Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reminders, and a little Shannon-begging

In case you missed it, today--maybe even as you read this--WriteOnCon has another live event happening. This time with the hilariously awesome Natalie Fischer with Bradford Literary!!!

When: 12pm eastern

Do not miss this one guys. Not only is it a live queries event--which are always my favorite--but to help make up for the technical difficulties we had on Friday and Saturday (oh WriteOnCon, why must you cause so many headaches?), Natalie is letting us give away a query critique from her.

Yes--you read that right. We felt bad that some of you weren't able to post your query in the thread because of the server issues and the time change. So now you have another shot at a critique--though anyone can enter (even those in the thread).

Details for how to enter will be announced at the end of the event, so make sure you stop by--or catch the replay. And as for the technical issues, all we can say is we're working on it. One of the reasons we're doing these events is to test our different technologies and troubleshoot problems before the August conference. But, sometimes that means things do not go according to plan. Bear with us, we're doing the best we can.

And that pretty much covers WriteOnCon, so here comes the Shannon-Begging.

I have a new post up at Dear Teen Me and I'd really, REALLY love it if you guys could stop by and take a look. I don't usually like to share such personal stories online, but I push myself for Dear Teen Me because I think it's such a powerful and amazing resource for teens, and I try to support the website any way I can. I can't tell you how much it would mean to me for you to go over there and read--maybe even leave a comment? Pretty please? *bats eyelashes*

If nothing else, hop over there to see a horrifying glimpse of my 13-year-old self. Ahhhh awkward phases.

If you're susceptible to my begging, you can find the post HERE. And here's a preemptive: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Okay, I have a ton of stuff to do to prepare for the WriteOnCon event--and to get ready to announce our final April event. So for now, Shannon--> out. Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'll be at the WriteOnCon event at least part of it after I get back to my office from Court. I know you guys feel bad when the technical problems crop up but don't feel too bad. We understand those things happen and appreciate all the hard work for free that you are doing to bring the events to us. Thanks.

  2. Heading over now. And thank you for all your hard work on write on con.

  3. You ladies are amazing! Thanks for all the hard work you do!

  4. :( Your Dear Teen Me made me cry. It didn't help that I was listening to Grapevine Fires by Deathcab. Sad story, beautifully written! Thanks for sharing something so honest, Shannon!

    Also, I think I had that shirt's twin sister. I was addicted to Clothestime and Wet Seal back in the day :)

  5. This better not be as sad as the last one, because you really effed me up with that story.

  6. I'm heading over there now. And don't worry about technical difficulties--they happen, and it's no biggie. You WriteOnCon ladies are the bomb and everyone loves ya!! :-)

  7. Hi Shannon! Hi - so hoping your technical difficulties work themselves out soon! What a great event today with Natalie Fischer! I'll definitely try to make it. Thanks for the info and I'd be happy to check out your 13-year-old self. I posted an journal excerpt from my 16-year-old self yesterday...humiliations galore! (but fun :))

  8. Thanks for the link to your other post, and the WriteOnCon reminder! I do tend to like to read those later, however, due to time constraints. :)

  9. Wow, I just read your Teen Me post and it was really touching. I loved the way you structured it, and I loved the anecdote about you and your uncle. I've had similar conflicted feelings about the last time I saw my grandpa, whom I was really close to, but I wasn't as young as you were and the decision wasn't as hard, but I do sometimes feel a little regret. But only a little. Thanks for making that post!

  10. I tried to post a query last week and couldn't login. Now at work so I missed the event but going to read it asap!!! Thanks, Shannon!


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