Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Growing Up! (Well...only a little--but still!)

Those of you who follow me on Twitter might have noticed that I FINALLY changed my Twitter name this week. (and the rest of you, seriously WHY aren't you on Twitter yet?????) :)

That's right--@packratx is gone. GONE! Replaced by something a little more professional:


And I know, this probably doesn't seem like the monumental change I'm making it out to be--but to me, it actually is.

See...I created that Twitter account with no intention of doing anything other than following celebrity gossip. I didn't follow writers or publishing pros. I didn't have any followers. And I certainly didn't tweet. But at the time, I didn't have a blog. I didn't even have a complete first draft. So the idea of promoting myself or my book online wasn't even a consideration.

But a lot has changed since then. I have this blog. I have an agent. And I realized...well...I should probably stop using a Twitter name based off an email address I created back when I was like 16. (Some of you probably remember those days of: Do not use any form of your name for your email address it's DANGEROUS!!!! But--for those of you wondering--I will still be using that email account. Too many people know it and use it for me to close it down)

So--with the encouragement of a few followers who promised not to unfollow me if I made the switch--I  edited my account. And...promptly got a bunch of tweets from my friends teasing me about finally growing up.

I guess I am. This writing thing is not just a phase for me. It WILL be a career. So the more I treat it like one, the better.

But if you're worrying that I'm going to be all mature and boring from now on, let me put your mind at ease. I may be growing up--but I will never be mature. Need proof?

Check out what I bought the last time I went to Target (and forgot to get the responsible, important things I went in for, no less)


OMG I love these little things. I am obsessed with them. OBSESSED. I lined them up all along my computer:

(In my defense, I do write MG so this is practically research *coughs*)

So yeah...same silly, rambling, immature Shannon sure to stumble into all kinds of Shannon Shame and #Shannonfails. Just in a slightly more professional package.

And that's what I accomplished this week. What about you guys? Please, share your accomplishments! (And CLEARLY no accomplishment is too small) ;)


  1. Those little things are SO cute... I want to buy them, and I really have no use for them except that they are cute.

  2. I can't say I accomplish anything writing wise this week. Hopefully this weekend.

    Sorry, I'm not on twitter. I just don't have time with writing, working, and trying to keep up with blogs.

  3. I'm loving your obsession. Too cute!! I did accomplish something. Yeah, my first freelance article was published. Yay, me!! 'K, now I have to stop floating and get back to polishing up my current MS and hopefully start querying by the beginning of the year. LOL

    Hey, did changing your twitter tag change your entire account or did you simply change your name? Thanks.

  4. Oh, those things are cute. I don't think we get them in Canada (we don't have Targets).

    My daughter has a zabillion Petshop pets. Wonder if she'd notice if I "borrowed" a few for my computer. :D

  5. I thought those were littlest pet shop pets for a moment ... but those things are even cuter! And old is just a state of mind. I may be of an advanced age, but I'll never be old!

  6. I noticed that change on Twitter. Welcome to adulthood (sortof) *wink*

  7. I can see how the Squinkies would take the edge off of being a professional adult (pllllbbt). Kind of like getting candy from a dentist, really.

    Note to self: go to Target, buy Squinkies.

  8. I have never seen a Squinkie before...impressive!
    Accomplishment. hmmm. Well, I battled a bad head cold and won. That counts, right?

  9. Hahaha! My lil one wants those things. Of course, she wants every single toy she sees on the TV.
    I wrote my piece for this month's short story at the Tangled Fiction blog. It's not super popular (yet--gotta think positive), so you probably aren't familiar with it, but that's my accomplishment. Sadly, my manuscript and I are not speaking.

    Congrats on everything, Shannon! Can't wait to see your name on bookshelves.

  10. Those things are so cute! I have to admit, I've never seen them. I need to go shopping more often, huh? LOL

    I changed mine too, just a couple weeks ago ;o) Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Ooo, I'm coveting your Squinkies! Okay that's not nearly as weird as it sounds. I'm gonna' look for them next time I go to Target. :)
    Lisa ~ YA Literature Lover

  12. I've never heard of squinkies - so cute!!

    I'm up to 15,000 words on the WIP. Now, must close the internet and get to it. :)

  13. OMG, so cute!

    Let's see, what did I accomplish this week? I networked a little more and met some great new people who work as artists and writers in the comic book industry. (This all fits into Stage 2 of my Literary World Domination - turn my soon-to-be novels into graphic novels.)

    Oh, and I worked on a few more chapters of my manuscript. But, comic book people!

  14. It's probably good that you went ahead and made the change now! I just changed mine, and it's kind of frustrating when people have no clue who you are.

  15. Oh my goodness, it's like an army lined up there cheering you on as you write!

    When I changed my twitter username to reflect my actual name rather than a handle I was used to using, it felt the same way you describe--a step towards saying 'yes, I'm taking this seriously'.

  16. All those eyes staring at

    This week was crazy. I made it to Friday without freaking out. That's my accomplishment.

  17. RIP @packratx. *tear* Do you know what is creepy? Squinkies with hair. HAIR.


    And I totally understand why changing your Twitter handle is a big deal. When I changed my blog name, it was like this huge monumental decision....even though it technically *didn't* change. But, well, that's a long story.

    Happy Friday! :)

  18. hi miss shannon! those squinkies are cool! wow im glad that even if youre growing up youre still gonna be the neat fun person i like coming to visit. for what i did this week i got to my 11th birthday and had a really fun day and got lots of birthday wishes from all my blogger friends. how cool is that!
    ...hugs from

  19. That’s so cute! I’m not on twitter. What’s wrong with me? I already spend more time blogging than writing. Gads, with tweeting (is that what they call it) I’d never get anything done.

  20. My daughter would love those Squinkies. I noticed you changed your twitter handle; look at you all grown up.

    And sure, research. Whatever you have to tell yourself, Messenger. ;)

  21. Ha ha, those squinkies all lined up on your computer are so cute! You must not have children though, because my sons would have those things knocked onto the ground in two seconds flat unfortunately. Or else you have very well behaved children, anyway. ;) Either way, congrats on such a big step into adulthood!

  22. Squinkies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I buy them under the pretense of giving them to my daughter. Will she ever see them? I doubt it.

  23. lol I'll forever miss my little packratx ;)

    also, squinkies are SO CUTE!!

  24. Oh my word!! Your squinkies are hilarious in a very good and funny way!! LOL!!!! Look at them all lined up on your screen! WOW!

    Accomplishments? Erm... I baked a chocolate banana cake! And ate it! All by myself! yay! Take care

  25. Yay for the Big Girl name on Twitter! And how fun are those little things? I love fun little guys like that.

    Accomplishments? I finished a round of revision. On to the next round! :-)

  26. That's what those are!! My four year old was asking me for squinkies, and I thought, WHAT???

    Ha! That's awesome. I collect miniature things. One of the coolest I got at SCBWI from Sara's room service--a teeny tiny bottle of hot sauce. It's so cool. I also collect masks. I'd say they are both ridiculous things to collect. Like money would be a way better collection.

    But congrats on the grown up tweet name, luv. This last year has been chock full of milestones for you. Crossing my fingers you'll get the next big one soon in the form of a book deal!

  27. OMG! Someone should write a list of things fully grown MG and YA writers do in the name of "research"

    Enjoy your squinkies :)


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