Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Healing Spell Winner!

Once again, I am blown away by all your enthusiasm and support for Marvelous Middle Grade Monday. I wish I had a copy of THE HEALING SPELL to give away to all of you, but alas, I only have one. So I've chosen one lucky, random winner who gets to to keep this lovely prize:

And the winner is...

*drumroll please*


*tosses buckets of confetti*

If that's you, check your email--you have one from me asking for your mailing address. I'll ship your prize off as soon as I hear back.

And if that's not you, again, I'm so so so sorry I don't have a copy to give away to everyone. But I HIGHLY recommend you pick up a copy or borrow it from a library or a friend because it is an AMAZING book. It's also an absolutely beautiful story, and the hardcover edition is GORGEOUS. Would make a wonderful gift to any young readers on your list. 

Need more convincing? Check out this AWESOME book trailer--one of the best I've ever seen. Really gives you the feel for the story.

Thanks again, you guys!

I'll be back tomorrow with another Marvelous Middle Grade Monday and of course another giveaway. And if you're planning on doing a MMGM on your blog feel free to email me the link. I will gladly cross-link to your post. The Middle Grade Crusade marches on! *fist pump*


  1. Wow, LOVE this idea!! I have a book club for 9-12 year olds, would love to take part in this in the New Year. In the mean time we'll follow along here and the others participating. You ROCK Shannon!

  2. Oh, I love Jen! Congratulations friend! :-)

    Another generous giveaway, #1!

  3. Congratulations, Jen! Looking forward to reading this one myself!

  4. Ahhhh!!! *dancing in the confetti*

    What a wonderful surprise to wake up to! Well, technically I've been "awake" for a while, but just enough to drive into work. THIS has made Monday ever so much sweeter! Thanks for the congrats, everyone and thanks, Shannon, for this awesome opportunity to read what seems to be an AWESOME book!!

    Eeeeee! I can't wait!


  5. Enjoy the book, Jen! Yay! If I was independently wealthy you would ALL get copies! ;-)

    There was a question about using The Healing Spell in a book club. Book clubs are getting really popular now and I know of SO many moms/daughters who are reading the book together.

    I have THE COOLEST Book Club Guide already done for you with free downloading here:

    Teacher's Guide with discussion questions and projects in art, science, etc. HERE:

    ENJOY! Happy Holidays



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