Friday, February 25, 2011

Liar Society Fangirls--Day Five

Last--but CERTAINLY not least--we have the absolutely amazing Kimberly Derting. You've seen Elana Johnson, me, Beth Revis, and Suzanne Young get caught up with Liar Society fever.

Now it's time to watch Kim TRY to resist LiLa's books Siren call--and fail epically. Enjoy!

Heh. We're still waiting on Oprah's call. Personally I think she'd look AWESOME in a pink wig, don't you?

Hope you guys enjoyed these vlogs as much as we enjoyed making them. If you did--I promise, THE LIAR SOCIETY is even better. If you didn't--uh, don't worry, THE LIAR SOCIETY is nothing like these.

And because we seriously cannot tell you how much you all NEED to read this book, Beth, Elana, and I (though guys, I'll confess, it was mostly Beth and Elana) organized a LIAR SOCIETY contest of epic proportions--starting Monday. Here's all the details

To enter, all you have to do is one (or both!) of the following:

  • Tweet! Use the hashtag #liarsociety (so we can find you). If you have pinkified your avatar in some way, you get an extra entry. We'll randomly be selecting one hashtag user Monday through Friday next week. (PS: @ reply @landlroecker and they'll pink your hair FOR you. So no excuses.)
  • Blog! Just put our button for THE LIAR SOCIETY somewhere on your blog, preferably front and center where it's easy to spot. And we made that easy for you, too--just copy and paste the code under the button and it'll show up in your blog easy-peasy, all linked up and ready to go.

We Love the Liar Society!

Questions? Ask 'em in the comment section! 

America only (sorry!) 
Contest runs Monday-Friday next week (but feel free to put the button up/tweet earlier!) 
2 winners per day--one from blogs, one from tweets


    1. Too bad I don't live in America! Lame! Oh well! I loved these vlogs. You guys are hilarious. Oprah is TOTALLY going to call.

    2. How does she leave voice mails so fast? It's inhuman!

    3. I've already pre-ordered Liar Society. :D

      Wow, I hope this means Kim's third book isn't delayed because of Suzanne. I just read DoD and can't wait for the next one.

    4. We're crying over here! How did you guys do this???? First of all, you have no time! Second of all, HOW DO YOU HAVE A FINISHED BOOK?!?!?!?! We haven't seen them yet!!!!! And the message at the end? We lost it. You guys are awesome. Thank you for a week we'll never forget.

    5. "Hey guys, can someone remember to lock the door tonight?" <--Hilarious. These videos were all so fun to watch. Can't wait to read The Liar Society!

    6. I had to go back and catch up on the last few days. Totally HYSTERICAL. It's hard to pick a favorite!!!! So I won't but I have to say Suzanne Young in the corner on the floor lookin' like an addict sort of made me lose it.hahahhah

      This was epically awesome.

    7. Awesome video! I love it. I did put the button on my blog. Yay!

    8. These were so great! You guys are so awesome for putting these together...and they were really fun to watch.

    9. These have been fantastic!! Love the energy and friendship! :) Now we have to see what Oprah thinks... :)


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