Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bookanista Fail

Sorry guys--I KNOW it's supposed to be a Bookanista day, but thanks to WriteOnCon planning and a few unexpected "life happens" things, I haven't had time to finish my review. I know--I totally, epically, majorly fail.

See? Even the lolcats agree.


I PROMISE I will have it ready next week--and it's a good one too. (I'm even giving away the ARC to go with it.)

And in the meantime, there's still a few days left to enter my IMAGINARY GIRLS giveaway. Go HERE to enter (and btw, blogger erased all the original entries for that, so you might wanna go check and make sure you re-entered).

Plus, my fellow Bookanistas have some AWESOME reviews going on. Make sure you check out what they're gushing about:

Elana Johnson marvels at Moonglass
Christine Fonseca  raves about It’s Raining Cupcakes
Shelli Johannes-Wells  chats with Pure and The Summer of Firsts & Lasts author Terra McEvaoy
LiLa Roecker  and Carrie Harris have a passion for Possession
Beth Revis admires the audiobook of Anansi Boys
Carolina Valdez Miller is giddy over Moonglass – with giveaway
Megan Miranda  swoons over Strings Attached
Shana Silver delves into Divergent
Sarah Frances Hardy gabs about Gossip from the Girls Room
Matt Blackstone is tantalized by Bad Taste in Boys
Stasia Ward Kehoe  glories in a guestanista review of The Rendering


  1. There is nothing wrong with a little in between post from time to time, especially when you've got such cool friends to point us to!

  2. Awww the lol kitties are just teasing you!!! Take care smexy Shannon!! x

  3. Don't feel bad, Shannon! We all get busy! We'll still be here, patiently waiting. :)

  4. We'll let it slide... THIS TIME!

    Actually, Shannon, I don't know how I'd ever get anything done if I took on as much as you do. I need a nap just reading this post. ;)

  5. You need to read my post for today, and then live it! It's okay. :-)

  6. I agree with Shannon O'Donnell. Read her latest blog post. I am now guilt-free about life getting in the way of my writing.
    : )


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