Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I think I need to get out more...

Okay, I don't know if you guys knew this--but it's Spring. SPRING!

Like...I know it's almost May--and I've seen glints of sunlight through my bedroom window. But I've spent the last few weeks so buried under deadlines and whatnot, I really haven't gotten out much. Or at all.

So imagine my surprise when I headed to San Diego on Saturday for brunch with some local author friends (so. much. fun.) and got a good look at the outside world. Flowers and sunshine and bright blue sky. Who knew it was out there, beyond my confined little writing room?

Even more amazing? People were outside!

Riding bikes. Taking walks. Sitting at cafe tables with oversized cups of coffee. Their skin was tan--not pale and pasty. They weren't wearing frumpy, hideous sweatpants. They didn't have dark circles under their eyes. They looked like NORMAL people.

So I'm trying something new. I'm getting out of my house and tackling my deadline from a new place--preferably one that involves sunlight.

I know that's not a novel concept for most of you--but it is for me. I'm the queen of marathon days where I never leave my bedroom and only stop working when my eyes go blurry.


So I'm changing out of my frumptastic sweatpants, grabbing my laptop and venturing into the outside world. It's time to rejoin the human race!

Who's with me???

Or um...anything you feel like saying. I love comments. I miss you guys!

((hugs from a behind blogger))

(not to be confused with a bloggers behind)
(which would be weird and creepy)
(I'm sensing I should've quit while I was ahead)
(but this is too much fun)
(and I'm not sure I can stop)


  1. I know!! I'm so excited that spring is here. (Well, in ME it's wet and breezy, but it's on its way.) Best of luck with the writing. Cheering for you!

  2. Me too! I'm the one staring out the window from behInd my laptop. LOL.

    Cheering for you with the writing!

  3. I'm hoping spring is here. It's been so dang cold out. Glad you're getting out and hopefully not working so much.

  4. I'm feeling it too! Time to enjoy it before it gets too hot...I'm not a fan of the TOO hot. ;P

  5. Winter is overrated, right?

    Over in my proverbial neck of the woods, it's be rainy. And rainy. And rainy. I'm a big fan of the rain, so it doesn't bother me, but I'm getting ready for some sunshine!

  6. It IS spring!
    I'm getting out this weekend for my 20th wedding anniversary and it's supposed to be beautiful weather.

  7. I think we skipped Spring here is Georgia and went directly to Summer. I don't go outside much because I really prefer air conditioning. However, I do have my laptop in my sunroom, so I can see the outside.

  8. I'm in the bat cave, at work, as usual, so you're chippy little mood isn't helping.

    Just kidding.

    I see you've been trolling deviantart for ... art. Well done.

    Sorry for being weird in the chat last night, I was distracted by children begging for some parenting.

  9. It's Spring?!?!?! *looks out window at dreary gray sky while listening to furnace running*

    I think you must be mistaken. At least, I don't think it's Spring here in NY. I WISH I could get outside. Enjoy your fresh air!

  10. I second Elaine. It's been summer here in Georgia for a few weeks now. I have blackout curtains in my office; I keep the sunny window blocked and the shaded window open (mostly for the cats to watch the birds). However, I get my daily dose of the nature on my morning runs. This morning was particularly lovely--the blackberries are blooming and the honeysuckle, and they smell awesome!

  11. Lol. I'm heading to Starbucks--love that place. They usually have tons of windows. And their are humans there! And if you're really blessed they'll talk to you and everything. So much better than the ones in that box on my TV stand that get stuck in re-runs or are so self-absorbed they don't notice me watching (yes, i'm talking about the TV. No I don't think there are actual little humans in a box on my TV stand. --just for clarification). Have a great time!!

  12. Spring? Ha! It's already summer here in Texas, it was 94 yesterday. Not to mention the fact that we are in a severe drought and 2 million acres have burned up along with hundreds of homes and ranches.

  13. I'm so excited for spring With the nice weather it means I can take my boys to the park! But with spring comes my allergies, and my nose has been bothering me for the past few days. Not fun.

  14. Run outside Shannon Whitney Messenger and breathe the spring air, smell the spring flowers and just enjoy the spring weather!!!! And leave that laptop behind!! LOL!! Oh ok, maybe not but do free yourself!!!

    Yay for you!!! take care

  15. Ah, spring hasn't really visited UT yet... it's teased. It's taunted. But...well it also snowed yesterday. *sigh*

    I'm hoping May brings more sunshine- and then I'm totally with you!! :) Enjoy the outside world!

  16. I'm still kind of waiting for spring in Utah, but there are some tulips blooming in my yard, so maybe there is spring.

    Good luck with fresh air. It always helps me feel happier to get out of the house.

  17. I know how you feel! I love the nice weather, if only it would be more consistent! It makes me dread being at work though. Beautiful weather outside and me stuck inside an office all day is not cool. :(

  18. I feel like this toooo! But that's why I'm forcing myself to walk everywhere within walking distance this spring. So that I don't get cabin fever etc etc.

    It's super lovely outside! Yayyy! Enjoy!

  19. Rainy day (which is weird for Denver). Envious of your sunshine. (sigh.)

  20. Saturday in Seattle was breathtakingly beautiful. We all ran outside to bask in the unfamiliar glow of the sun.

    It only lasted one day before the grey skies realized their mistake and descended upon us in force yet again. Sigh...

  21. I keep hearing about this so-called season named Spring, but have yet to figure out what it is. Certainly it couldn't be the SNOW we've been having here AGAIN today. GAH! I need some warmth and sunlight asap!!!


  22. Um, yeah, not too springy in southern Oregon, either. That's okay I guess. Better writing/revising weather. LOL Otherwise, I might have to get outside and tackle those weeds that are springing up...

    Enjoy your fresh air and your walk on the normal side! ;o)

  23. Welcome SPRING!!!! I'm so ready. I keep looking at the pink blossoms on my peach tree to prove to myself that even though the clouds are overhead, spring has really sprung!

  24. It's autumn here, heading into winter! ;)

  25. It's too hot already in Southern Nevada, but my garden likes it (and now I think my garden needs daisies). You should totally spend some time outside.


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