Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tell The Truth Tuesday: The Writerly Confessions edition

As you ALL know from the insane amount of whining I've done lately, I've recently pulled some marathon hours trying to meet a deadline. What I HAVEN'T told you is that in order to meet that deadline, I had to go into full on writer mode--and by "full on writer mode", well...I've had to do some things I'm less than proud of. But it's Tell The Truth Tuesday, so it's time to come clean.


1. There *might* have been days where I never changed out of my pajamas. 

2. I also might *not* have showered sometimes. Or even washed my face. 

3. If my husband had found where I hid the camera (and yes, I hid it--one must always think ahead), you would've seen just how homeless I looked. I was HAWT! (actually, it...*might* have qualified as grounds for divorce. The poor hubs.)

4. There also *might* have been days where the only walking I did was from the bedroom to the bathroom--about 20 steps total.

5. Sadly, I'm *not* exaggerating. 

6. I keep my laptop next to my bed, so when my alarm went off I grabbed it and got to work. 

7. When my husband came home from work he brought me dinner (my one and only meal of the day). 

8. So the only time I left the bed was when I had to pee. (Even I have my limits).

9. It's amazing my leg muscles haven't gone into atrophy. 

10. During the all-nighters I pulled, I *might* have forgotten to brush my teeth. 

11. What? I brush my teeth before bed. So if I never went to bed...

12. I'm aware of what a weak excuse that is.

13. I'm also what you might call a "method writer." 

14. I don't just write my characters--I live them. I feel what they feel. 

15. And I have one character who's...particularly angsty. 

16. So living with me these last few weeks has been a lot like this:

17. Again...I'm *not* exaggerating.

18. The hubs will verify.

19. To channel those kind of emotions, I've had to listen to a lot of songs like THIS and THIS and THIS

20. On auto repeat.

21. And the only break would be when I'd switch characters. And then I'd have to listen to THIS.

22. Don't. Ask. Just...don't.

*Phew* Okay--that was a lot to confess. How many of you are feeling sorry for my husband now?

Yeah...I don't blame you. But...but...I can't be the ONLY one who gets like this in writer mode. PLEASE tell me you guys have committed at least ONE of these sins at some point!!!!!!!

If not...um...anything else embarrassing you'd like to share in the comments? Pretty please?


  1. I've done the pajama thing before! Does that make you feel better? :)

    I could never pull an all-nighter, though. Whatever I wrote would start to look like this:


    or this:

    "I is tired. I is tired. I is tired. I is tired," she yawned sleepily.

    Not. Good.

  2. Sorry, I haven't done that because I'm always squeezing writing in between work and everything I must do for my daughter and home. But when I've really gotten into writing and anything's on the stove, I've learned to put on the timer so I don't burn down the house.

    Hope your marathon was productive and that you'll have good news to share soon.

  3. Uhm, yes, I've done one of the other. Eeeek. Thankfully I have no husband who can take evil pics to evidence it. haha

  4. Ha! I love that you're a method writer. Me, too. I go emocat all the time. :)

    Hope you got everything done in time!!

  5. I do the method writer thing, too. I've never done the above to meet a writing deadline, but I have done it when I used to work from home and had to meet an intense work deadline.

    But you made it. so it was all worth it, right? :-D

  6. I don't ever get dressed on weekends, unless I have to leave the house. And I don't even necessarily write.

    At least you're dedicated.

  7. I, too, have gone days where I don't brush my teeth--especially on the weekends. I have to go to the dentist next Monday--I'm sure that'll be a pleasant visit. :)

  8. Shannon, you've given me a simply mah-velous idea. I shall open an hotel for writers on deadline. They shall not have to stir from their beds (I'm sure there's an inventor out there who can build me a bed-commode). I shall cater to their every dietary and musical whim. Their spouses shall never have to see them in their flagrant (or even fragrant) writerly state.

    What do you think? Can it succeed as a business model? (Oh yes, and writer-loving cats can roam the premises too, if needed.)

  9. I've done more than one of those things, and I'm not talking about listening to those songs. You know, I'm of the opinion that as long as no one sees you (husbands excluded, obviously) it didn't happen.

  10. I've done the pajama thing from time to time. Also don't brush my hair when I do the pajama thing.
    : )

  11. I've definitely done the pajama thing. Lots of times.

    I haven't stayed up all night working on stories but once I did go to bed at 6 am. Had to get up at 10am cuz of the boys. Was a zombie the rest of the day.

  12. I have an obsession with brushing my teeth and flossing so uh, no I have never gone a day without. I'm not even going to try to make you feel better about that.lol

    The shower and my hairbrush is totally optional on the weekend though when I'm writing.
    My husband does not dare make comments. I imagine I look pretty scary those days.

  13. I'm totally like this! I even warn my husband that I may be acting a little bi-polar for a while if I'm working on multiple POV's. Lol. I think there should be a spouse-of-a-writer support group or something. I feel so bad for my hubby sometimes.

    Awesome post, I don't feel alone anymore :)

  14. all I know is this confirms it, you is my kind of peoples. :)

  15. I can DEFINITELY commit to some of these. I'd love to write all day in my pajamas in my bed but I have four kids so yeah...I can't commit to all of them. I hope you got all caught up though! Good luck with everything :)

  16. Oh the first thing to go is my personal hygiene routine when I'm in a writerly vortex...so I do feel your pain!

    :-) Take care

  17. You mean those aren't normal things? I'll bet your husband was jealous he couldn't join you.

  18. I confess to skipping teeth-brushing when I'm stressed and have a deadline for something. Eclipse gum is a total susbtitute for toothpaste, by the way. No one will ever know.

  19. Too funny!!!! living your characters... emo cat... songs on repeat... pajama wardrobe... love it! I've LIVED All of it except the total dedication to writing that you are exhibiting - WAY TO GO!!! So this post was also INSPIRING

  20. I am wearing sweats right now. I have not showered. I am eating jelly beans (yes a bag I bought for kids' Easter baskets but opened early due to sugar craving) for lunch. I will sit at my computer for the next two hours and 50 minutes until I have to start picking up kids from school. In sum, I am with you, Shannon :)

  21. I get close - but having children makes it impossible to be quite that bad. Even if I can ignore my need to eat, they can't. ;) I LOVE Civil Twilight. Great writing music.

  22. I'm stinky right now. I need a shower but it has to wait. Reading your blog was my break today. Love Dashboard and don't feel shame about Patrick Swayze. Dirty Dancing is a really good show.

    I'd add MGMT to your play list. cheers.

  23. I haven't actually ever had the luxury of staying glued to a project. Too many interruptions. I have stayed in my PJ's all day though. Thanks for your confession now I will feel more justified in focusing and leaving the world behind occasionally.

  24. Oh man, I wish I could live that life right now.

  25. I have definitely shunned my husband for my writing at times. But I have kids and a full time job, so I can't say that I've ever had a chance to write that long without stopping.

  26. Preach on sister! I've attended the Unholy Church of the Belabored Scribe and too can attest to the hell you've experienced. Fortunately for you, there is reprieve. Vindication. Exaltation even.

    I see a bright and glorious future for you ahead now that you have walked through the fiery fires of the overburdened keyboard. A glorious future indeed.

    Can a brother get an AMEN!

  27. Hahaha. Yes, I've committed a few of those sins. But I'm not naming which ones.
    My Blog

  28. Hey, PJs and sweatpants are like a writing uniform. They're required! (She typed, wearing her favourite pyjama pants...)

  29. From "Save Yourself" to "She's Like the Wind"? Oh, Shannon. This is why we love you.

    It's okay - for my YA I had to listen to the Pussycat Dolls. Yeah, I know.

    And I've lived in my pj's without showering for days before, so it's all good. You should have SEEN my hair! Actually, it's probably best that you didn't. Yikes!


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