Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Desperate times call for Desperate Measures

I love blogging--I do. And I love blogging every day. But sometimes I sit down to write a post and...




(which isn't even grammatically correct!!!)

And I think I must've used up all my brain energy for yesterday's post--which I am LOVING all the comments for, btw (if you haven't read them or chimed in you should--some awesome support and confessions going on in there)--because when I sat down to write today's post...well...yeah--I've got nothing!!!!

Well...nothing except random, disconnected thoughts--which would not make for a coherent post.

Radishes! Twinkle-toes! Catterpillers! Snorkels!



I've decided to resort to something I rarely do...mainly because it scares the snot out of me. But like the title of this post: desperate times call for desperate measures. 

So I'm opening up the comments today for a game of "Let's Ask Shannon!"--an awesome solution because it lets me get away with a post like this, which really isn't about anything. (*evil laugh*) And--added bonus--if I get a lot of questions, I have fodder for numerous upcoming blog posts. 

But the scary part???????

What if no one asks anything--I'll look like the biggest loser ever!!!

You guys wouldn't do that to me--would you? WOULD YOU???? 

*bites nails* 


Think of it this way--this is your chance to ask me all those questions I KNOW you've been dying to have the answers to, like "How many Twizzlers do you eat in a day?" and "Which Pirate is hotter--Will Turner or Captain Jack Sparrow?" and "Are you or are you not a sparkly vampire hiding amongst us?"

Or if you REALLY want to torture me you can make me pick favorites on things. (*shudder*). I even have a feeling some of you will find a way to squeeze a little Shannon Shame out of me (*double shudder*)

Or, yanno, you could ask me legitimate publishing related questions and I can do my best to answer them. (And hey, if I don't know the answer I'll just talk about Twizzlers.)

Only rule? Um...I keep this blog middle grade reader friendly. So please keep it clean. 

And hey, maybe I'll even reward one lucky question-asker with a prize of some sort--I can be full of surprises like that. ;)

So please, help a girl out and ask me some questions. Pretty please? With sugar on top? 
*big puppy dog eyes*


  1. Okay, how do you keep up with so many followers?

    And scary, I've never lacked for a blog topic. My followers have asked for such a Q&A session though, so I may have to oblige them soon.

  2. Yeah, 1200 followers and no one is going to ask you any questions. You're so funny!

    Seriously though? I have this problem. I had pretty much nothing to say today, and I try to post every weekday, so I cheated.

    A question? Okay. If you could be Captain Holly Short or Witch Extraordinaire Hermione Granger which would you rather be and why?

  3. What do you eat for breakfast to maintain your awesome?

  4. Er.... heels, wedges or flats?

    Take care

  5. I really should have questions by my computer for posts like this. As soon as a blogger asks for questions, my mind goes blank.

    Okay, as I stare at your list of authors you have meet, a question is starting to form: Which author(s) did you enjoy meeting the most and why? :D

  6. What is your favoritest middle grade book and why? :)

  7. What superpower would you pick, if you could have one?

  8. I'm glad...well not glad you are drawing a blank, but that everyone has a difficult day and its not just me.

    Oh, and what is your favorite color?

  9. dude...seriously? Like anyone wuldn't ask you a question! Pulleeesssseee!!!

    My question...what advice do you have regarding shaping your MG story?

  10. Whew, let's see. I pulled an all nighter to work on my NaNo project so my creative question juices are mush right now.

    Okay, how about that. When was the last time you pulled an all nighter, but not for work or writing. Just for something fun, non deadline related? And then, if you have any tips on not completely crashing the next day, that'll rock, too :-)

    Writing wise??? the only thing going through my head is that you write MG, and I currently am writing YA. I have an idea for another story that I think fits more into the MG area, but I'm nervous! My concern is that while I read those books to my girls all the time, I'll still end up using the wrong words or making the language/plot too elevated. Did/Do you ever worry about that? Any suggestions?

  11. Don't worry about not having something to say. I don't know how you do it every day.

    Here's some questions since I haven't been following your blog since the beginning.

    How did you find your agent?
    Tips for writing a query letter, especially for middle grade fantasy. Maybe share your query letter if you wouldn't mind.

    How did you start your blog and get followers when you were starting out? What did you decide to write about?

    How many blogs do you follow? Are they mostly author or agent blogs? Has it changed since you found your agent? How often do you read each one? How do you time manage that with writing?

    Okay, hope that gives you some ideas.

  12. hi miss shannon! looks like you got writers blog block. ha ha. just youre post say that was fun to read. for me i want to know how many cats you got and whats it about cats that you love soooo much and why you cant never turn away a stray. wow tomorrow youre gonna have a really looooong post for having to answer all these questions.
    ...smiles and hugs from lenny

  13. Okay, I'll play.

    You are an amazing artist - amazing! Have you considered doing illustrations for any of your stories?

    How can you afford to be sooooooo generous with your giveaways? Do you have a secret recipe for freebies or are you just suffering from psycho generosity syndrome?! :-)

  14. Hmm, which Weasley twin do you like better: Fred or George? Sorry, I have Harry Potter on the brain :)

  15. Hmmmm. I'm sure I could think up a never ending list of questions BUT I have two particular questions that I've always wanted answered.

    1.)You're always doing great posts about meeting awesome people (like authors for example) and you always have fun pictures to show--but don't you ever get nervous showing yourself online? I have yet to post pictures of my face because I'm so wary of creepers, lol.

    2.) As a blogger, would you say that it's easier or more difficult to get published, get an agent, etc. BECAUSE of your blogging? I know a lot of book bloggers that write reviews (some not always so positive) and I was wondering how that would impact their future careers (should they decide to have one, that is.)

  16. How do you find time to write blog posts AND reply to each comment by email AND find time to do actual writing?! I'm still trying to figure out how to blog and write my book at the same time!

  17. Hey, this is a cool idea! My questions might not be something you want to disclose or are able to so please do not think you will offend me if this is the case!!! Just never hurts to ask so here goes:

    Did Laura ask for any revisions on your manuscript before submitting?

    And if so, what did they pertain to generally apeaking? Like plot? Characterizations? Or just minor tweaks? I'm just curious as to how much work they take on to get a debut novelist ready for submissions.

  18. Shannon, I NEVER have anything to say. I just kinda blab away. :) In other words I try to FAKE IT.

    Coffee or tea? See! I told you I had NUTTIN' today. SHEESH. Uh, Shannon, what was the MOST important question you asked your agent when she made THE CALL? Any advice for us folk that are beginning the agent search? Er, I better stop while I'm ahead. (Before you kick me outta here. )

  19. I always love to know what people's celebrity teen crushes were!!

  20. Hey Sweetie ~ I have a wonderful question for you... Your 14 yr old cousin is starting to like reading (yay!) what book would you recommend for him? You already know some of his likes, so I was curious as to what you might think he would enjoy, that would "catch" his interest? Thanks!
    Love you, Aunt Julie

  21. Yay--you guys are asking questions--and good ones at that. Awesome! Keep em coming--I'm getting all KINDS of blog post ideas from this.

    And lol Aunt Julie. I'll email you some suggestions later today (it's sad that this blog has become the best and fastest way to reach me. #Shannonfail) :)

  22. Okay, who was your secret character crush as a kid? Teen? Um...and now???

  23. Okay, here's the toughest one. Bacon or Twizzlers?

    I mean, seriously. How does one choose?

    And dude, we must be in the same boat or something, because I had ZERO blog ideas this week too. I almost posted a recipe for crying out loud. Good thing I have things for the rest of the week. Now to start thinking about next week...

    I actually have an idea, maybe, sort of. It might be lame, though.

  24. i always love the pics you post. So cute! Hmmm, question.
    What was your favorite book as a child?
    Kinda' lame but hey, it's a question. :)
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  25. When do you write? Is your desk clean or looks like Office Max vomited paper and supplies all over it? (Mine's the latter btw, although I know where everything is so if anyone dared to clean it up, I would probably cry.) Which household chore do you hate the most? Which SW character would you be and why? Is it panster or pantser?

    LOL I have so many questions I could ask.

  26. Um, okay, I *actually* want to know: Will Turner or Captain Jack (Freaking) Sparrow? Warning: this could potentially lead to our estrangement. Just sayin' ;-)

    I'm sorry to out you as The Cat Lady (though of course you're too cool for this to actually be true), but...why so many cats, and no canine love? Do you have something against dogs?

    What word do you think deserves more frequent use (and prestige) in the English language?

    AND on a more serious note, what's the most important lesson writing and the writing "journey" has taught you?

  27. Questions! YAY!!! *raises hand* How many novels have you written (WIPS) and what are the average word counts. Are they all YA? or MG??? I'm nosey that way. ;)

  28. What song can't you get out of your head?
    What is the best concert you've ever seen?

  29. Seriously? No-one would ask you a question? AS IF!

    Okay, I'll have a go. What is it that draws you to MG, as opposed to YA or PBs? And do you ever see yourself writing a PB or a YA?

  30. Oh ha ha, Shannon. You're never gonna be able to answer all these questions.

    Okay, here's one I tried to ask Sara Megibow last week at WriteOnCon's live chat: Is it really important to have a head shot in your blog? You look like you're about 16 in yours, Shannon. I would look considerably older than that. Might be one of the reasons I don't like head shots!

  31. I'm so interested to see the answers to these questions!

    What's your top advice for writers of MG? I'm still new to writing the genre, though I've been reading it forever.

  32. Looks like you have enough questions!
    Good to know I'm not the only one who wonders what the heck I'm going to blog about.


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