Monday, February 28, 2011

Updates and Epicness and other cool things!

Hey guys!

Once again--I'm having to postpone my Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday post (though I will have some links at the end of this post to some awesome authors keeping the torch going for me) because I just have too. many. things. to tell you about.

I...kinda overbooked my February. And my March. So some of my regular series may experience the occasional interruption here and there. Apologies in advance. I promise I will get back to the routine soon!

Okay, so...where to start?

First: Thank you to ALL of you who supported THE LIAR SOCIETY fangirls videos last week. They were a ton of fun to make and I hope they were just as much fun to watch. And we now have an AWESOME contest going to support TLS's release. We're giving away TEN SIGNED BOOKS you guys. TEN!!!! Click HERE for the contest details and entry form!

Second: Went to a fabulous SCIBA author event on Saturday, where I got to meet something like 20 amazing authors. I'm sure I'm going to forget more than half of them but off the top of my head: Cecil Castellucci, John Stephens, Andrew Smith, Brandon Mull, Dr. Cuthbert Soup, Lauren Kate, Alyson Noel, C. Alexander London, Helen Stringer, Eve Bunting, Judy Blundell, and a bunch more I'm forgetting. So. much. fun.

It was also sweet--and embarrassing--because the organizers added me to the slide show of authors they showed at the beginning, listing me as one of the aspiring authors to watch out for. Part of me beamed at the acknowledgement. The other part of me wanted to crawl under the table and hide like, do you think they're looking at me???? Kind of a cool/surreal/is-this-what-it's-going-to-be-like-someday? moment.

Sadly, I only took 2 pictures at the event (#ShannonFail) but here they are:

Me, with Brandon Mull

Me, with my agent-in-law, Andrew Smith

And I'm not telling you this to brag. I'm telling you because I got a LOT of free books. So keep your eyes out for a HUGE contest (or maybe a weeklong contest) coming in the next few weeks. As soon as I have a second to organize it. It. is. coming!

Third: WriteOnCon. Epic things are happening guys. I know I keep saying that. But seriously--they are. And we're *almost* ready to start sharing some of them. In the next two weeks we have a ton of tremendous contests coming up and WE'LL BE ANNOUNCING THE ANNUAL CONFERENCE DATES!!!! Not to mention tonight--maybe even as you're reading this--we have an AWESOME live event happening with the lovely Suzie Townsend (FinePrint Literary) and Maria Gomez (Associate Editor with Harper Collins). Stop by at 9pm EST to participate. Otherwise a replay will be available.

Fourth: I know I promised a San Francisco Writers Conference update--and I PROMISE I have one coming. In the meantime, I'll just say it was a blast. Learned a lot. Toured the city. Met some amazing friends. Even got to take a train and meet my fabulous agent for lunch!!! (one of the highlights, by far). And I think this picture of me and the Carolina Valdez Miller sums it up:

I feel a little like I left my heart there. And my brain. But that's probably just because I have so. very. much. to. do. (Carol also gave an update of some of our shenanigans HERE).

Fifth: In case you missed it--I've finally drawn contest winners for the February blog contests. Click HERE to see if you were one of the lucky ones.

And...I think that pretty much covers everything.

For those of you desperate for some awesome middle grade recommendations--and really, WHY wouldn't you be?--check out these other, loyal bloggers who are keeping MMGM going while I flake off:

Shannon O'Donnell: Always impeccable taste. Always awesome. Today she's featuring THE ATOMIC WEIGHT OF SECRETS. Seriously, go THERE.

Sherri Peterson: She's featuring an interview AND A GIVEAWAY with Michael Spradlin. Click HERE for the details.

Ben Langhinrchs: He's featuring RINKITINK IN OZ and has a TWO BOOK GIVEAWAY. Make sure you go THERE to read and enter.

Brooke Favero: She's featuring one of my favorites. THE BFG, by Roald Dahl. Click HERE to see what she says.

Joanne Fritz: She's always got the goods on upcoming reads. Today: SMALL AS AN ELEPHANT, by Jennifer Richard Jacobson. Go HERE to read her thoughts.

And if you've done an MMGM on your blog, let me know. I'll happily add linkage. Let's keep spreading the Middle Grade love! :)

Happy Monday!


  1. This *is* an epic post! I'm really looking forward to this year's WriteOnCon! *twiddles thumbs impatiently*

  2. Wow! You've been busy. Can't wait to hear the announcement on WriteOnCon. See you tonight at the live chat.

  3. You have been a very busy girl! Can't wait to hear the announcement!

  4. Wow, you have been a busy girl. I <<<3 SF too (as does the family). We're going back there again at the end of next month.

    Can't wait to hear the WriteOnCon dates. :D

  5. Happy Monday to you too. I can't imagine leading that charmed of a life. Looking forward to tonight.

  6. I'm tired for you just reading this post. However, I totally appreciate your exhaustion right now because it has brought us WriteOnCon. I can't wait for tonight's event.

  7. Whoa, you have been one busy girl, Shannon!
    I'm looking forward to the Writeoncon event tonight!
    I love that picture of you and Carol!!! Beautiful!

  8. Congratulations on being recognized at the SCIBA event! Lots of exciting news here....:)

    Good luck with all that you have going on!

  9. You were featured in an author slideshow? COOL! That's so awesome.

    And thanks for the links, as always. Looking forward to your San Fran post!

  10. Yay!!!! Of course you are so an author to look out for!!!!! Yay!!!
    :-) It's not just the kitties in your neighbourhood who look out for you, you know! LOL!! Awwww but seriously!! WELL DONE you!!

    Awwww you and fab Carol together with bags of shopping is just great! Take care

  11. That is so so cool!! I'm not surprised--you are an author to look out for. This must have been the dinner you were telling me about?

    So many great things going on right now. I'm so glad I stopped by. I had the Write-on con event on my calendar, but I forgot to add an alert to it, so would've missed it. Looking forward to it.

    Miss you, girlie! I need to get this picture from you. Thanks so much for posting it! My version of this one was okay, but I like yours better! I posted a few pics from San Fran today as well (remember the robot? Ha!)

  12. Wow. Too much fun. And Brandon Mull. *sigh* He's second only to my darling James! :-)

    Thanks for the MMGM link. I'm doing The Atomic Weight of Secrets today.

  13. I have an MMGM post and a giveaway as well over at

    Come on over, see my recommendation, comment and WIN!

  14. I don't know how you manage to be so cute and epic at the same time!

  15. You had so much to say today! Phew... I love that picture of you and Carolina! That is amazing.

  16. Can't wait to learn the dates for WriteOnCon!

  17. Glad to see you had a great conference and I look forward to WriteOnCon. My MMGM is The BFG by Roald Dahl. Thanks for the love. Cheers.

  18. Sounds like you've had some serious awesome on your hands the past few days :D I'm looking forward to the next WriteOnCon. This year, I'll actually be able to participate :D


  19. Yay WriteOnCon! Try to relax before then, though!

  20. Great stuff! Looks like you had a good time. Congratulations on the awesome/embarrassing shout out! That's so cool! Still catching up on TLS videos but so far you guys are hilarious!

  21. I know you are juggling a lot but how freakin' exciting is your blog right now???lol

    Something is always happening here. It's like the cool party.

  22. That picture of you and Carol is adorable! I want whatever is in that Ghiradelli bag. Nom nom.

  23. Man, you are one awesomely busy person!

    Thanks for the linkage.


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