Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Flaking off, Wishes, and other ramblings

This weekend I did something SOOOOOOOOOOOO un-Shannon.

I had right around 10,000,000,000,000,000 things I needed to do. But the hubs asked me to take a day off and...well...I kinda needed a break. So instead of staying home and working, I went HERE:

And had SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

Sadly, I didn't take THAT many pictures. But here's me at:

The Snow White "Wishing Well"

And Aladdin's lamp

And I personally would have spent all day here:

(The Animation Academy, learning how to draw a new Disney character every half hour.)
(But the Hubs wanted to do like...rides and stuff--the nerve!--so all I learned how to draw was Daisy Duck)
(which, sadly I don't have a picture of to show you.)
(The drawings got a little soaked when we went down the waterfall in Pirates of the Caribbean)
(yes, I realize the waterfalls in Pirates are super wimpy)
(but we were in the front of the boat, and the splashage was unexpectedly intense)
(AHHH--my parenthetical statements are officially out of control!!!!!)


The weirdest part? 

I thought I'd come home SUPER stressed about all the things I still had to do. But, I actually came back relaxed, recharged, and ready to dive in. Which brings me to a lesson you'd think I'd have learned by now:

Sometimes you need to take time for you.

Can one of you PLEASE remind me of that occasionally, before I burn myself out??????


I even brought home a souvenir to try and remind myself of that--and I'm keeping it on my desk, front and center:

And I hope you guys will do the same thing.

Don't forget to take breaks.

Don't push yourself too hard.

Don't be afraid to take time for you.

It's hard--I know it's hard. But sometimes, you just need it. A day. A few hours. Even a few minutes. Take it. Enjoy it. And then come back to your To Do list refreshed and ready to tackle it head-on!

Who's with me?


  1. When life happens especially summer vacation, I know that the breaks are good. I'll come back ready to write. Sounds like a fun day.

  2. How neat that you lived close enough to do that!!

    It is hard to remember that sometimes the best thing to do for yourself when you're feeling frazzled with all you have to do is to just take a day off, but I'm glad it finally happened for you.

    Sadly, sometimes I remember it too often. :o

  3. That's exactly what I was thinking, how neat to be close enough to go there! You are so lucky. Great advice too, now where shall I go today hmm...

  4. Looks like you had a great time! It's easy to get all wrapped up in our work and forget to take some time out. Personally, I feel like a trip to Vermont is overdue... I need some mountain time.

  5. I'm taking a break right now! From blogging, not everything else.

    And we were just at Disneyland two years ago. Not that two years is like all that recent, but it's all the way across the country, for us.

  6. I took the weekend off too and it really is great to get away from the desk once in a while. The weird thing is, I get so many ideas for my writing when I'm not doing it!

  7. Awwwwww yay for genies, lamps and three wishes!!! I hope yours come true!! Yay!! take care

  8. Glad you took a break and had a good time. I definitely need to do that more often.

  9. What an awesome way to take a break! I'm jealous...but I think you're on to something. :)

  10. I hear ya, sistah. Hubs is a hero for doing the Disney-suggest (and for making you do all the rides of course.)

    Julis Cameron in The Artist's Way recommends what she calls a weekly "Artist's Date." Time off from "work" so that the artist within us can refill the well.

    It sounds as if your "Disney Date" did the same thing. Yay!!!

  11. yaaaaaaaaay! I am SO PROUD OF YOU. See, I told you sometimes taking a break is a good thing :) (I mean, a day break... not a six-month break... But you know what I mean.)

    Dude, I get to see you in THIRTY days.

  12. sounds like you had a good time. Taking breaks is always important. Glad you had fun.

  13. I have a picture of myself by that lamp from my first trip there. It made me smile to see yours.

    Taking a break is awesome. Most of the time, I never know how much I needed it until after the fact.

  14. Agreed. I'm glad you got a break. When I wrote my novel in a month, I hated to take a day break, but it was just what I needed. I thought I'd lose my muse, but instead it was completely refreshing!

  15. I'm with you! Very cute. I'm glad you got to do that.

  16. Sounds like you really recharged your batteries. Sometimes I think our bodies—like our taste buds—get flavor fatigue. Doing the same thing over and over just burns you out, so a change in the routine helps shake things up.

    Glad you had a fun time! Now get back to work! ;)

  17. You're right. You're SO right. This is something I am so good at forgetting to do. Breaks. Right. Okay.

  18. Good for you!! I want a nap...just a little nap...please.

  19. Ah, yes. I need a day at the spa or something. So glad you go to go relax, and AMAZING purchases!!

  20. Yay! So glad to hear you took a day off for you. You needed it.

  21. Disney, my favorite place ever, DISNEY!!! Lucky girl. I'm just diving in to big, intense revisions. So no breaks for me for a while. But you're right. They are necessary and wonderful!!

  22. So so jealous!!!!!!! We have plans to go to Disneyland soon (might try and work it in with RWA Nationals next year!!) We are much closer to Disney World and have been going once or twice a year for the past 6 years. We're supposed to go this November, but we might have to cancel :( My dad has to ahve some tests done and depending on what they show...we migt not be able to go. well, me and the hubby and kids can still go, but I just wouldn;t feel right!

    But anyway, back on topic...yes...so so so important to take time for ourselves!! One thing I will not give up is time with my family.

  23. I'm with you, I've actually taken a long break (unplanned, uninvited) from writing and blogging and it's done me well. I'm back now, with a whole lot of enthusiasm and energy. Hopefully all will work out well.

  24. Totally with you!! :) It really is important to spoil yourself on occasion - and just RELAX. I need more spa days...

    Looks like you had an amazing time!! Sad truth? I haven't been to Disneyland since the '80's... I know, I know. :( It's a trip I need to plan soon!

  25. Yay Disneyland! I haven't been in so long...I miss my annual pass.

    And yay for a day off! You deserve it.

  26. I assumed that was Disneyland? I try to go there anytime I'm in L.A. for long enough. hehe. I usually go by myself too ;)

  27. I am so overdue for a Disney visit. Looks like you had fun! Oh and I totally get you about the Pirates not-so-wimpy waterfalls! They like added more water or something because the last time I went on it, I also got unexpectedly soaked.

    So with you on the taking breaks thing. Looking forward to the long weekend.

  28. I am! In fact, I did just that yesterday afternoon. I got home from school feeling, well, down. Exhausted, overwhelmed, etc. And then I did the unimaginable.

    I took a nap. A TWO HOUR NAP.

    It was out of this world. I'm pretty sure the happiest place on earth is actually my bed. ;)

    Great post! I'm jealous of your Disney trip!


  29. In 2 weeks I'll be visiting Disneyland for the very first time. I am so excited that I have no words to describe it!!!

  30. Taking time out for you is pretty un-you, and you do need to do that.

    But I was totally not surprised to learn that you did it at Disneyland! I can't think of a way to unwind that would be more "you". Glad you had fun and had a chance to recharge. Take care of yourself!

  31. I miss Disney! I'm hoping my school will go to Tokyo Disney on the school trip this year :)

  32. I just went to Disneyland for the first time this year, and it was AWESOME.

    Yes, you need to take breaks and do fun stuff, otherwise what's the point in working so hard, you know?

    Great post. I'm a new follower. I love your blog!


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