean, look at the picture... it's AWESOME.

    As for suggestions, what if you go for another 80s cartoon look? Like Strawberry Shortcake or... OMG Jem! (Truly outrageous!) Or Princess Allura from Voltron (in her lion-flying suit, of course, not the stupid pink dress).

    OK, those are my crazy ideas. Please don't kill me. :)

  14. OF COURSE DRESS UP! I'm off to Anime Central this weekend and I'm totally cosplaying. Woo geeks~

    Definitely rock the Brite again. OR, you could do a human interpretation of your favorite My Little Pony! (or at least one with blond hair?)

  15. Yes, thou must dress up!
    You could rock Brite again, though I'm all for new costumes! :) Or you could be known as Rainbow Brite for every future ComicCon. That could be fun, too. You'd be famous. :)
    Or something from Star Wars. That would make me happy. :)

  16. Oh, oh! What about Katniss? Who doesn't want to be Katniss? A costume could be made without too-tight clothes, couldn't it? *considers* It's possible. :) That would be cool.

  17. Definitely dress up, but do something different and I have no idea what. A Hobbit maybe or Anime? Seriously, the Queen of Hacksville should be able to come up with something. Right? ;)

  18. What a great costume! Now I'm thinking Strawberry Shortcake. :) You could totally pull it off.

    Enjoy Comic Con!

  19. I LOVED the Rainbow Brite--LOVED IT! And Melody is right that you could become a known factor as the annual Rainbow Brite girl.

    However, new is always fun and challenging. I always loved She-Ra (and I'm sure the hubby would enjoy that one, too) he he. If you prefer a bit more coverage, how about Smurfette? :-)

  20. You looked so adorable!

    I vote for costume. Shannon has a great idea with Smurfette.

  21. hi miss shannon! wow! i love that picture cause it just you for being brite! for this year i just gotta say do whats you could wanna do. dress up or dont dress up. just be comfy and no matter what youre just always a bright star. :)
    ...hugs from lenny

  22. It's really FUN to dress up, so I hope you do. Yeah, w/o the short skirt issues. ;o) I like the elf and Asian-themed ideas in the comments. Or a fairy! They have little wings you can get, even perhaps online, for a few bucks. Have fun deciding!!

  23. You look cute as Rainbow Brite. I don't know how I missed you last year! I was there as a member of the Nerd Herd from the show Chuck. This year I'll probably go as Katniss. It seems like a pretty easy costume.

    But I don't think you should feel the need to dress up. Just have fun!

  24. I say To Shame!!! Love the Brite costume...trying to think of another one...hmmm....

  25. "They're coming to get you, Barbara!"

    You could run around screaming and throwing shoes at zombies like a classic Romero heroine.

    She does pick up a shotgun, eventually, so that's cool.

    have fun, whoever you are! ;)

  26. No wigs? Darn. I was going to suggest Effie Trinket.

    What about another '80s character: Punky Brewster?

  27. By eliminating anything skanktastic, you've pretty much eliminated 99.9% of possible comic book related costumes for women. :P

    So, instead I suggest you rock the Princess Leia in white costume, complete with blaster. Queen Amidala is also a good choice. She didn't show off any skin.


  28. I say YES! To represent those of us who can't go to comicon!
    There's already been a slew of good ideas so i'll throw in Gem - because she's truly truly truly outrageous. Also, 80's big hair for the win!

  29. You were super cute as Brite! Don't do the costume if you don't want to, but I think it's fun.

    I'm also super lazy and all about comfort. SO easy costume suggestion? Hogwarts student. It's like my default costume because it's easy, non-skanky (unless you want it to be...:P), and recognizable. You can ditch the robe if it's hot / you don't have one (I don't have one). I mean, all you really need is a house-colored tie (or scarf, but that might be too hot too) and a wand. Done deal.

  30. I am so not good at costumes. (And how cute are you as Brite?!) I saw rock the jeans and t-shirt. Maybe spray-paint your hair. ;)

  31. You looked adorable as Brite!!! :)

    I think dressing up would be fun. I'll admit, I never do. But, not because I don't want to...just never seems to happen for me. *sigh*

    My suggestion? Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The blonde hair, jeans and t-shirt work. All you need is a stake. :)

    Have fun!!

  32. Clearly, you should go as a sparkly vampire ;-)

    Also, I STILL say we need to go somewhere together in our matching Rainbow Brite costumes... Just sayin'

  33. I say when in Rome, it makes it more fun. The Brite is spectacular but I would go as Katniss from the Hunger Games--throw a bow and arrow over your shoulder. It'll be a lot more comfortable. Although it could be cliche with the buzz about the movie. good luck.

  34. Aw, you look so cute! I think you should definitely have a costume though I don't know what. I do hope that you post a pic if you decide to dress up.

  35. I'm all for cosplay that is both fun and functional! I typically go to cons in outfits that are recognizable and easy to wear, and that won't make me feel embarrassed if I happen upon someone I really want to meet. For this reason, I tend to go with Rupert Giles or Indiana Jones type of outfits.

    For you, I'd say government official (X-Files, Warehouse 13, Fringe) or casual wear (any of the Buffy/Harry Potter/Percy Jackson series).

    Also, the Princess Leia dress with blaster is a stellar idea. (See what I did there?)

  36. I say you can't go wrong with Rainbow Brite! That costume is just too cute.

  37. I'll give you a pass, too. :-)

    I say get a t-shirt with a funny saying on it...I'm sure your hub could point you in the right direction. You'll still be playing along w/ the spirit of the con and you'll probably still get lots of comments, but you'll probably be a lot more comfy.

  38. My vote is for comfy t-shirt and jeans. You were so brave to dress up last year.
    : )

  39. be an elf! It would match your books and I bet you could even use a cape too.


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