Monday, February 21, 2011

Liar Society Fangirls--Day One

So here's the deal. A few weeks ago I was included in an EPIC email chain from some of my favorite writers, wanting to brainstorm ideas for a way to show the blogosphere just how incredible THE LIAR SOCIETY, by Lisa and Laura Roecker, is.

After much hilarity...we settled on this: 

5 vlogs. 
5 fangirls. 
5 fabulous pink wigs. 
All kinds of awesome.

A new vlog will be posted each day this week--and trust me guys, they are a crack-up. I can't decide which is my favorite. So I'll leave it up to you.

Up today is the ever-hilarous Elana Johnson. Enjoy!


Oh, and btw--you can blame my husband for that horrible leg shot. I SPECIFICALLY asked him if the cat had hiked up my skirt and he was like, nope it's good. SIGH. I wish I at least had a tan. And some muscle tone.


But that's NOTHING on the Shannon Shame I have for you guys tomorrow.

Make sure you stop by to see it.






  1. That. Was. Sweet. The cat added just the right touch.

  2. I love it! And I especially loved how you were all Dr. Evil with the cat on your lap and saying, "No one is a bigger fan than me. No. One." *evil eye* Hehehehehe! Wonderful!

  3. That was awesome! Fun stuff. They're blessed to have such supportive friends!

  4. That was so awesome. You and Elana are so talented. Can't wait to see the rest.

  5. Loved it Shannon! Can't wait to see the rest!

  6. This was too funny! I love how you are supporting the girls. It's wonderful.

  7. Oooh I want to so see but I'm at work and can't!! LOL!!

    but will view asap the moment I get home! It looks like such fun - good luck to everyone participating!! Love the pinkness and subversiveness of it all! :-)

    Take care

  8. That was adorable. I love that Elana's daughter got in on the pink hair trend. She's so cute!

  9. I need buy a pink wig immediately... it looks great on you!

  10. I almost peed when the camera FINALLY got to your wig. Heart you guys so hard right now. You have no idea. THANK YOU!

  11. LOL. Love it! Elana has such a cute voice. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow. :-)

  12. LOL. Love it. Can't wait to see your v-log tomorrow :)

  13. YES. I love it. You sound so evil!

  14. Wow! Your hubby must be so proud! Now I can imagine what I put my wife through with my constant weirdness. Ü
    Funny Stuff I Write And Draw

  15. Hahaha! That was awesome! I was already excited for this book but all this is making me really pumped!! (There was an internal debate over the leggage. First I thought maybe we weren't going to get to see anything else. Then was wondering if the hubs was manning the camera. Then a bit about a half naked slave guy putting down his huge fan to film you.)

  16. Schoolgirl outfit. FTW.

    (That is all.)


  17. hahhahahha. You looked all stalkery. And you just had that outfit in your closet??? No, don't tell me.

    I LOVE this. Seriously going to be hard to top this example of fangirl love.

  18. You worked that skirt and Kate-look!
    Well done, ladies...and little adorable mini-Kate. :)

    Yay for Liar Society!

  19. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You and Elana are just as funny and adorable as the book!

  20. You ladies are sure terrific friends! :)

  21. So freaking funny. OMG, you girls...hahahahaha! That was awesome. And that serial killer line was hilarious! And Elana's daughter is such a cutie! I love how much support you guys are giving Lisa and Laura and THE LIAR SOCIETY. It's such a great book!

  22. I love the pink hair I'm seeing everywhere.

  23. All this shame is awesome!

    LOVING it!

  24. bwahaha! Just catching up on these. SHANNON! I swear to god at first when we only saw your phone go off, and then your voice was all echo-y and you said 'your interrupting my reading time'- I totally thought you were gonna be on the jon. LOL But then I was like 'Noooooo. No way.'


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