Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Random Wednesday

Warning: this post will not be a literary masterpiece. But go with me anyway. :)

1. I have no idea why, but for some reason my MMGM this week never posted to google reader. So I've only had 16 people enter to win the 3 awesome MG ARCs I'm giving away. Which is fine if that's really the only people who want to enter. But I have a feeling there's more of you. So here's a LINK if you missed it.

2. Another thing you might have missed: details about the awesome events WriteOnCon has going on in April. Three live events guys. THREE. And they're a slightly different format: live blogging queries events. Also, today--yes TODAY--we open the thread for people to post queries for our first event this Monday with agent Roseanne Wells. You do not want to miss out on this. Go HERE for all the details.

3. In case you haven't noticed, I'm only blogging three days this week. And probably next week. And then things will hopefully get back to normal. Until then, I'm still buried under the deadline of doom and--as tends to happen when I push myself too hard--sick as a dog. If you've caught my whining on Facebook, you know I've lost my voice and am pretty darn pathetic. I'll need some serious R&R when this is all over.

4. OMG I HIT 1500 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did that happen????? I still remember spending months with only 8 followers, (all of whom were people I guilted into clicking follow) and wondering how the heck people got more than that. Thank you to all of you, and *waves to new followers* I'll have to come up with something fun and celebratory for this. Once my brain is no longer mush.

5. Um...I really don't have anything else to say. But this post is SO boring. about an editing themed lolcat, since I'm currently still stuck in REVISION HELL!!!

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday: ARC Giveaway Extravaganza

So, today's MMGM is a little bit different, because I'm featuring three unrelated books. But what they all have in common is that they're all awesome ARCs I'm giving away to you guys.


I'm giving away three YA ARCs HERE, and as I read through the comments I realized, hey--MG fans deserve ARC contests too. So I decided to open up my sekrit middle grade stash--even though it means parting with more of my precious books.

I tried to pick a broad range to keep everyone happy. Different age ranges, different genres. So I'm giving away:

For funny mystery fans:

HORTON HALFPOTT: Or, the Fiendish Mystery of Smugwick Manor; or The Loosening of M'Lady Luggertuck's Corset, by Tom Angleberger

Tom Angleberger's latest, loopiest middle-grade novel begins when M'Lady Luggertuck loosens her corset (it's never been loosened before!), thereby setting off a chain of events in which all the strict rules of Smugwick Manor are abandoned. When, as a result of "the Loosening," the precious family heirloom, the Luggertuck Lump (quite literally a lump), goes missing, the Luggertucks look for someone to blame. Is it Horton Halfpott, the good-natured but lowly kitchen boy who can't tell a lie? Or one of the many colorful cast members in this silly romp of a mystery.

For fantasy fans:

THE OGRE OF OGLEFORT, by: Eva Ibbotson

For excitement-hungry orphan Ivo, a mission to save Princess Mirella from the dreaded Ogre of Oglefort is a dream come true. Together with a hag, a wizard, and a troll, Ivo sets out, ready for adventure. But when they get to the ogre's castle, the rescuers are in for a surprise: the princess doesnÕt need saving, but the depressed ogre does! ItÕs a warmhearted, hilarious romp in the tradition of Roald Dahl, with enough creepy magic, ghosts, and laughs to make even the saddest ogre smile

For younger fans, 

THE POPULARITY PAPERS: The Long Distance Dispatch Between, by Lydia Goldblatt and Julie Graham-Chang
Best friends Julie and Lydia are back in this hilarious sequel to Amy Ignatow's breakout novel!

After spending all of fifth grade studying popularity together, Julie and Lydia are finally ready to put their hard-earned lessons to use in junior high. But before they can, tragedy strikes: Lydia's mom gets a job in London for six whole months! Before Lydia can say "fancy a cup of tea?" she's thrust into a new school, where she earns a reputation as "the Violent American." Meanwhile Julie's stuck navigating the cliques of American junior high on her own, where she is adopted by a group of troublemaking eighth graders known as the Bichons. The two best friends will have to learn to keep in touch and stand on their own, assisted as always by their trusty notebook. Amy Ignatow's signature sense of humor is on full display in this satisfying sequel.

So there you go. Three awesome middle grade reads you won't be able to buy for at least a couple of months. BUT YOU CAN WIN THEM HERE!

To enter, make sure you follow my blog and leave a comment on this post by Saturday, April 2nd. I'll pick three random winners and post their names on Sunday, April 3rd. If you have a preference on prize, please let me know in your comment. I'll do my best to match you, but I make no guarantees. International entries welcome.

And since I did it with my other ARC contest, if you blog, tweet, or FB about this contest, I'll give you an extra entry (one for each, so the maximum number of entries you can have is 4). Just let me know in your comments.


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That's all I've heard from so far. But if you've done a MMGM on your blog today, drop me an email or leave a link in the comments and I'll update this post. :)