Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Um... Oh, and some winners!

Okay, this was supposed to be a proper post, but it's not. Because every time I try to write a proper post all I can come up with is:


Not exactly inspiring, I know.

Not surprising either, considering how many things I'm supposed to be doing right now, but quite simply am not. Like LAUNDRY (yes, I'm still behind from my weekend in Vegas--seriously, did I somehow go through three times as many clothes as normal, because I can't possibly fathom how else I generated this much laundry in four days????). And finally unpacking the pots and pans my parents gave me for my anniversary back in JULY so that giant box won't take up space in my living room anymore. And going to the grocery store so there's actually food in the house. And hey, maybe I could take those unpacked pots and pans and that newly purchased food and try that crazy cooking thing for once, so the take-out places around our house stop recognizing my voice and knowing my order as soon as I say "hello."

Yeah...none of that is going to happen either.

Neither are those INSANE writing/revision goals I set for myself for the end of the year (Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha--those are SO not gonna happen.)

Interestingly enough, though, I have done SOME things this week. For instance, I have spent a LOT of time staring out the window and watching the rain whilst petting a giant fluffy cat who's planted himself in my lap. (I mean, it's raining! In Cali! We do not see that very often, guys!!!!! Not to mention the giant fluffy cat is, in fact, GIANT--25 pounds giant, all of which is muscle--and when he decides it's time to be petted, well, there's kind of no stopping him)

I've also watched a number of my favorite movies when I caught them on TV. (Even though they'd been edited to shreds and split up with a zillion commercials and I owned the DVD and could have easily gotten up and put on the real movie and watched it in its proper form. But...that was SO much extra work.)

Oh, and I've spent a LOT of time googling hot guys. You know, as one does. For "research."

And this activity is particularly time consuming, because, well, it's hard not to STARE and let hours pass and suddenly the hubs is home from work and all I've done is ogle these pictures, trying to decide who has the prettier eyes... Paul Rudd, Chris Pine, or Ian Sommerhalder...

(RIGHT? Can you see how this would require hours of contemplation???? And don't even get me started on who has the best abs...)

So yeah, not a whole lot of productivity going on in Shannonland. I promise I will try to dig my brain out of the mush soon. In the meantime, enjoy the eye candy! :)

Oh--and I need to do winners. Yikes, I got so distracted by all those gorgeous guys I almost forgot. Okay, so, the winner of the ARC of DESIRES OF THE DEAD by Kimberly Derting is...


*tosses confetti*

And the winner of the SIGNED copy of ELLA ENCHANTED by Gail Carson Levine is...


*tosses glitter and streamers and sparkles*

*wonders what the difference between "glitter" and "sparkles" is...*

*cannot come up with an answer*

Okay, so if you see your name there, check you email, there's one in there from me asking for your mailing address. But I'll be honest guys, making it to the post office in the midst of all the OMG-I-HAVE-TO-MAIL-THIS-PACKAGE-BEFORE-XMAS-CHAOS is another one of those things that's probably *not* going to happen. But still send me your mailing address and I'll ship the prizes off next week. Promise. 

For everyone else, thanks for playing. And don't lose heart, there's always another contest to come. You have no idea how many books I have piled up just waiting for me to give them away. Yet another thing I need to get cracking on. Sigh.

What about you guys? How are you using your time these days? Any of you being about as productive as I am?


  1. Congrats to the winners!

    Was just googling Chris Pine last night for *research* as well. :)

  2. Ummm....

    I hope you have a great holiday, Shan :)

  3. Now that is my kind of research!

    Congrats to the winners!!!

  4. Yay for winners. Congrats to all!

    Enjoy you Holiday S.

  5. Hahahaha!

    Yes, why yes, I am being as productive as you. I have:
    a. shopped for mulled wine;
    b. spent £40 on myself at H&M while failing to buy the hubs HIS gift;
    c. spend 30 mins on Twitter coming up with porno Christmas titles with other writers (don't ask); and
    d. managed to put away a half bottle of sake imported from Japan, yet look mysterious when asked where it got to.

    See? Very productive indeed.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  6. I got stuck in research hell last week, and not the good kind either.

    Just hanging around waiting for the fat man in the red suit now. I've given up doing anything worthy.

  7. Saw Paul Walker in my sidebar and had to wander over! Discovered two more of my favorite hotties...:)

    Merry Christmas indeed!

  8. Proper schmoper ... post what you want, we'll read it!

    @ Talli who posted above: Mulled wine, mmmmmmm. They sell these fun little bags of mulling spices here that are attached to a cork (so they float). You dump your favorite wines into a crock-pot or dutch oven, turn on the low heat, and toss the bag of spices in. An hour later you've go liquid heaven!

  9. Congrats to the winners...and once again a HUGE thanks to you for the photos. I must say, that is a difficult decision.
    But I say Paul's eyes.
    No, Ian's.
    Wait, maybe Chris's.
    **insert overheatedness**
    No, it's Paul.
    Or Ian.

  10. I just got Desires of the Dead in the mail yesterday! Yahoo! Congrats to the winners! I would suggest taking your 25 pound cat with you to the post office. He might clear a path for you to the front of the line...

  11. Researching hot guys is absolutely work. So is staring off into space while petting a cat. Um, brainstorming? So, yeah, you've had quite the productive week.

  12. Wow...those are some mighty fine eyes! I have been sadly unproductive so far. We got out for Christmas break last Friday, but it's hard to get motivated. :-)

  13. Congrats to the winners and good luck with that laundry! :)
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  14. Congrats to the winners. Yes, I'm being about as productive. My in-laws are visiting and I don't have much time to myself so I'm not even trying to write.

  15. I think I have most of my xmas presents bought and wrapped, but I finished so late (this week!) that it doesn't really feel productive - just incredibly last minute.

    Isn't it funny how research can get away from you? I like your research. ;)

  16. I had a blast doing that kind of research when I was writing my series. The main character in my first book looked like Christian Bale. Dang if I didn't find some awesome pics!
    Merry Christmas, Shannon!

  17. Oh wow - what great and gorgeous research!!! :-) Yum, yum, yum. Ahem.

    Congratulations to the winners!! Yay! Take care

  18. Congrats to the winners, and noooo, I haven't been really productive on my WIP this last week, but I did have fun doing a Christmas blogfest and meeting some new writerly blog buddies.

    Gah! No contest. Ian has the loveliest eyes. The top guy (should I admit I don't even know who that is?) has soft blue eyes, but they are washed out looking, too pale. Ian's look better because his eyelashes are darker, and there is that COOL DARKER RING around his irises. And his eyes are more almond-shaped than the third guy (yeah, loser me, I don't know who that is either), giving Mr.#3 a more puppy dog innocent look. So that's why I prefer Ian's. More mysterious, striking, and intriguing.

    I can't believe I just spent a paragraph comparing guys' eyes!

  19. um... i haven't even finished christmas making. (i'm not shopping this year, i'm making...) i worked on some gifts for about... 45 minutes last night then called it quits. :s

    so, if you want to spend more time googling hot boys, you should definitely check out jensen ackles. that will take up a good... day or two...

    good luck with it all!

  20. Such amazing eyes! Ian Somerhalder is so dreamy ... swoons.

  21. Yeah, I got so distracted I almost forgot to comment! lol

    And this entire month has been so not productive for me. *sigh*

  22. Who said research is boring? Nice eye candy :)

    It's Christmas, let's only write when we want to. yay!

  23. Who said research is boring? Nice eye candy :)

    It's Christmas, let's only write when we want to. yay!


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