Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bookanista Cover Love: Hourglass, by Myra McEntire

OMG I cannot TELL YOU how long I've been waiting for this day.

Well...actually, I can. I got a sneak peak back in THE BEGINNING OF NOVEMBER and have been stuck sitting quietly by ever since.  Longing for the day I could SHOUT FROM THE ROOFTOPS HOW MUCH I LOVE IT!!!!


That day is finally here. So without further ado, I present the cover of HOURGLASS, by my good friend--and fellow Bookanista--Myra McEntire.

I'm not sure if you've figured it out yet. So I'll just let you scroll back up and stare at it until you really see it.

*waits patiently*

*whispers: turn your head*

*smiles as you go, OHHHHHHH!!!!!!*

Yeah. I mean, how gorgeous--and COOL--is that cover? I don't think I have words to describe it's sheer awesomeness. So I'm not even going to try. 

All I'll say is that I love when great covers happen to great people. And Myra is seriously one of my favorites. So please make sure you stop by HER BLOG and tell her how much you love her amazing cover. Then hop over to Twilight Lexicon to watch the beautiful teaser-trailer and enter to win an ARC. 

And start counting down the days until you can experience HOURGLASS yourself. As someone who's been lucky enough to read it, I can promise it's every bit as awesome as the cover. But we'll talk more about that when I do my review. For now, we'll just bask in the beauty of that image. 

*scrolls back up to admire some more*

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  1. This was worth waiting for. Cover art seems to be going into the stratosphere for awesomeness recently! I'm still gazing hypnotized at ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.

  2. Wow, that's so complex yet absolutely gorgeous! Confession: I hadn't even heard of the book, but now it's in my to-read pile. I can't wait to get my hands on it as soon as it's out. Thanks!

  3. The cover is pretty cool. I can say it is something my wife would probably pick up as she perused the book store. I would pick up one with that gerbil and corm...because I am complex like that.

    But, seriously, I like the cover.
    Funny Stuff I Write

  4. Okay, that cover is fabulous! Love the way the girl seems to be getting pulled toward the wall. And the title font is so pretty :D

  5. I LOVE THIS! So gorgeous! It's going to pop on the shelves!

  6. Kudos to the designers. That's a gorgeous cover. I mean, how can you not wonder what's going on and buy the book?

  7. That is truly a gorgeous cover. You are right, #1. Love, love, love it! :-)

  8. Pretty. I like pretty, clever covers. I hope I'm so lucky someday. First things first, though. I still have to sell the book!

    Congrats on a gorgeous cover, Myra!

  9. Yay. I was hoping it would be HOURGLASS. So gorgeous!

  10. *bounces around* *kisses you all (on the cheek of course)* *passes out cupcakes and kittens*

  11. it's stunning. one of my favorites I've seen this year.

  12. I was just talking about all the recent covers that do weird things with gravity over at Elana's. I wonder if it's a trend?


  14. This is beautiful. I know Myra must be sooo happy with it!!

  15. That is beautiful. Wow, what a fabulous balance of color, and the image stands out nicely. Certainly eye-catching. If I bought this I'd probably just stare at it all day.

    Also, it did it's job, because I want to know what is in this book to understand the cover!

  16. Wow. This is one of the most interesting covers I've seen in a long time! It definitely makes me want to read the book. :)

  17. Stu.NNING!! What an amazing cover!! So happy for Myra!

  18. That is a FANTASTIC cover, I love it. I hope I can get a cover that gorgeous someday if/when I get published. What I like about it is that it's NOT a photo of a real girl--it's great artwork, and there's a sense of mystery about it, almost a surreal air. The hair and the dress, drawn to the door/wall. Very nice indeed. The trailer is cool too. How nice that you've gotten to read this book!

  19. Oh, get out, it's gorgeous! And I totally did go 'Wait until I see what? Whaaaat? Whaaa... *tick tick tick* Oh!'

  20. Thanks again, everyone!

    My kids' babysitter actually had to explain to me that she's walking down the wall.



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