Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ninja platypuses and evil husbands

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you've probably seen me post about some of the um....strange/bizarre/occasionally creepy ways people stumble across my blog, according to Statcounter.

But there's been too many good ones for me to Tweet them all, so I thought I'd steal copy plagiarize borrow give homage to okay, fine, STEAL an idea from Karsten Knight and do a whole post about it. (FYI--his was probably better than mine. You can find it HERE.)

Here's a random smattering (yes--smattering. I love that word) of things people have found my blog by searching over the last few days, and my thoughts:

ninja platypus
(Yes! I want one too!)
(Though I believe I requested a were-platypus)
(But one isn't picky about such things.)

Hot Uk Girls
(Hm...I don't live in the UK. But I'm flattered this led them here anyway) :)
(Oh wait--it was probably that Kiera Knightley photo. #crud)

does lindsay lohan like soccer
(I don't know. Does she?)
(wait--remind me why we care?)

twizzler obsession
(YES! I'm not alone!)

my husband is evil
(Why are you searching for this? Are you having concerns?)

my husband is an evil christian
(Okay, seriously, WHY ARE YOU SEARCHING FOR THIS????)

messenger of hot girls
(I'm not sure I'm their official spokesperson but...)

fotos de paul walker y jessica alba
(viva los internacionales!)
(which...probably isn't correct Spanish)

hot guy illustration nude
(I...have no words)
(And no idea what page this took them to)
(And I'm not sure I want to know...)

shanon whitney messanger
(Yay! Someone looking for me.)
(They can't spell. But YAY!)

80's mullet
(Please tell me this isn't coming back into style...)

what happen when you decided to tell the truth
(What happened?)
(No...really, I'm curious now. WHAT HAPPENED?)

cupcake fail
(okay...I totally deserve this one)

how not to make a duck cupcake
(yup--deserve this one too.)

Shannon Messenger agent
(uh...I'm not an agent)
(but I've always wanted to reject a query...)

mean girls
(hey now--that better be a reference to the movie!) personal favorite:

shirtless Orlando Bloom
(there really is NOTHING better to be associated with)
(my life is now complete)

Sadly, there have been some even weirder ones over time, but I wanted to stick to the most recent searches. And there are ALWAYS new ones. In fact, I have a feeling I'll be doing this again. It's just too much fun. :)

What about you guys. Any of you have crazy Statcounter search stories to tell?

(sorry if you saw this post twice btw. I was setting it up to schedule and uh...messed up the dates. This is why I shouldn't blog on deadline brain...)


  1. I'm a newbie blogger. What's Statcounter search? I'm afraid to search it now. Just kidding. You have some funny ones though.

  2. So, uh...about this hot guy illustration nude? You have Middle Grade Monday. Maybe you could have For Adults Friday? ;)

  3. Half of those were me.

    It's a game I like to play. What's the weirdest search term I can plug in that will still take me to Shannon's blog?

  4. Ok. Mullets are back!!! Oh no they;re not!!

    Anyway!! I have no idea what a statcounter is or why!!!

    But I like the idea of ninja platypuses and hot uk girls with evil christian husbands.

    Take care

  5. I always have boring ones...nothing nearly as cool as a ninja platypus!

  6. Fun side note! The male platypus has a venemous spear on one of his hind feet. It's the craziest animal EVAH!

  7. Dude, your search topics are awesome. The only things that bring people to my blog (besides my name and blog title) are mermaids, cupcakes, coloring pages and Captain Wentworth.

    Clearly I need to blog more about Lindsay Lohan playing soccer and 80's mullets.

  8. LOL!! That is SOOOOOO awesome!!! I need to go check mine now!!!! But i highly doubt mine will be anywhere near as cool and funny as yours!! :)

  9. Ha ha! I love the last one. That would make my life complete too. Also, I can tell that I need to add more pictures to my blog, because I don't have anything fun to add to a topic like this.

  10. Ahahahahahahahaha I needed to giggle. Yep, saw it twice and can't seem to get enough of it. *she wonders what that says about her*

    I especially love ALL OF THEM. Statcounter is cool. I have it, but I shhh, can't figure out how to use it. Shhhh.

  11. Oh, and I'd look into MacNish, Shannon. *wink*

  12. These are hilarious! Sometimes, it is really baffling what search terms bring people to the blog. Usually, it's some picture we posted or an off-hand reference. Others are just...mind-boggling. I think Alz and I have disappointed a lot of people. Haha.

  13. This is freakin' awesome.

    The most popular search term to locate my blog 'Vote for Pedro'.


    I may have mentioned it...once. Maybe it's time to revive the campaign?

  14. They're awesome Shannon. It's so funny I should read this today because someone left me a funny quote and for the life of me I can't remember it. Wish I didn't delete things so quickly! I get loads of people looking for coffee shop almost every day.

  15. I get some really weird ones too. Maybe I'll join the trend and post it about someday. ;)

  16. Wow... that was hilarious! Mine aren't nearly that funny.

    good titles with the word regret
    ? I did do a post about regret but none of my book titles have regret in it.

    insults about love
    Some of my books are romances, I certainly don't insult love!

    "i love cloaks"
    well, I do, I wore one for about a minute on my wedding day. It was way too hot to wear it longer than that. Even so, I don't think I mentioned anything about cloaks on my blog

    LOL silly, huh?

  17. Ah, heck! Who wouldn't want to be associated with a shirtless Orlando Bloom?? :)

    No super weird ones for me, although I liked: "high bangs"


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